Top 8 Portrait Photographers in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Portrait photography is often said to be one of the more difficult photography styles to become proficient in. Portraiture involves using not only technical aspects such as lighting, setting, and posing, but also a high degree of creativity and storytelling in order to capture the true essence of your subject. Portraits can be for anyone looking to get a new set of professional headshots, celebrate a milestone, or simply have new photos of themselves at a new time in their lives.

Many talented portrait photographers have honed their craft in Edmonton, Alberta and become go-to names for any portrait photography needs. Whether it's for a lifestyle shoot, a robust professional portrait, or a couple's shoot, you'll be sure to find your perfect match from our list of the best photographers in the Edmonton region.

Ready to start your search for portrait photographers in Edmonton? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Ryan Parker Photography

Ryan Parker is the owner and founder of Ryan Parker Photography. Apart from being a professional photographer, Ryan is also an actor and thespian, so you know that he has a penchant for the creatives and knows how to story-tell. From picking up his first camera in 2007, to being awarded as one of the best photographers in Edmonton in 2018, Ryan has become one of the most popular photographers in Edmonton.

Because Ryan focuses solely on headshot photography, he has mastered the art and skill of capturing who you are with one single, still frame. He knows the different nuances you need for a beauty shot, a portrait, a professional headshot—or maybe even a new profile photo for your dating app.

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Moments In Digital Photography

Bruce Clark is the owner and photographer of Moments in Digital Photography. Bruce has been a professional photographer for over 13 years and offers a range of different photography styles: wedding, commercial, event, and portrait photography. Bruce has a relaxed and simple photography style, especially for portraits, making for timeless photos that you and your family can come back to even years from now.

With a blend of photojournalism and contemporary portraiture, portraits done by Bruce always help the authentic you shine through. Whatever kind of portrait photography you need—professional headshots, lifestyle photos (such as for couples and engagements), or family portraits—Bruce and his team at Moments In Digital will be there to help you out.

Adam Borman Photography

Adam Borman is an up-and-coming professional photographer wowing clients and publications alike in Edmonton. Adam is adept at many types of photography forms, from architecture and design photography, to product and advertising photography, and of course, portrait photography.

Adam's portrait photography style is certainly very different from the usual kind of portraiture you might find from other photographers. He holds an obvious love for bright, bold colors, strong lines, and whimsical themes to match equally diverse client personalities. If you want to make an unforgettable first impression, you can trust Adam to take the perfect portrait for you.

Carla Lehman Photography

Carla Lehman's passion for photography jumps out as you look through her portfolio, read the reviews of her past clients, and read her bio page. Carla adores the power of photography and how it can help her tell her clients' stories.

Carla believes that getting your portrait taken is not just about the end photos, but also about the experience—she wants you to feel empowered and inspired in the entire end-to-end process. She believes the power of relationships will embolden the session, so she strives to get to know every person she works with. Not only that but Carla wants your portrait to also be a way to further get to know yourself.

Admire Studios

Twyla is a self-confessed collector — a collector of beauty. Twyla loves photography because it lets her capture the beauty of the world around her, from the inanimate to the bright-eyed clients that stand on the other side of her lens. Having graduated with a fine arts degree, Twyla is a true creative at heart and often takes inspiration from many mediums of art to bring life to her portrait photos.

Twyla has shot over 150,000 images throughout her entire career—and she's still going. With so many years of experience under her belt, you can depend on her to deliver brilliant portraits every time. While Twyla also photographs weddings and events, if it's portraits you're interested in, you can engage her for senior portraits, couples' portraits, family, and maternity and newborn sessions.

Jennifer George Photography

Jennifer George is one of the most popular portrait photographers in Edmonton when it comes to professional headshots and corporate portraits. Jennifer has a unique talent for turning what could be a stuffy and boring photo into one that is lively, dynamic, and truly shows a side of yourself that speaks to who you are as a brand.

Jennifer's photography style is clean, classic, and high-end. Depending on the vibe or personality you want to assume for the photo, you can shoot in-studio or on-location with props and a setting relevant to your brand. Jennifer never backs down from the challenge of a creative shoot.

Lily Laidlaw Photography

Lily Laidlaw is the owner and head photographer of Lily Laidlaw Photography. Lily's background in education and art have lent her a unique perspective on how to use photography as a means to both communicate and showcase, and no truer is that seen than in Lily's portrait photography.

Lily believes that branding and professional portrait photography no longer need to be cold, dull, or confined to a background in a studio; she believes in dynamic portraits that show who you are as a professional, telling the story of your brand and what you have to offer. As such, Lily prefers professional portrait done on location so that you can best interact with your environment and let your personality come through in all the ways you wish.

Rachel Turner Photography

Rachel Turner may be new to the scene in professional photography, but she's quickly becoming one of the sought-after portrait photographers in Edmonton. Rachel's love for photography started much early on when she was an elementary student. It is something she has carried with her through her business degree to the present, when she founded her own studio.

Rachel understands the importance of powerful portrait photos that stay true to you and highlight the story you want to tell. Portrait photos taken with her can be for your pleasure – such as an empowering session for self-love, or you can opt for a specific, personal branding kind of photo for your business. Either way, trust Rachel to help bring out the best in you.

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