Portrait photography is a professional genre with an impact on everything from people's careers to their romances. Thus, portraiture is in demand for weddings, corporate headshots, and engagement photos – just to name a few avenues. Lucky for you, there's an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great portrait-makers in the city of Phoenix.

If you are ready to start your search for the best portrait photographers in Phoenix, AZ, we recommend that you start from this curated list.

Blok Photo Studio

Block Photo Studio is a portrait photography haven for those who are interested in hiring someone to hone their skills or to complete an assignment. In fact, Blok has three separate studio environments, each catering to a specific set of needs for their clientele.

The East and the West studios are perfect for portrait productions, or ones where you don’t need more than 10 people to be on the floor. The third and the last one - the B2 studio - is for larger productions, such as extended family or corporate team portraiture.

Tara Nichole Photo

Tara Nicole is an accomplished portrait, wedding, and engagement photographer based out of Phoenix. She loves meeting new people and making new friends – her favorite part of being a portrait photographer.

For her, photography relieves the stress of life. Interacting and exchanging ideas with clients for shoots is something that has become a pastime for her. Client reviews reveal that Tara is an all-around wonderful photographer who is a joy to work with.

Cozy Clicks Photography

Cozy Clicks Photography is run by Emily. She is the heart and soul behind the business. The studio's aim is to give each and every one of their clients a beautiful experience worth remembering.

In the short time that Cozy Clicks Photography has been in business, they've carved out a name for themselves as one of the best portrait photography studios in Arizona. The company also believes in giving back to the photography community. They run specialized courses that teach the craft of photography to budding artists.

You As Art - Boutique Portrait Photography

You As Art is a boutique portrait photography studio based in Phoenix. They specialize in shooting natural light portrait photography. One look at their portfolio and you will realize the joy they provide in every portrait.

The studio name is derived from the kind of philosophy their photo artists subscribe to: every person is a rock star, race car driver, superhero, Hollywood starlet. It just takes a good photo to showcase this truth. Their portfolio provides some proof of this thinking.

Yucel Photo

Yucel Photography is led by both the heart and soul of a photographer who believes in people. He is a specialist in shooting portraits, headshots, and boudoir photos.

Yucel is a big believer in boutique art style photography. He loves to customize his work depending on the individual needs of his clients, and approaches every project with fresh eyes. With portraits, Yucel aims to find the emotions.

Brittney Nestle Photo

Brittney Nestle loves the human connection. She feels privileged to be able to pursue a career that allows her to make such strong connections every day. Her imagery reflects this, with a profound ability to find the right perspective for every person she finds in her portrait frame.

For Brittney, every photo represents a cherished memory, for her and her client.

Jana Melinda Photography

Jana Melinda is a specialist portrait photographer. In the short time that the business has been in operation, her studio has carved out a name for itself as one of the best portrait photographers in all of Phoenix.

She uses the latest equipment for shooting and the latest editing tools to produce her photos. Jana is willing to travel anywhere in the USA for portrait and other photography assignments.

Brookklyn Photo

Brookklyn Photo is a studio that loves those standalone shots that defy traditions. Everyday, their photographers dare to create something completely out of the ordinary. They most appreciate clients who are prepared to hike that extra mile to reach a spot that promises the potential of that wow image – and don't mind getting their dresses a little dirty in the process.

Brookklyn loves capturing the mood as much as the person. She's ready and willing to travel beyond Phoenix to work with you.

Inês Piquet Images

Inês is a Phoenix-based photographer with a love for well-made portraiture. Capturing a person’s essence in a portrait means making people into art. She also loves the whole aspect of making an acquaintance, getting to know them, fixing an appointment, and then working with them to construct a beautiful gallery.

Inês feels fortunate as a photographer. She wants her galleries saved for years to come.

Jennifer Bowen Photography

Jennifer Bowen is the founder of this studio, a portrait photographer who invests in her craft. She loves the idea of being able to capture an image that can stay relevant to a person's life for years to come. And that is just what a good portrait can be.

Jennifer has always been fascinated by the art – and science – of photography. Not to be discounted, she loves meeting new folks, and finding the perfect angle to snap them into a gallery worth sharing.

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