Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Matt and Kati are the ideal couple to showcase a beautiful blush pink and gold wedding!

Kati’s wedding dress style suits the theme naturally and Matt’s charm shines through as he gazes at his lovely bride. We see them seated behind a simple and stunning head table. The wedding cake and dessert table are both picture perfect. As are the bride and groom!

Colour Palettes for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

It’s easy to see why blush pink and gold are becoming increasingly popular colour options for weddings. With the glamour of gold and the sweetness and warmth of blush pink, you’ll get a romantic combo that works well with different shades and tints.

Gold has a metallic effect, so neutrals like white, grey, cream, and wood tones will balance its brilliance. Try adding pops of mint green or other cool pastels for a refreshing contrast. You can also pair light pink and gold with rich, saturated wedding colours, like navy blue and deep teal, or deep-toned neutrals, such as rich olive green, beige, or slate grey.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Gold is glitzy and the colour of wealth, extravagance, and riches. On the other hand, Pink is refreshing, euphotic, and vibrant, representing inner peace and femininity. Put these hues together, and you’ll have an unbeatable pair of blush and gold wedding colours. So it’s only natural to look for a wedding venue that suits this powerful combination.

Any indoor or outdoor location would work, but it’s best to look for a wedding space that matches its elegant look. Luxury properties, including hotels and mansions, will often already have sophisticated elements suitable for this motif, such as chandeliers and other sparking details. You can also convert unconventional wedding venues like lofts, warehouse spaces, and studios.

Table Setting Style for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Gold tableware looks fantastic with a pink tablecloth, and your flower centrepieces will stand out with gold vases. We’re also in love with the idea of having candles of different heights and styles. The taper candles make the tablescape look cohesive by matching them with the gorgeous centrepieces and dinnerware, while the ones in golden round candle holders further enhance the theme.

Decorate your gold chairs with white fabric and add some golden beads on the table for additional effect. Explore other colourful blooms and vibrant flower fillers for your floral arrangements, and incorporate fresh vines and greenery into your reception table.

Dresses & Accessories for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Rock a stunning ball gown wedding dress perfect for formal and semi-formal celebrations. But what makes this bridal gown stand out is its fancy touch of pink details. It’s like a masterpiece taken straight out of a fairy tale. You’ll love to walk down the aisle gracefully and dance the night away with this dress.

Although there’s no need for glitz and sparkles to make a statement, you can still elevate your overall style to the next level by wearing a pearl necklace. Rose gold jewellry can also accentuate the theme, and a lavish bundle of flowers and greenery will complete the look.

Groom Style for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

They say that real men wear pink, so with a blush pink and gold wedding theme, the groom now has an excuse to wear a pastel linen suit. But you don’t have to force it if a lush blush suit isn’t your style. After all, it’s your day, and you’ll be in your wedding attire for hours, so you should wear something you’re happy about and feel comfortable with.

The classic black suit is timeless and goes well with any wedding style and motif. To match the hints of pink on your bride’s elegant gown, wear a blush pink necktie or bow tie. It’s a clever way to incorporate the theme into the groom’s outfit.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

While you won’t find flowers in metallic gold, there are tons of wedding flowers in various shades of pink, and many of them bloom year-round. These include the ever-popular roses, freesia, Peruvian lilies, and carnations. So no matter what time of the year you plan to get hitched, you have access to fresh flowers that highlight your theme.

Dahlias, marigolds, and roses with eucalyptus leaves make a magnificent wedding bouquet. But if you want to keep the colours soft and muted, you can just go for white and light pink blooms with some green fillers. Then, make a mini version of the bridal bouquet to create lovely boutonnieres.

Wedding Invitations for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

The blush and gold colour combination is fit for royalty. That’s why it makes sense to use elegant calligraphy on your wedding invitations, especially if you’re organising a formal affair. The letters can be written in gold and printed in blush pink-coloured paper adorned with glittery gold backer.

You can also opt for a floral wedding invitation with a magnificent arrangement of your favourite pink flowers. This creates an ideal setting for a romantic celebration and is an excellent way to introduce your wedding motif to your loved ones. It’s your initial opportunity to wow your guest before attending the reception and ceremony, so make sure you give the right first impression.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

When people imagine a wedding cake, the colour that typically comes to mind is white. Although white is basically the primary colour for wedding events, it doesn’t mean that you should only have a white-coloured cake. But the truth is, blush and gold is a versatile pair that can go well with any style, so you can incorporate it into any cake design.

