Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

The colorful bouquets are the ideal hues against the grey backdrop of a rustic building as you’ll soon see when perusing the images. Adorable flowers girls steal the show but the lovely couple takes center stage!

Color Palette for a Plum and Gold Rustic Wedding

Color palettes set the basis for your wedding ceremony and reception. Some colors are seasonal, a lot of you may disagree on this, but this is very true in the case of rich and deep shades. Yes, they can be incorporated into your wedding event during any season, if you like, but only match the theme and look amazing when used in the right season.

For example, when you look at this gorgeous color palette of plum, gold, and creamy hues, you'll instantly link it to a winter wedding. It's the season of deep romance so opting for rich, luxurious colors is the best choice.

You can pair it with bright green, and shades of pastels like lilac, pink, and plum to tone down the bold effect.

Wedding Invitations for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

Wedding invitations are a significant and beautiful part of the entire wedding process. Once you have narrowed down your color options, it becomes easier for you to choose the type of wedding invites that you want. Of course, the wedding theme must also reflect in them. Especially if you are following a particular color scheme.

The stunning couple in this wedding inspiration board went for a plum and gold rustic theme and created the most amazing invites with a rustic card background and pastel hues of plum at the bottom, creating a water-like effect. A thin strip of gold ribbon was used to wrap around the card which was encased in a pale-yellow envelope. The cursive, Italic font style was the highlight of it all!

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

In this plum and gold rustic chic wedding, you can see the traditional bridal dress but with a chic twist. The bride can be seen adorned in an extremely alluring white wedding gown with a delicate plum belt encircled around the waist. How very sophisticated!

The dress is made of lace fabric and has a sweetheart neckline. We love how the designer created a perfect balance between grace and glam, exactly what the bride wanted! For the accessories, she wore a gorgeous princess tiara and some diamond studs. Since the weather was rather chilly, a rich, white fur jacket was draped over her shoulders.

For the photos, the bride wore another sleeveless dress (another dress inspiration, if you're looking for ideas), made of lace and net combined. The upper half was made of lace, and the lower half was cut like a net skirt. A long net veil, pinned at the back of her hairdo, was part of this dress.

Groom Style for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

To complement the rustic yet stylish look of this wedding, the groom went for an Italian wedding suit. The color of the suit, navy blue, went well with the bridal dress as well as the wedding theme. The overall look was perfectly balanced with a formal suit. This is the kind of look that you choose when you want to feel comfortable yet also make a statement. The groom was super relaxed throughout the wedding event as well as the photography session.

He paired his suit with a crisp, white shirt, brown leather semi-formal shoes, and a pretty, tiny boutonniere. To date, this is one of our favorite groom styles!

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

If you're having a grand wedding, you can opt for a single fancy cake topped with all kinds of fruits and your preferred cake toppers. But if you are having an intimate wedding, you can either have single servings of cake, to add a unique element to your wedding, or go for a dual cake option. One for yourself, and one for the guests.

In this wedding inspiration, we have two different cake styles. The big three-tiered cake with white frosting embroidered gold borders, and exotic berries on the top were served to the guests. On the other hand, the tiny, two-tiered version of the same flavored cake, was personalized especially for the couple and their immediate family. A thin sheet of gold leaf was wrapped around the cake which was topped with berries, as well. So tempting!

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

This wedding photo shoot in particular radiated such a cozy vibe that we couldn't help but exclaim over the pictures! The couple's ensemble and chemistry along with the wedding venue and theme were so on point that Anaïs Stoelen, the photographer, had an extra fun time doing this shoot.

This couple also included flower girls in their wedding festivities for added cuteness. The rustic, wooden walls, as well as the open field, served as the perfect backdrop for the kids and the couple, and of course, the lovely poses were the actual game-winner! The exquisite setting of nature, old-school, vintage, and modernity reflected in these photos is like a breath of fresh air. We are in awe of how romantic and beautiful these black and white pictures turned out. It's a winter tale of love and magic!

Portrait Props for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

For the portrait props, you would want to make use of the things that go well with your wedding style. This couple made use of their vintage car adorned with fresh florals. For the black and white couple portraits, the car was a great prop choice as it gave room for many creative poses.

Wooden 'bride and groom' tags were also customized especially for photographs. There are also a couple of rustic chairs in the garden-like setting to match the wedding vibe. Dresses, shrugs, and jackets all served as great props alongside some berries and flowers. A natural setting always demands a natural-toned color palette and items rather than superficial ones.

Table Setting Style for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

For the table decor of the plum and gold wedding, a rustic wooden table along with matching chairs was set up in the backyard. A plum table runner was stretched out on it with a floral centerpiece made of garden-fresh roses and peonies.

For the crockery, a plain white dinnerware set was used with golden border finishing, gold and white cutlery, and vintage wine glasses. Plum napkins and gold name tags were folded neatly above the plates. Some bowls and platters were laid out with raw and peeled berries in them for the aesthetics and decor, of course. Plum, scented candlesticks stood tall in the gold candle stands for a fragrant and warm effect!

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

Flowers radiate warmth and comfort, especially during the winter. They bring joy and love whenever they are present in a room. And maybe this is why the tradition of carrying a bouquet down the aisle was started in the first place.

For this rustic, chic winter affair, the bride carried a bunch of plum roses, ivory-hued peonies, and black tulips, with bright green foliage. You'd never want to get rid of this gorgeous assortment of flowers. The groom's boutonniere consisted of a single, plum garden-fresh rose with its leaves folded beautifully around the cut-out stem. This is such a great choice for your wedding florals if you're planning to get hitched in winter!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Plum and Gold Rustic Chic Wedding

There is something magical about a winter wedding and to add to its sophisticated beauty, you should opt for an outdoor venue, just like the couple in this inspiration. Obviously, you're going to have to take proper measures to ensure the comfort of your guests but a little chilly breeze every now and then won't hurt anyone.

This outdoor estate venue was the perfect choice for this wedding style and theme. It was modern yet had a vintage vibe which met the requirements, conveniently. The scent of wood and fresh trees and flowers is the first thing that should captivate you in your winter wedding outdoor venue and the crunch of autumn leaves as you walk on the evening grass is simply perfect.

Plum and gold rustic chic wedding

Ornate cakes, rich plum and gold hues, and a fabulously venue – today’s wedding inspiration shoot brings a Dutch charm to a rustic chic wedding style. Conceptualized beautifully by Ilse de Graaf Weddings & Events, European City Weddings, and photographed by Anais Stoelen, this editorial is a swoon fest!

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From Ilse de Graaf Weddings & Events– “With this rustic chic styled shoot I was inspired by warm colors, all things elegant and nature itself. I wanted to create a feeling that is very chic yet rustic at the same time.
Stylish calligraphies stationary, satin ribbons, fruits, sophisticated cakes and amazing floral arrangements combined with all of the other details in a beautiful, natural setting at a chic estate.

Credits: Photography: Anais Stoelen // Creative Direction, Planning & Styling: European City Weddings & Ilse de Graaf – Weddings & Events // Cake: Baked by Isabelle // Hair & Makeup: Marianne Roza of The Beautiful Bride Company // Wedding Dresses: Victor’s Wedding Design // Groom’s Attire: DutchSpirit // Flower girl Dress: So Cute! // Paper: Leintjes Exclusive // Flowers: Don Florito // Bridal Hair Adornments: SIBO Designs // Jewelry: Goudmerk // Models: Lore, Maarten, Fay, and Lou-Loah // Venue: Landgoed Ulvenhart, Netherlands.