Best Pet Photographers in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pets are as much a part of our family as anyone else. They're there for us during our times of need, comfort us when we're sad, and share in all our happy moments as a family. There's no greater love than our furry companions, and anyone who's had a pet can attest to that. Unfortunately, our pets don't stay with us as long as we'd like—which makes it more important to preserve their memories and happy times with our family and us.

Some people may think getting a professional portrait of your pet may be silly, but it's far from it. They are a reliable way for us to remember them once they have crossed the rainbow bridge. Photos help keep them close to our hearts when they are no longer physically with us. Thus, with such power, it takes a special touch to become a trustworthy pet photographer.

Let us help you—check out our list of the top six most talented pet photographers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Ready to start your search for pet photographers in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your best friends.

High Paw Photography

Margeaux Nicholas is the owner and head photographer of High Paw Photography. As a professional photographer, Margeaux feels a distinct calling to help her clients and their families preserve the precious memories of their fur babies. She is inspired by her late Yorkie, Esther, whom Margeaux wishes she could have taken more photos of in the 18 years she loyally spent beside her side.

For your doggy's portrait session, Margeaux prefers to work outdoors, where the natural light and the stimulating environment can help your dog shine and bring out the best of their personality. From the sandy beaches, bustling metro views, and grassy parks, Margeaux will be there to help capture your dog's spirit and love in every photograph.

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Vancouver Pet Photography

Katherine is the pet love behind the lens of Vancouver Pet Photography. Katherine started her pet photography journey courtesy of her first pug, Frank, which then blossomed into a beautiful career that Katherine remains passionate about every day. Having grown up in Caracas, Venezuela (and moving to Canada about a decade ago), Katherine is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English, making sessions easier for Spanish-speaking families—or pets.

While Katherine admits she has a soft spot for pugs, she is very comfortable photographing any breed of dog, as well as cats. Sessions can be done in-studio where there is an array of props, backgrounds, and toys to color the scene, or outdoors where more energetic pets can shine. Be sure to check out Katherine's print and framing offers as well for beautiful photos turned into artwork.

Sit Stay Studios

Ashleigh is the accomplished head photographer and founder of Sit Stay Studios. She's a certified professional photographer and an internationally-acclaimed pet photographer, with her work featured in publications across the globe.

With over 10 years of experience, Ashleigh has certainly become one of the go-to pet photographers in the Vancouver area. Ashleigh can work with dogs, cats, and small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, or even hedgehogs.

Ashleigh understands how comforting it can be to have beautiful photos of our pets who have gone along ahead of us. It brings back memories of their personalities, our good times with them, and the special way they made us feel loved. She hopes to give each of her clients this feeling with the finished products of their portrait shoots.

Rambling Hound Photography

Heather MacNeill is the founder and head photographer of Rambling Hound Photography. Heather has always held a deep fascination and love for animals throughout her life; from NatGeo magazines as a kid, to watching nature shows on Saturday afternoons, Heather has always felt her happiest surrounded by animals.

Heather brings with her a bachelor's degree in film studies and extensive experience in the commercial film industry. All of this, combined with her enduring love for animals, has resulted in Heather pursuing a professional career in natural light pet photography. Whether your pet family is a barker, a meower, or gallops through a field, Heather will surely delight in capturing their spirit through these special portraits.

Wally & Roops Pet Photography

Sarah and John are the tandem behind Wally & Roops Pet Photography. Sarah is the photographer and designer of the team, and she has been a professional pet photographer for more than 12 years. John, on the other hand, is in charge of editing and set decorating, and also gets the privilege of squeezing squeaky toys for dogs on a shoot. The studio is named after Sarah's real-life rescue dogs, Wally and Roops.

With Wally & Roops, you have the option of photo booth sessions or regular photo sessions. Photo booth sessions are offered periodically throughout the year with different themes (check out their Facebook for announcements.). Regular photo sessions are available at any time when booked. Sarah makes sure that either way – your pet will be the star of the show.

Rachael Moreland Photography

Rachael Moreland is the Vancouver native who founded Rachael Moreland Photography. Rachael graduated with a photography diploma, following her lifelong love for photography. She most appreciates the way it allows us to capture the beauty in the fleeting moments of life. Rachael is a pet and a nature lover, and she takes every opportunity she can to be inspired by furry friends and the environment.

Rachael knows how precious pets are; they are members of the family like anyone else. As a photographer, she wants to help you make the most of them through photographs that will last a lifetime. Cats and dogs all deserve to be able to be remembered in a special way through beautiful, authentic photographs that will help you hold on to their memories long after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.

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