Pets are totally frisky when they want to be. Hopping around and doing as they please is definitely a beloved pastime. Which makes it harder to get them to sit still and smile for the camera when you want to snap some photos to hang up around the house.

Good thing pet photographers actually exist. Hanging a treat or something similar in the air doesn’t always get the best pictures (we blame the drooling). Let the experts handle the poses and expressions; they’ll get the right angles every time. Check out some of our favorite referrals from San Jose, California in our guide.

Ready to start your search for pet photographers in San Jose? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your furry friends.

FOTOS By T. Inc.

Teresa, better known as “T,” fell in love with art at the age of five, when times were simpler and she was having fun cutting and gluing pieces of construction paper together. As she matured, her love transitioned and her first Kodak became the center of her desires. T is now proud to own a collection of modern digital cameras - along with her well earned computer technology skills.

Her expertise has led her to success photographing people and pets alike. Authentic expressions and bringing the subjects of her lens to life are what she does best. With pet photography, she’s able to capture those wide smiles and playful faces for the pet parents to enjoy.

Gary Parker Photography

No one sees the world like Gary Parker does. A man with 25 years of experience trapped in a highly intelligent 8-year-old boy's body would be a good starting point. To further the analysis, he’s won awards in advertising, corporate, and photojournalistic photography.

In the world of pet photography, Gary is a serious professional. It’s as if he knows how to read the minds of both cats and dogs - wait until you witness it. The true power to reach and get into the soul of his subjects is a gift unlike any other.

Ph2grphy - a mobile pet portrait studio

A pet portrait studio that comes to you, who would’ve thought? Rikke over at Ph2grphy is delighted to announce her mission: To capture and preserve the personality of our beloved pets. She recognizes them as an important part of our families.

Rikke offers stress-free, down to earth pet portrait experiences for you and your pets. She can go to your home so that everyone is comfortable, or you can visit her high key, pet friendly studio. No matter if your pet is slimy, soft, spiky, fluffy, or furry, all are welcomed.

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