Best Pet Photographers in Omaha, NE

Family portraits are a very special way to preserve your memories and create keepsakes to last a lifetime. And when we talk about family, it's not just the kids and the parents—a huge part of our lives are our furry, feathery, hairy, even scaly family members: our pets. We believe pets are just as special and deserving of a spot on the family photo wall.

The right kind of photographer for the job is one that knows how to deal with the uniqueness of animals. No two pets and personalities are alike, so it requires a great deal of creativity on the part of the photographer to capture that perfect shot. Omaha is full of pets and thus pet photo artists as well.

If you're not quite sure where to start, we've got just the list for you. Check out our top picks for the best pet photographers in Omaha, NE, below.

Laura Sheree Photography

Laura White is the pet mom and pet photographer behind Laura Sheree Photography. As a dog lover herself, Laura has branched out her photography offerings to include pet portraits, giving every pup the chance to be a studio star for a day.

Pet portraits with Laura can be taken either in-studio, which gives a deluxe, premium feel to your star pooch's portraits; or outdoors, where they're free to run around and be their joyful selves. Even while in-studio, Laura's photography is very candid and laidback, allowing your pets to shine.

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ARSAR Photography

Sara is the passionate photographer and founder of ARSAR Photography. With pets of her own, Sara knows exactly how challenging it can be to take the perfect pet portrait—which is why she never goes for "perfect," but for authenticity. Sara believes that the best pet portraits come from a day of adventure, fun, and treats.

Sara's photography style is flexible depending on your needs for the portraits. While her candid, outdoor portraits are extremely popular, she also shoots commercial and event pet photography. No matter the need, you can count on Sara to get down and dirty with her camera to deliver memorable portraits of your pet.

Dogtography by Kala Howard

Kala has been a dog lover for as long as she can remember—in fact, her earliest memories are of their family dogs. When she received her first camera as a kid, she practiced her photography skills by taking numerous photos of their dogs. Since then, she's never been without either.

"Dogtography" is Kala's realization of her lifelong passions: experiencing the color and joy dogs bring into our lives, and photography. For your pet portraits with Kala, you have the option of choosing your preferred location to best keep your pup at ease. Aside from dogs, she also loves photographing other furry and feathered friends like cats and birds, so everyone has a chance to shine.

Lori Black Photography

Lori Black is the animal lover behind the lens of Lori Black Photography. She's a big advocate for getting professional photos of your pets done, because she recognizes that their times with us are too painfully short. Professional photos honor them in a way that is special and memorable, as any family member deserves.

Because Lori has her own pets, she knows how to work with animals at a pace that keeps them comfortable while still being able to get the shots that best reflect their uniqueness. Lori has experience photographing both cats and dogs, and sessions can also be done on-location to further the pet's comfort while she gets her shots in.

Always and Furever Photography

One of Laura's reasons for starting Always and Furever Photography is seeing how quickly her own fur babies grow. Her German Shepherd, Bella, was growing out of puppyhood so quickly and she wanted to capture every moment—quickly realizing that many other pet parents out there want to do the same.

Laura shoots portraits, events, and even themed shoots with your pets. She wants to make sure you are able to preserve these precious memories "furever." Her style is highly adaptable, from fun studio shoots to adventure-filled outdoor sessions, Laura is sure to find the best way to showcase your pet.

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