Top 5 Portrait Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Top 5 Portrait Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Portrait photography involves more than taking a picture with head-t0-shoulder angles. Staging, backdrops, and lighting help deliver a pure reflection of the person’s intentions or emotions. These personalized images are used for corporate purposes, fashion exhibitions, wall hangings, family pics, or other creative visions.

Ready to start your search for a portrait photographer in Brooklyn, New York? Read on for a rundown of some of the city's most talented pros, all experienced in the niche and ready to take on your next custom portrait shoot.

Kissenia Creativity Photography Studio

Kissenia Creativity Photography Studio is a Brooklyn portrait provider specializing in various photoshoots, including birthday, maternity, headshots, and portrait sessions. The brand owned by Kissenia Chara offers services to adults and kids above 5 months old. She is very good at capturing moments and often uses her daughter as an inspiration.

Kissenia is a professional portrait photographer with a degree in Commercial Photography. She had worked in various portrait studios and galleries before setting up her business in Brooklyn. She has a unique portraiture style and has exhibited several projects in recent years.

PicMe! Headshots

PicMe! Headshots is a Brooklyn photo studio with an extensive portrait portfolio. It provides portrait services for personal branding, professional, corporate, and executive purposes. The brand offers services for actors, social media, and ERAS headshots.

PicMe! Headshots creates beautiful images and expertly captures and conveys a subject's expression and personality. The studio has different photo shoot packages and services for clients with varying prices and timeframes.

Erin Silber Photography

Erin Silber Photography specializes in capturing everyone’s unique story. This Brooklyn photo studio serves clients in different parts of New York, including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, and Staten Island.

Photographer Erin Silber is passionate for branding and taking portrait photographs. She believes it is all about people and savoring life closely in its pure authenticity. She has a vast portfolio of her services, including personal branding, professional headshots, staff and team corporate headshots, events, families, maternity, kids, and newborns.

Guido Venitucci Photography

With over 20 years of experience in photography, Guido Venitucci artistically tells people’s stories. He went pro after spending most of his time behind a camera, creating images that convey an individual’s unique personality.

Guido Venitucci Photography is well known for portraits and commercial work for beauty and health organizations. Guido specializes in taking headshots in a casual and comfortable environment as clients express themselves naturally.

Shine by O Portraits

For headshots and portraits in Brooklyn, Shine by O Portraits is a top brand to consider. O Zhang is the founder of this photo studio, and she specializes in business headshots and commercial portraits. She honed her professional skills at an early age and has successfully been able to work with clients including lawyers, doctors, royal aristocrats, corporate executives, and many others.

O Zhang is an award-winning photographer with more than 100 exhibitions across the globe. She received a Master of Photography from the Royal College of Art in London. With Shin O Portraits, her life goal is to influence people’s lifestyles and tell their stories.

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