True skill is needed to capture the personality of a person or group of people accurately. That’s exactly what portraiture is - photographing one or many people in their natural element, whether it be for professional or personal use.

Portrait masters always take into consideration lighting, backdrops, and posing to grasp the correct image. Whether your portrait is natural, candid, or more fantastical, with FX and scenarios, is up to the photographer and subject.  

Below, you’ll get to know several phenomenal portrait photographers in the Halifax area. That way next time you’re in need of their services, you’ll know exactly what lot to pick from. Ready to start your search for portrait photographers in Halifax? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your smile.

Michelle Doucette Photography

Michelle Doucette finds inspiration in the colors and scenery around her every day. She often finds herself simply walking around town with a camera attached to her neck just in case an image jumps out at her. She's someone that finds the world all around her begging to be photographed.

One area of photography Michelle excels in is feature portraits. She captures men and women in their element, naturally showcasing feminine and masculine traits when necessary. She works in unison with the background, enhancing areas of importance and allowing subjects to stake a claim within their environment.

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Art of Headshots

The team of talented photographers over at Art of Headshots are not only extraordinary with their talents, they also have a knack for understanding the people they photograph. The team collectively believes that a great headshot portrait makes a statement in the professional world, allowing businesses the opportunity to view you in a different, more detailed light.

All in all, headshots are not simply a photograph of you in your professional attire looking your best – they’re pictures that speak volumes, showcasing you as smart, observant, caring, and more. Let the Art of Headshots be the team that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, you won’t regret it.

Jeff Cooke Photography

Jeff Cooke has a passion for storytelling, and he’s able to share his passion with the world through his distinct expression of art, photography. Jenn Nauss is at her happiest with a camera in her hands, being able to capture moments that will never happen again. Together, this duo amazes people from all walks of life.

Cooke and Nauss have a keen sense of awareness when it comes to professionalism. That’s why they know how important it is to photograph a corporate headshot, realtor headshot, model, and acting headshot properly. With them by your side, you have nothing to worry about.

Chelle Wootten Photography

Chelle and Adam, husband and wife, fell in love young and created a one-of-a-kind photography team for the world to embrace. These two work splendidly together, providing a relaxed and fun environment for just about anyone to be comfortable in.

According to countless reviews, the Wootten’s bring a special uniqueness to the table, adding sparkle to every photograph. With every shoot, they trust their instincts and showcase moments as seen through their eyes. With portraiture, the end result is real and touching.

This is Photography

Heather, founder and photographer of This is Photography, adds quite a humorous twist to her online advertising. She aims not drive you nuts - or make you pose like a queen for a painting. She’s completely right and her reviews reflect it.

Heather's job isn’t just a job; it’s a profession, a passion, and a part of her internal DNA. She avidly snaps pictures of everything in life, learning and growing as she goes. Portraiture is just one of her fantastic specialties in the photography industry.

Jive Photographic Productions

Jive Photographics’ photography team does not want you to settle for anything less than the best of the best when it comes to your portraiture. With 25+ years of expert experience and professionalism, these producers take creativity to the next level, maximizing your goals for the most pristine business photos you’ve ever seen.

At Jive, photographers believe that each shot tells a story, no matter the simplicity or complexity behind it. They love what they do, and it shows through their work on set and in natural backdrops. Jive's clients rarely go elsewhere for repeat portraits.

Portraits by Johanna

In 2007, Portraits by Johanna opened up a beautiful and professional portrait and commercial photography studio. The style, versatility, and skill presented will spark your imagination and definitely bring a bright smile to your face.

The images taken, created, and mastered at Portraits by Johanna are personal for you. The photographers here understand that professionalism and personality go hand in hand. Johanna is after vivid pictures that not only help with jobs, but that you can look back on with pride.

Arlene’s Enchanting Portraits

A group of kids pose for an outdoor portrait [AE Portraits]

Arlene’s love for photography has been in existence for as long as she can remember. After winning a few local awards years ago, Arlene's husband encouraged her to apply at one of Halifax’s premier portrait studios. She submitted her portfolio and the rest is history.

Now, running 15+ years strong, AE Portraits captures and completes beautiful pictures for everyone to cherish and admire. All customers are 100% appreciative with only the best stories to tell after leaving Arlene’s studio. A super bonus? She also does pristine pet portraits for all you dog and cat parents out there.

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