Red and Mint Wedding

Have you considered a red and mint wedding? We’ve got everything you need to know to make your favourite colour combination work! From bridesmaids dresses to poppy red lipstick, this fun combo is magnificent!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Red and Mint Wedding

Choosing your wedding venue is critical, especially when you try to set a particular scene for your dream day. Even the most minor details could make a significant impact, both good and bad, on your joyous celebration. With most of your friends and family in attendance, this is the best time for you to show your personality through your choice of colour, accessories, and overall feel.

A red and mint wedding is excellent for both indoor and outdoor locations. However, since this colour combination is quite rare for social gatherings, your extra ounce of creativity is necessary. Surround your wedding venue with vintage designs, eye-catching wedding flowers, and vibrant sophistication.

Colour Palettes for a Red and Mint Wedding

Combining a fiery shade of red with soft mint is one of the most unforgettable ways to make a statement for your wedding. You'll want to make sure that your choice of wedding colour will take your guests in awe, so go for colour palettes that inspire. You must consider your big day's seasonality and location in choosing your colour palettes.

Bright, crimson red is a perfect addition for a summer wedding, while the sandy shades of green stand out in springtime. You may add some subtle hues, like light blush or gray, for some sense of balance. Moreover, drawing inspirations from nature could give your wedding an earthy, bohemian feel.

Table Setting Style for a Red and Mint Wedding

Impress your guests and make your reception remarkable through table setting styles that match your red and mint wedding. Mint epitomises a lighthearted vigor, while red embodies boldness, elegance, and style. Your table setting is a perfect opportunity to maximise your wedding budget for decorations and physical preparations.

Always prioritise comfort when choosing chairs, but make sure you stick with your theme for consistency. Go the minimalist way with mint-scented candles matched with your favourite wedding flower cenrerpieces. Play around with textures and patterns for your linens. And try to think outside the box for more things and ideas to add to your tables, like napkin rings, scarves, and more.

Dresses & Accessories for a Red and Mint Wedding

In every wedding, the wedding dress is probably the most anticipated revelation of the celebration. Almost every bride’s dream is to wear an eye-popping wedding gown, but a red and mint combination is most likely last on their list. It is easier for the bridesmaids to play around with and could bring out a different layer of personality for them.

Pair your minty dress with matching pearls or beads for a chic look. Mint gives a feminine and romantic vibe perfect for a bridesmaid, while red flower accessories exude strong emotions. Then fire up the wedding aisle with a poppy pair of red shoes and a victorious and joyous walk.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Red and Mint Wedding

There's a seemingly endless colour combination for red wedding bouquets since most red wedding flowers are available all year long. Red garden rose, tulip, anemone, and fancy carnations are just a few choices you have. Blend these flowers with some coral accents for a great set of bridal bouquets.

Set a calm mood for your joyous day with a mint green tie paired with a minty groom boutonniere. You can go for a grandiose vibe with a mix of a red and black boutonniere. For some sense of symmetry, you may combine mint and red for your groom's boutonniere to go along with your wedding bouquets and flowers of the same colour combination.

Wedding Invitations for a Red and Mint Wedding

Impress your guests even before your wedding day through a combination of red and mint hues for your invitation cards. Match your cards' font styles with your and your partner’s personality and the wedding tone. You may go with the crimson and scarlet red print matched with intricate designs for your elegant minted wedding invitations.

You don't have to spend a huge chunk of your wedding budget on invitation cards if you're not scared to get extra creative. It's best if you put a more personal touch on your wedding cards to fashion out your desired impression. You can get inspiration or create your own designs that blend perfectly with your wedding colours.

Reception Decor for a Red and Mint Wedding

Take your guests in awe with an unforgettable red-and-mint-themed reception. Your choice of venue will be crucial in making your unique motif stand out. Be on top of your chosen location to ensure all your planned enhancements adhere to its guidelines.

Hang those string lights, set up a greenery wall, and drape those ceilings to surround your reception with a whimsical vibe. Simplify your centrepieces and provide a lounge seating area if you want to go for a more laid-back atmosphere. Put some art in your cocktail recipes to personalise your decorations. Work with your pastry chef for the most artistically designed cake you could ever dream of to serve as the reception’s centrepiece.

Portrait Props for a Red and Mint Wedding

Photos are the best tools to remember the happiest moments of your big day vividly. A unique set of portrait props for your red and mint wedding will make these photos more delightful to the eyes. Come up with unforgettable hashtags for your wedding day and cement these to your red-and-mint-themed portrait props. Unleash your creative freedom in choosing the designs and backdrop for your photo shoot.

Use the magic of smoke bombs, bohemian flower crowns, minted flowers and candles, and red wedding bouquets. Get romantic through nighttime silhouettes, red sparklers, and mint balloons. You may also test your DIY skills by using wooden arches and fake flowers for an additional prop.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Red and Mint Wedding

Keep the uniqueness of your wedding when it comes to your wedding reception music and entertainment ideas. Hire a live painter, set up a bourbon tasting station, and erect a bouncy castle for your more upbeat guests. For outdoor red-and-mint-themed reception, and if you have a pool area, why don’t you surprise your guests with synchronised swimmers?

A wedding reception won't be complete without the party games. Introduce the shoe game in addition to the classic wedding games like the ring toss and life-sized Jenga. Keep the music flowing with a live disco under the giant mint and red lanterns, or hire a live band to get into the party mood.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Red and Mint Wedding

May it be a beach or garden ceremony, an outdoor celebration of love and the future is always promising. In addition to beach and garden wedding options, you can also go for a country-themed red and mint wedding. With perfect planning and excellent anticipation of the weather, your outdoor wedding dream could be within your reach.

Set up those red chairs and mint tables for your garden wedding in the summer. Adorn your wedding aisle with stunning flowers for your celebration of love in the spring. Look your best with blush dresses. Keep your guests cool with mint fedoras that you could hang or let your guests wear. Put up photo booths with a red and mint backdrop and props your guests could enjoy at any point of the day.

Poppy red and mint

Red and Mint Wedding

I love finding inspiration from strange things and the bottles pictured below, that I ran across on Pinterest, sparked this poppy red and mint green wedding inspiration board. It’s perfect for fall and has an usual and fresh vibe to it. I haven’t seen this lovely color combination used in many weddings so snatch it up while it’s hot off the press!

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