Top 10 Portrait Photographers in Cincinnati, OH

Whether you need a new portrait for your personal or professional use, you’ll find that there is no shortage of portrait photographers in Cincinnati, Ohio. A good portrait can showcase your personality and style in just one image, and you’ll enjoy adding it to your website or social media accounts.

However, portrait photography is often very nerve-wracking for some people. A good portrait photographer will help you to relax in front of the camera and create the perfect results each and every time.

Ready to start your search for portrait photographers in Cincinnati? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next picture day.

Michael Matzko Photography

Michael is a visual artist who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout his life, he has been passionate about art and exploring contemporary photography styles.

His style has been defined by his personal and cultural concentrations, and he uses a wide range of techniques to create unique portraits. Michael is mostly intrigued by the individuals he meets and hopes to tell your story through the images he takes.

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Leah Barry Seniors

Leah knows that having your senior portrait taken can be quite intimidating. She aims to make each of her clients feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera.

She has over seven years of experience working as a portrait photographer, so she will be able to guide you in the right direction during your time working together. Leah wants you to have a great time during your portrait process. She will create images that showcase your personality and style, for use on your resume or social media.

Studio 66 LLC, Photography

Are you looking to update your business portrait this year? Studio 66 offers a wide range of photography services and is well respected by local businesses for their portraiture.

The team at Studio 66 will be happy to come into your workplace and photograph your whole team in one day. They’ll ensure that your images look professional yet stylish; you’ll be happy to display them on your company’s website.

Shawndale Thomas Photography

Shawndale is known for his easy-going personality. He wants to share your story through each image he takes and create memories that you’ll remember forever.

He first picked up a camera back in 1998 after borrowing a camera from his Mom. Shawndale has been dedicated to the craft since this time and continues to learn as much as possible to improve his services for his clients. Review his portfolios to see what kind of imagery and style you will be working with.

Studio N Photography

Natalie is the owner and chief photographer at Studio N Photography. She believes that portrait sessions shouldn’t be stressful, so she is here to make your experience as fun as possible.

Before your session, Natalie will work with you to understand your fears and expectations. She’ll also discuss the various print and product options on offer so that you can create images that will celebrate your family for many years to come.

KDalton Photography

Kim knows that there are dozens of photographers you could work with in the city, but she strives to specialize in just offering headshot photography. She has a local studio where you can update your business or acting headshots for your website or resume.

Kim's studio is equipped with everything you will need to have a relaxing yet fun session. You’ll see your images in real time so that you can receive instant feedback to get the best results.

The Simple Portrait Project

The Simple Portrait Project has been running since 2008. They aim to redefine the family portrait experience through collaboration and improvisation.

The studio works in short, twenty-minute sessions to make the whole process as easy as possible. There is just one light and a simple background, which helps to focus on you and your family and create timeless images to display in your home.

Nicolae Pop Photography

Nicolae Pop Photography offers a few different options when it comes to your upcoming photography session. You can book a VIP headshot session, which will give you more time to get that perfect shot without rushing through the session.

If you are short on time, there are also "Express" headshot sessions. These are ideal for anyone who just needs a couple of images or is short of time for their headshot session. Either way, expect great results when working with Nicolae.

Daylight Photo LLC

The team at Daylight Photo offers a wide range of services throughout the city and state. They will always offer you professional and high-quality images, and they also offer videography services in the city too.

Their images will be ideal for adding to your social media accounts or website. If you need editing completed on your images, they also work with Photoshop and graphic design to enhance their photography work.

YH Images Photography

Yohan is the owner and photographer behind YH Images Photography. He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been working as a photographer here since 2014.

As well as offering portrait photography, he also provides videography services to businesses in the local area. Yohan has over 20 years of experience working with Photoshop, so he will be able to edit your images to take them to the next level.

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