Top Pet Photographers in Memphis, TN

Pet owners are known to go to any lengths to make their pets happy. They are also known to be a sentimental lot. The lifespan of our pets necessitates we photograph them for posterity, preserving their memories for all time.

And what better way to do that but a portrait session specially designed for these bundles of joy? In the birthplace of rock n' roll, there are plenty to choose from. If you are ready to hire from among the best pet photographers in Memphis, TN we have shortlisted some top talent in the city.

Sandra Ferguson Pet Photography

With more than 15 years of experience as a pet photographer, Sandra is your go-to photographer if you want an exceptional photo of your pet. She is a PPA (Professional Photographers of America) photographer, a lifetime pet owner, and has extensive animal handling experience.

A volunteer photographer at Tipton County Paws & Claws and Woof River Animal Rescue, she considers helping animals to be a top priority. An endearing love for pets led her to becoming a pet photographer in the first place. Sandra has an incredible talent to make your pets comfortable in front of the camera; she promises to get the best out of them every time she takes on an assignment.

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Phillip Van Zandt Photography

Philip is a professional pet photographer from Memphis who owns his own studio. He's been awarded many accolades and awards over the years including the “Best pet photographer” in Bluff City Bark's Reader's Choice Awards.

Philip has always been a pet owner, practically growing up with dogs around him at all times. The experience of working as a volunteer photographer at the Humane Society of Memphis and in Shelby County helped him learn about the emotions and body language of dogs in detail. Philip stands now as an expert dog photographer.

Damon Hill Photography & Art

Damon Hill is the founder of Damon Hill Photography & Art. Raised in the Midsouth, Damon has been hooked to the art of photography from an early age. He was also drawn to visual art which then bloomed into a passion for photography & film.

Working across several genres as a photographer, Damon is drawn to pets most of all. Based out of Memphis, he routinely travels across the US for commissioned works. You can hire him today for any of your pet photography requirements.

Memphis Mutts Pet Photography

Memphis Mutts Pet Photography is based in Memphis and they offer their services exclusively for pet owners residing in the Memphis area.

Their pet portrait sessions are exclusively dedicated to befriending and snapping pics of your furry friends. Apart from dogs, the team at Memphis Mutts also photograph other pets including horses. They prefer shooting with natural light and insist all sessions be scheduled during daylight hours, preferably even the golden hour – for the absolute best shots of your best friend(s).

Jack Kenner Photographer

Jack Kenner is the camera eye behind his very own Memphis studio. He photographs pets in order to discover their personality, their story. Jack lost his voice due to a vocal cord condition and forged a special connection with animals as a result.

An expert of lighting ratios and digital photography techniques, Jack is natural with pets of all shapes and sizes. His portfolio is full of beautiful portraits of furry models. He can work with your pets in a studio environment, or elsewhere - it is your call.

T Clifton Art

T Clifton Art is a Memphis-based pet photography and framing company. They offer pet photography services for all types of animal, not just cats and dogs. Conveniently, you can request framing services to get your favorite pet portraits ready to hang on a wall in your home.

A member of the Memphis art community for well over three decades, lead photographer Tom is a self-taught artist. His keen interests in the art of pet photography and the art of framing finished photos led him to founding his successful studio.

Teresa Daniel Photography

Teresa Daniel is a Memphis mom-to-be, pet photographer, and blogger all rolled into one. She loves photography – especially the act of capturing cute furry bundles of joy in memorable portrait images.

Based out of Memphis, she enjoys working on all photography genres. Pet photography, however, is something that comes to Teresa most naturally. Being a dog mom herself helps her to understand the psyche of dogs. She'll work hard to get you and your furry friend the shots you need for your gallery.

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