Top Portrait Photographers in Palm Springs, CA

Top Portrait Photographers in Palm Springs, CA

A portfolio headshot can say a lot about a person. What they wear can symbolize the industry they’re in, how they present their hair and face can show employers how professional they are, and how they smile can give an indication of how friendly or reserved their personality is.

However, just as much as the subject in the photo - is the approach from the photographer. The responsibility of the photographer is to ensure everything from the lighting to the angles present within the frame are pristine. This is why getting the right photographer is essential for a portfolio headshot.

If you’re in the Palm Spring area, and you’re in need of a portrait photographer, select one of these excellent choices. You won’t be sorry that you did. Ready to start your search for portrait photographers in Palm Springs? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Tim Courtney Photography

Tim Courtney has a splendid history with celebrity photography, covering Hollywood celebrities left and right. The man has been published in books, interviewed, and has shown appearances in national and international publications. Radio and television are not strangers to Tim’s work and now you don’t have to be, either.

Tim’s initial interest was sparked back in 1997 when he began capturing artistic and classic black and white sensual photography. Today, he does client portraiture and also helps people enhance their talents and passions by teaching workshops held in Palm Springs.

Aliza Engle Photography

Aliza found her love for photography shortly after high school - but it wasn’t just capturing the pictures that amazed her. To Aliza, it's all about the storytelling. She began her study in photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. There, she developed her unique style.

Aliza’s space is calm, cool, and collected. She’ll make you comfy and confident in a short timeframe because her personality is so bubbly and energetic. Let your worries fade away with this gal on your side, and watch as your portrait comes out more magnificent than you ever thought.

Danny Dek

Danny Dek is very talented in the automotive and lifestyle photography niches, which means he knows exactly how to capture your portrait for your portfolio. Danny has years of experience in the creative and design industry. It all began in 2014 when he covered events such as the Acura Grand Prix and the Dew Tour Presented by Mountain Dew.

Currently, Danny’s social media is upwards of 40K followers because of his extensive talents in exploring personas and narratives via photography. Working with him will feel like a walk in the park.

Raven and the Willow

Jenni-Kate, owner and proud founder of Raven and the Willow, partnered up with her sweet and silly husband to travel the world together - and tell photographic stories.  

These two are all about capturing timeless imagery filled with authenticity. Let loose and strike a pose for your portrait photograph because this duo will surely capture it in a light you could have never imagined of. No awkward moments, no cheesy angles. The outcome with Raven and the Willow is consistently excellent.

Bella Creatives

Bella Creatives prides themselves on bringing your vision to life in the form of vibrant photography, and they meet their park every single time.

Creating a custom look and feel has never been easier no matter the time and place. If you want your portrait shot taken in a studio or out in the world, they’ll make it happen. With the right angle and perfect lighting, your resume portfolio photo/professional headshot will showcase your best features for employers to see.

Stacey Jacob

Senior portraits, professional portraits, unique portraits. All can be found here at Stacey Jacob’s studio. The team behind the camera takes a professional approach to the job while being adventurous and exciting at the same time. They all work together to create spectacular portraits in Palm Springs.

Julia and Sim run Stacey Jacob studio and love to work with new people. They are eager to help you craft your next portfolio or resume photo. No matter what, they will help you achieve the best headshot possible.

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