Best Pet Photographers in Pittsburgh, PA

Whether your little friend is furry, scaled, or hooved, pets are always more than just pets; they’re family. And like we would with our human babies, we want to photograph and capture every moment of their growing up: from the tiny, pocket-sized babies, to their enchanting and goofy adult selves, all the way until their beautiful twilight years.

Pet photography has gained traction in recent years as more and more people want to commemorate and remember their furry family members in special ways. With pets, it’s essential to find a photographer who can intuitively work with animals to bring out the best of their personality in every photo.

Looking to get your pooch a portrait session of their own? Start here with our list of the best pet photographers in Pittsburgh, PA.

Bark & Gold Photography

Jessica Wasik calls herself the snap-happy and dog-obsessed mama behind the lens of Bark & Gold Photography. Jessica was inspired to start her pet photography journey as a way to capture their dog Hunter’s playful spirit and heart, which she also hopes to do with your own fur baby. Jessica has won multiple awards and has been featured in several magazines for her work, and hosts an annual fundraiser for local rescues and non-profits around Pittsburgh.

Every pet portrait session starts with a consultation; Jessica wants to know your expectations and get to know your pet a bit through you. Then, on session day, you can rest assured that Jessica will help you and your pup feel at ease, no matter how anxious you may be about their behavior. The results are always fun, dynamic photos that showcase your dog in the best way possible.

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Crookston Photography

Judy and Dennis are the wife-and-husband tandem behind Crookston Photography. As the lead photographer, Judy has had many years of experience shooting wedding photography and portrait photography such as families or seniors. She now devotes herself to pet photography, where she works to create stunning portraits of your pets, to keep and preserve their memory long after they have moved on.

Crookston Photography takes a fine art approach to pet photography. Portraits are shot in-studio to allow Judy to fix the best possible lighting and set to enhance your pet’s personality. But just because the portraits are stunning and fine art, doesn’t mean the session is a bore. Judy promises a lot of laughs, and an all-around enjoyable experience for every pet session.

Beverly David Photography

Andrea and Lori are the team behind Beverly David Photography. They have years of experience between them and offer wedding photography and human portrait photography aside from their beloved pet photography services. Andrea and Lori can shoot both in-studio and on-location, wherever your pet will feel most comfortable.

Their shooting style is described as “relaxed and personal.” With pets, they go with the flow, and respond to the pet’s mood and vibe. They love to capture the fun, whimsical side of your pups, as well as the pensive and regal side of your cats. No matter where you choose to have the session, you’re sure to come away with beautiful portraits of your furry friend.

Happy Dog Photo Studio

Sara Lowthian-Hanna is the animal lover behind the lens of Happy Dog Photo Studio. Sara has a Master of Fine Arts Photography, and plenty of hours as a professional and volunteer photographer, so she has plenty of experience in technical skills and knowing how to work with animals.

Despite what her studio name suggests, Sara is comfortable photographing dogs and cats and even reptiles like lizards and snakes! Sara has her own full-service photography studio should you choose to do your sessions there, but she also travels on-location if you want some action shots included in your album. Get ready to have the time of your life as you make beautiful new memories together with Sara.

Urbanography Studio

Michelle is the owner and head photographer behind Urbanography Studio. Michelle started Urbanography Studio to share her love for photographing pets and families, as Michelle herself knows how important it is to have beautiful photos of your furry family members before they cross the rainbow bridge.

Michelle offers on-location and in-studio photo sessions, and she can accommodate your pet’s level of obedience—or energy—with simple set-ups, props, and toys they can interact with during the session. Michelle also offers Legacy Pet sessions, which are special kinds of sessions for terminally ill and senior pets; they’re a beautiful tribute to your pet, and a keepsake to have once they pass on.

Pets in the Wild Photography

Heather Schor is the owner and head photographer of Pets in the Wild Photography. Aside from professional photography, Heather has experience in the PR industry, so she definitely has the vision for photos that will make your pet shine. In addition, Heather has cats and dogs of her own, so she knows the unparalleled joy of having professional photos of your special furry friends with you.

Heather’s process for all pet portrait sessions starts with a pre-session brainstorm. She wants to know your ideas, special requests, and anything you have to give her a heads-up about your pet. For cat owners, she can share helpful tips to relax your pet before the session. During the photoshoot, Heather will try to capture as many of your pre-session ideas as possible, but above all, you’ll have fun making new memories together.

Susie Hosterman Design and Photography

Susie Hosterman is the all-around artist extraordinaire behind Susie Hosterman Design and Photography: graphic designer, fine artist, passionate photographer, and animal lover! Susie has over 16 years of professional photography experience, and uses her graphic design and fine art skills to enrich the photography services she offers her clients.

For pet photography, Susie has experience photographing primarily dogs, but also other pets like cats and fish! Susie’s pet photography style is definitely very laidback and candid, so that she can capture your pet at their most genuine. Years from now, you’ll look back on these photographs like they were taken just yesterday, and remember your pet fondly in their most natural moments.

Heather Tabacchi Photography

Heather Tabacchi is the owner and lead photographer of Heather Tabacchi Photography. Heather is one of the leading couture portrait photographers in Pittsburgh. Heather and her team specialize in luxe, couture portraiture sessions that bring glamour and high fashion style to your portraits—even your pets.

Heather encourages owners to join in the portrait session with their pets, and to have a blast as she transforms you both into stunning, fine art versions of yourselves through her portraits. Heather is adept at putting both pets and humans at ease: cats become a hundredfold more regal, and dogs become stately, gorgeous companions in your couture portraits together.

Pittsburgh Pet Photographer

Charlene is the owner and head photographer of Pittsburgh Pet Photographer. She is a self-taught photographer who later on received her Certified Professional Photographer certification back in 2015. Charlene specializes in pet photography, and she loves creating unique portraits of your special furry family members, the same way she loves to photograph her own pets.

Charlene’s photography style is effortless and lifestyle; she’ll meet your dog or cat where they are, prioritizing their comfort and happiness above everything. She loves to get to know them throughout the session, so that she can best capture their personalities and let them shine through.

Amy Cap Photography

Amy Cap is the owner and head photographer of Amy Cap Photography. Amy has over seven years of experience in professional photography, and offers different types of portrait sessions: children, maternity, and of course, pets.

Pet photography is popular with many of Amy’s clients, and she has created a system around the vibe and vision of the client. For lifestyle and candid photography, Amy recommends that the sessions are done in the comfort of your own home, where your pet can be comfortable and be themselves. For fine art portraits, sessions are held in-studio, where Amy and her team will put together a set and props to help bring your artistic vision to life.

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