Perth is known for its sunny streets and its bright lights. The western capital city in Australia is isolated but full of life. With an ancient history and a bustling nightlife, this city is perfectly picturesque.

Portrait photographers populate Perth giving life to her people. These photographers presented below represent some of the best of the best in all of Australia.  Ready to start your search for portrait photographers in Perth? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Zest Photography

Zest Photography is “creating art for life.” This studio is led by Gary Levy, an AIPP Master Photographer and visual storyteller.

Zest’s artistic portraits are meant to inspire you - and to be shared with all your friends. Gary and the studio do high art portraiture, family photography, glamour shots and intimate couples photography. At all stages, they will tailor the experience to you.

Good Life Portraits

Good Life Portraits specializes in wall art - portraits of you and yours that warm your home and give life to its inhabitants. They see personal photos as an investment in your legacy, and they’d love to bring light to your beauty.

Good Life is led by Ben, a photographer and free spirit in search of great images. An experienced photographer before ever opening his own studio, Ben did so because he wanted to create an inviting space for clients to go and celebrate their life through photos. And that is just what he does.

Archer Imagery

Archer Imagery services Perth with artistic portraits of all shapes and sizes. A great family portrait can connect you further with loved ones, or with a baby soon to grow out of infancy.

Located in the heart of Perth, Archer Imagery has a family of staff that can take on practically any photography assignment. Generalists and specialists abound here in this studio, with a portfolio of fantastic individual and group portraits you will really cherish.

Premier Studio

Authentic, outdoor-based photography outfit Premier Studio is ready to capture you and yours in all your love. The studio is led by a competent team of photographers, including Jonelle, Bianca, Emma, and Crystal. Family-owned for 3 generations, Premier has been assisting the Perth community make memories for over 40 years.

Check out their portfolio for a view into the gorgeous lives of the city, from children and families to professionals and pets. Premier Studio is proud to serve you and gift your family with photos to remember for a lifetime.

Cathy Britton Photography

Cathy provides Perth with bright photography of beautiful people of all ages. She artfully stages and captures family portraits at some of Perth's most scenic sites and her portfolio is truly breathtaking.

Willing to travel to you, and often seen utilizing the natural light of dusk and dawn to great effect, Cathy Britton is a master behind the camera. Check out her website and you will soon see why.

Cooper Studio

Cooper Studio is an exciting bunch, a team of professional photographers native to Perth. They operate out of a studio in Melville and can work alongside your whole family for all your portraiture needs.

With a fully-decked-out studio with thousands of clients under their belt, Cooper Studio provides photos for fellow Perth residents. Craig Cooper is joined by an expert team ready and willing to work with you on your portrait.

Laura & Charles Photography

Laura and Charles appreciate style. It is clear from their photos. Together, they do portraiture out of Perth; from actors to corporate clientele - they handle it all.

This studio’s work ranges from hi-fi fashion shoots to simplistic yet effective LinkedIn portraits. Laura & Charles Photography has made a name for themselves and it’s expressed in every photo throughout the studio's considerable portfolio.

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