Regardless of what type of pet you have in your household, one of the best ways to capture your time together is with a pet photography session. If you are based in San Francisco, you’ll find a wide selection of pet photographers in the city, all of whom specialize in capturing dogs, cats, and other animals.

A good pet photographer will be confident working with animals of any size, and will know how to coax your pet into posing for the camera. Whether you decide to capture your pet alone or with your family, you’ll be sure to create images you’ll look back on forever.

When comparing pet photographers in San Francisco, you’ll find there are many different options available to you. Here's a list of some of the best pet photographers in San Francisco, CA, who will all offer you a fantastic experience during a pet photo shoot this year.

Paws and Play Studio

Hanging Out in the City Captured in San Francisco by Andrea [Paws & Play Studio]

Andrea is a professional dog photographer based in San Francisco, who previously worked as a professional dog trainer. She has BFAs in filmmaking and graphic design, so you know you are in good hands when you work with her.

She absolutely adores being around dogs of all breeds, and loves creating artwork that will be placed in family’s homes for many years. Andrea donates a portion of her proceeds to animal rescue organizations, giving you even more reason to use her for your next pet photography session.

Phido Photo

A Pet Portrait Session Captured in San Francisco by Phido Photo

At Phido Photo, you’ll enjoy pet photography sessions throughout the San Francisco area. Each session works to capture the beauty and wisdom of dogs in portraits and natural candid shots.

Phido Photo is the perfect option for photographing your dog as it grows up. You can return year after year for a session to see how your dog matures and capture them during every stage of their life.

Jesse Freidin Photography

Chilling on the Bench Captured in San Francisco by Jesse [Jesse Freidin Photography]

Jesse is one of the top fine art dog photographers in the area, and has previously worked with over 150 private collections in the US. Throughout the country, you’ll find his images displayed, showcasing the bond between humans and dogs.

Jesse has previously won the Best Dog Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area award, and his work has been published in many top national magazines and websites.

Mark Rogers Photography

A Leaping Cat Captured in San Francisco by Mark [Mark Rogers Photography]

If you are looking for unique and fun images of your pets, consider Mark Rogers Photography. He is known for his unique style, which brings out the personality in the cats, dogs, and other animals he captures.

His images have been seen in many advertising campaigns around the country, and he is often picked as one of the top photographers in the area. He has a dog and cat himself, so is very experienced working with animals.

Hilarious Hound

A Cheeky Dog Captured in San Francisco by Michelle [Hilarious Hound]

Michelle is a passionate animal photographer, and particularly loves capturing dogs and pigs. She received a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and design. After working in the fashion industry, she decided to combine her love for photography and dogs to offer her pet photography services.

She is known for her passion for dogs, and is extremely patient with all of the animals she works with. Her photography style is very distinctive, creating hilarious images of your pets that you’ll smile at every time you see them.

The Furrtographer

A City Photoshoot Captured in San Francisco by Josh [The Furrtographer]

Josh is the photographer behind The Furrtographer and has won the A-List San Francisco’s Best Pet Photographer Award four times so far. He is regularly published in print and online publications, and is known for his fun pet photography in the city.

Josh is a cat owner himself, and loves working with all types of animals. He is praised for the care and attention he gives to any animal he works with to create the best results during every session.

WagLab Photography

A Beautiful Bond Captured in San Francisco by Dom [WagLab Photography]

Dom previously worked as a dog daycare assistant before becoming a dog photographer. He likes capturing you and your best friend in fun photos that you’ll love displaying in your home and office.

He loves to showcase you and your animals with his images, and shows both of your personalities in each photo. Dom enjoys meeting every pet and their owner, and is praised for his patience and kindness during each session.

Nuena Photography

Best Friends Captured in San Francisco by Kira [Nuena Photography]

Nuena Photography was founded by Kira in 2007, and has been photographing pets and children since then. She is known for her modern and documentary style of photography, and will capture your pets at your home, outside, or in the studio.

As well as working as a photographer, Kira loves volunteering with local animal rescue organizations. She also photographs foster pets and owns a dog clothing company.

Ellen Shershow Photography

A Fun Dog Portrait Captured in San Francisco by Ellen [Ellen Shershow Photography]

Ellen has been a passionate dog lover since her childhood, and knows how special the bond is between dogs and humans. She loves working with dogs or all sizes, and knows how to capture their personality in a photo.

Ellen is praised for her patience and kindness towards every animal she works with. She knows how to capture images of even the most active dogs, and will get them to pose in photos you’ll love showcasing around your home.

Mini Anna Photography

A Sleepy Dog Captured by Anna [Mini Anna Photography]

Anna of Mini Anna Photography is passionate about capturing animals and kids during her photography sessions in San Francisco. She loves meeting people and their animals, and is also passionate about travel.

Anna knows that photos have the power to help you remember special times with your pet, and so she creates photos that will make you smile even on stressful and challenging days.

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