How you decorate or shape your cake can be endless. Suppose you want a simple yet elegant look. In that case, you can go with the traditional multi-tiered white cake but have sprinkles or patches of gold on each layer. This will no doubt add glamour to the cake. Additionally, a blush pink icing placed along the edges can give the cake a stylish appearance.

Reception Decor for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Obviously, you want your reception hall to be filled with blush pink and gold colours if this is your theme. Most wedding venues can help you decide on how these decorations might look. But if you have to decide on your own and the venue allows, consider setting up blush pink streamers along the ceiling or walls to give an overall blush pink vibe.

If that’s not possible, blush pink tablecloths will also do the trick. For the gold touch, you can cover each chair with gold linings or embellish each table with sparks of gold, such as gold-coloured utensils, candle holders, or vases.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

One of the exciting moments of a wedding is the photoshoot. Not only do you want to capture your love and the special day itself, but you should also capture the theme. A bouquet of blush pink flowers with gold decorations is a great start. Another fantastic and simple idea is to blow pink and gold-coloured confetti into the camera to convey the colours and fun of your wedding day.

Try to be more creative with your solo shots. The environment or background, for instance, plays a crucial role in pictures. You can either use what the venue offers or create your own backdrop. Furthermore, since most solo shots are close-ups, find props or decorations that you can hold or incorporate into your poses, such as drinking from your gold-rimmed wine or discreetly showing off your gold wedding ring.

Pink, Gold, and Geometric Wedding

Today’s wedding inspiration shoot from Sara Lynn Photographic and Tandem Events is an absolute stunner. It has modern, geometric details mixed in with the softest, most romantically feminine colour palette, juxtaposed against an industrial backdrop. The space is used cleverly and the different vignettes really bring the editorial to life and show the possibilities for your own wedding venue. The entire wedding inspiration shoot is simply divine!

Pastel floral wedding invitation suite | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Gold and blush pink wedding cake | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Romantic wedding inspiration shoot | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Confetti toss | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Confetti toss | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Pink petal linen for a wedding reception | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Geometric terrariums | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Chic bridal style with pearls | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Austin Scarlett wedding dress | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Romantic pink and gold lounge area | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Gold rimmed champagne glasses | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Romantic loose curls hairstyle | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Pink and gold place setting and tablescape | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Austin Scarlett wedding dress | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Industrial romantic wedding ideas | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Blush and gold leaf wedding cake | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Austin Scarlett wedding dress and full-length veil | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Under the veil kiss | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Dessert table | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:
Intricate glassware | Sara Lynn Photographic | see more on:

From Sara Lynn Photographic – “Kendra (at Tandem Events) and I first started chatting about doing a more industrial design that was still soft, romantic and chic. You’ll swoon over… let’s be honest, everything! The gown with the geometric prints, the dreamy floral arrangements by Bella Lu Floral, the attention to detail to the head table design, bar and guest tables and the invitation suite.

Everything was pulled together using pinks and golds and was photographed with film and digital capture. My favourite part about these photographs are Matt & Kati, the Groom and Bride models. They are such a stunning, but down-to-earth couple that truly loves each other deeply, which made them all the more fun to photograph!”

Credits: Photography: Sara Lynn Photographic // Event Planning: Tandem Events // Design & Decor: Yours for Your Day // Cake: Designer Cakes and Confections // Stationery: Ella Vine & Co. // Videography: Canvas and Light // Floral Design: Bella Lu Floral // Wedding Dress: Austin Scarlett via Felice Bridal // Veil: Veil Trends Couture // Makeup: Allison Beach // Hair: Kim J Beauty // Catering: Tony Rosacci’s // Paper Props: Confetti Momma // Groom’s Suit: Ted’s Clothiers // Rentals: All Well Rents & Splendor // Heirlooms & Extras: Anthropologie & West Elm // Models: Kati & Matt // Venue: The Studios at Overland Crossing, in Denver, Colorado.