For many people, pets are important members of the family, providing unconditional love, endless entertainment, and often, unmatched companionship.

Pet photographers specialize in freezing this special bond in time while capturing the joy that animals bring to our lives. Here's a list of some of the best pet photographers in New Orleans, all experts in working with animals and delivering one-of-a-kind images that convey your pet's unique personality.

Andrew Simoneaux

Puppy curled up on the couch by Andrew Simoneaux

Andrew enjoys telling stories through his photography, and he does this well – each photograph captures the atmosphere and energy of the moment. In his work you can see New Orleans, its citizens – human and animal – in all their glory, but Andrew is also available for travel worldwide.

He captures an amazing variety of subjects. Besides pets, we can also find weddings, portraits, and landscapes, and he also shoots commercial photography, as well as different types of events, including sporting and music ones.

Stacey Warnke Photography

A portrait of Phineas the beagle by Stacey Warnke Photography

When he was seven years old, Stacey got a camera from his father and they would often take photos together, which instilled the love of photography in Stacey that lasts to this day. He likes to photographs plenty of different things, but his favorites are definitely pets, especially when they are at their most relaxed and comfortable.

His in-studio package includes the sitting fee, a link to a private online gallery and a disc which contains the photos from the session. In the Party Animal Portrait Package about twenty five portraits will be taken and you get the disc with all of the photographs. He also offers off-site photography sessions.

Sophia Germer Photography

An action shot of a dog eating lamb chops by Sophia Germer Photography

Sophia is a photojournalist and visual artist whose work has been exhibited in a great number of places, from New Orleans and Baton Rouge to San Francisco and all the way in Vienna. She is an award-winning photographer who has a degree in the field as well as years of experience working on different projects.

Besides pets and animals, she also does portrait photography, takes photos of events, and also immortalizes the incredible stories we usually overlook, but can always find all around us.

Portraits by Amber

A green-eyed cat by Portraits by Amber

Amber believes that unpredictable situations and moments make some of the best images. This applies to people but even more so to our pets, as some of the best photographs of them are when they are being curious, exploring, or are being playful in front of the camera which Amber is excellent at capturing.

You can choose from different sessions, depending on your budget and time you want to spend. What matters is you will get images that will save those precious moments with your pets forever.

WildHeart Family Pet Portraits

A hedgehog being held by WildHeart Family Pet Portraits

Simple and easy is what best describes the process of booking a session with WildHeart Family Pet Portraits.

You will have a consultation before your session so you and your pets can get acquainted with your photographer. The session will take place at your home so your pets will be perfectly comfortable, and you will get both photos with you and your pets as well as your pets on their own. At the end, your custom artwork will be installed by professionals so you can admire and cherish it right away. A percentage of sales goes to TNR efforts, animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitations that help animals in need.

Jessica Bachmann Photography

Dog between two children by Jessica Bachmann Photography

A family consists of many important moments and members, and Jessica loves capturing all of them in her photography. Weddings, children and seniors, adults, moms and babies – and pets.

Jessica works on location and she also loves to travel to photograph. Besides the portrait session for your beloved pet, there are more than just a few products you can purchase: prints, wall portraits, albums, and digital images.

Cg Pawtography

Hedgehog in a cup by Cg Pawtography

While she loves all types of photography, what Carla loves the most is taking photos of pets, whether they’re furry, scaly or feathery. She is great with animals and will make sure your pets feel comfortable so she can capture them at their best.

Carla offers sessions of different lengths, so you can choose one depending on how much time you have and what amount of money you want to spend.

RDR Photography

A puppy in a basket by RDR Photography

A very versatile photographer, Rokisha Roussell takes photographs from many categories. Moms-to-be, lovely portraits of both adults and children, product photography and, of course, pets. She is always full of ideas and likes to make her sessions fun so both you and your pet are sure to have a great time.

Rokisha offers three types of sessions for pets. They vary in lengths as well as in price and the number of edited photos that you will get in the end. You can also purchase prints in many different sizes.

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