Our pets are companions for life. But, they’re not just a cat, dog, or even a horse; each is unique, with their own personalities and quirks. A pet portrait is a great way to honor your pet’s individuality and creates a beautiful keepsake for the years to come.

It takes a special kind of person to capture the soul and essence of your pet in a photo. To help you connect with your perfect match, we’ve put together a list rounding up the most talented pet photographers in Minneapolis.

Sarah Beth Photography

A white puppy sits among violet flowers, looking off-camera to the right (Sara Beth Photography)
A white puppy sits among violet flowers, looking off-camera to the right [Sara Beth Photography]

Sarah Beth is the animal lover behind the lens at Sara Beth photography. She has been a professional photographer for 14 years but an animal lover and artist for even longer (her entire life!), which shows in the patience and grace with which she photographs your pet. Sarah shoots both in-studio and on-location, and also offers a combination package shoot. She has experience photographing cats, dogs, horses, birds, and other exotic pets.

Sarah also offers her signature Joy Session®, a special type of session for pets nearing end-of-life. Sarah always does her best to accommodate bookings for a Joy Session®. She believes that these photographs are more than just images; they are cherished celebrations of the lifetime of love between you and your pet.

Karin Newstrom Photography

Two shih tzu puppies pose atop a white lawn chair; a greyish puppy on the left, and a white puppy on the right
Two Shih Tzu puppies pose atop a white lawn chair; a greyish puppy on the left, and a white puppy on the right [Karin Newstrom]

Karin is a photographer and designer that specializes in pet photography. Ajax, Henry, and Barney, her three rescued pups, serve as the canine ambassadors for her website and studio. She has experience photographing dogs, cats, and even horses. Karin also offers a special reduced rate for sessions with seniors and terminally-ill pets.

Shooting locations may vary according to you, the pet owner. You have the option of requesting to shoot on-location, at home, or wherever your pet is most at ease. You can be assured that Karin can match your pet’s energy and capture the fleeting, precious moments of their personality!

KME Photography

A black poodle wears a white bow tie and stands in between newlyweds; the groom is on the left, the bride is on the right, and they are holding hands
A black poodle wears a white bow tie and stands in between newlyweds holding hands [KME Photography]

KME Photography is run by Kirsten, a professional photographer with more than a decade of experience. Kirsten can be booked for pet portrait sessions as well as family portrait sessions. She loves photographing families with their pets and believes that including them always makes any family portrait session better!

Kirsten also offers Sunset Sessions, a reduced rate session for terminally ill or elderly pets nearing the end of life. Sunset Session photos are a beautiful way of preserving your relationship with your pet while they are still feeling at their best.

Patrick Nau Photography

A small white kitten sits peacefully between two large white dogs; the photo is shot in a studio with a soft grey backgroun
A studio portrait of a young white cat sitting peacefully between two large white dogs [Patrick Nau Photography]

Patrick is passionate about creating portraits of your pets that you will treasure for a lifetime. With over 30 years of experience honing his portrait and pet photography skills, Patrick has developed unique methods to photograph all pet personalities–from the hyperactive to the uncooperatively shy!

Patrick’s studio is meticulously set up with custom studio lighting and equipment, which ensures he captures your pets in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. Pet owners will be happy to know that Patrick can work with you to choose portrait options that fit your budget and style.

Tangerine House of Design

A Pitbull dons a white ruffled Victorian collar in a lavishly-designed studio portrait [Tangerine House of Design]

Lisa Asp, the owner of Tangerine House of Design, has over 20 years of professional experience photographing pets and people. Lisa specializes in photographing dogs, but has also had great success with cats. While dogs are usually comfortable being photographed in her studio, Lisa typically recommends in-home sessions for cats (with lights and backdrops provided).

Lisa offers complimentary design consultations to interested pet owners. She works with you to achieve the mood and theme you want to showcase in your pet’s portraits. With great attention to detail, you’re sure to come home with beautiful pictures fit for a gallery!

K Schulz Photography

A Maine Coon kitten sits on top of a chair, smiling at the camera with its bright eyes [K Schulz Photography]

Kelly is the heart and soul behind K Schulz Photography. She has extensive experience photographing all kinds of pets: cats, dogs, hedgehogs, donkeys, birds, and more. Sessions with Kelly are highly personalized, with all details discussed in consultations before and after booking with her.

When she isn’t behind the lens, Kelly volunteers at animal shelters or explores the National Parks of the US with her husband. Aside from pet photography, she also shoots weddings and elopements (sometimes including the pets!), highlighting the beauty of love in every photograph.

KrisKreativ Photography

A Russian Blue cat looks up at the camera with its big green eyes; the cat is lounging on a cream-colored sofa, with a teal pillow in the background
A Russian Blue cat lounges on a cream-colored sofa and looks up at the camera with its big green eyes [KrisKreativ Photography]

Kris is the head of KrisKreativ Photography. She has a background in graphic design and worked as a designer before delving into photography. Kris is exceptionally skilled at capturing a cat’s spirit through her photographs, and volunteers at local cat rescues because of this.

Pet photo sessions with Kris take place on-location, whether in your home or your pet’s favorite park. Patience is key to getting the perfect shot; Kris believes in getting your pet happy and comfortable so that they shine through the photographs!

Kathy Van Guilder Photography

A British Blue kitten pounces playfully at a spot on the floor
A studio portrait of a British Blue kitten pouncing playfully at a spot on the floor [Kathy Van Guilder Photography]

Kathy has been a portrait photographer for over a decade, specializing in pet photography and family portraiture. As an animal communicator, Kathy develops a unique connection with your pet throughout the photo session. Through this bond, she’s able to bring out your pet’s playful spirit and capture them for a timeless keepsake.

Pet sessions can be done in an outdoor location or their pet-friendly studio. Kathy discusses with you beforehand what kind of look and feel you would like for the portraits, making sure your vision resonates in the photos of your beloved pet.

Living Photography

A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy sits in a patch of brown and orange autumn leaves, tilting his head and smiling at the camera with his tongue out
A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy sits in a patch of brown and orange autumn leaves, tilting his head and smiling at the camera with his tongue out [Living Photography]

Olivia is the dog-loving photographer of Living Photography. A lifestyle, wedding, and pet photographer, Olivia exudes playfulness behind the lens. As a pet photographer, she specializes in working with dogs and pups to create the perfect portrait for their families.

Olivia’s shooting style is relaxed and comfortable, with a natural air of warmth that comes through every photo. She strives to capture both posed and unposed photographs of your pet, ensuring you can preserve every facet of their furry personality for years to come!

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