Time flies with our pets, which is why we always recommend capturing your time together with a professional pet photographer. In London, you’ll find no shortage of great photographers excited to meet you and your pet during your shoot. Whether you have a cat, dog, horse, or another type of pet, all are the perfect subjects for a photography shoot.

Today we're going to share 10 of the top pet photographers in London. They all specialise in working with animals and will be delighted to meet your furry friend during your time together.

Ready to start your search for pet videographers in London? Check out this list of some of the city's artistic talent to find the best match for your shoot.

Pawshot London

Pawshot London is a London-based pet photography company with a studio based in NW2. Each session will last between 45 minutes and two hours, which will give you more than enough time to capture fun shots of you and your pet.

If you don’t fancy bringing your dog to the studio, they will also visit you at home. They are happy to visit any location within London M25, including your favourite park or your garden.

E5 Dog Photography

E5 Dog Photography offers a wide range of packages to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to take images for your family’s collection or for your upcoming business promotion, they'll be the perfect partner for this project.

The E5 team aims to make every shoot a fun experience for you and your dog. You'll create happy memories together while creating pieces of artwork you can cherish for many years.

The Highgate Dog Photographer

Suzi is the photographer behind The Highgate Dog Photographer. She is a specialist dog photographer who creates modern and striking portraits of dogs with their owners, posed or in action.

On top of family photography, she provides images for leading brands who are looking for images of dogs for their marketing materials. Suzi will work with you to understand your vision for your advertising campaigns and bring it to life through the power of her camera.

StayStill Pet Photography

StayStill Pet Photography is passionate about capturing animals of any type. They believe that no pet is too big or too small to have a portrait taken, and they will work with you to showcase your pet’s personality.

Each of the StayStill team's images is bold and colourful. Overview their portfolio and see pet portraits ideal for adding to your living room wall or social media accounts. They offer a range of packages and will work with you on location or at the studio to suit your preferences.

Bridget Davey Photography

Bridget offers pet photography services in London and the surrounding area. She loves going on adventures with her own pets and knows how precious your time together is.

Bridget is known for her care and patience when working with any breed of dog. She’ll be excited to meet you and your pet and get to know you both during your time working together.

Tale of Kind Photography

Tale of Kind Photography is owned by a passionate animal lover who has a dog herself. She has many years of experience working with animals and loves getting to know the owners and pets she works with.

During your time together, she’ll collaborate with you to ensure that you get every shot you are after. Tale of Kind is known for patience and kindness and is always praised for the incredible results that are created for clients.

Bone Idol Dog Photography

Yvonne is the owner and chief photographer behind Bone Idol Dog Photography. She has been a professional photographer for over ten years and has loved dogs for all of her life.

Thanks to her experience as a pet owner herself, she is great at working with dogs of any breed. Even the most stubborn dogs will receive incredible photos at the end of each session. Working with Yvonne means collaborating with a true pro.

Paws In Action

Paws in Action offers professional puppy and dog photography in London and the southeast of England. Their aim is to capture natural and beautiful images that showcase their personality.

They enjoy working outdoors in your favourite park or garden, where your dog can enjoy exploring on the grass and creating natural images that you’ll love sharing with friends and family.

Lapdog Photo Productions

Dana is the owner and chief photographer at Lapdog Photo Productions. She studied at London South Bank University, where she received a degree in Digital Photography. She started her own photography studio in order to share her skills with the world – and with man's best friend.

During her career, Dana has worked on a wide variety of events, but her love of animals always shines through. She loves creating images of pets and families, working on outdoor shoots with dogs and animals of all kinds.

Ginger Photography

Paul is the owner of Ginger Photography and offers a wide range of animal and pet photography services. He is passionate about working with animals; plenty of patience goes into creating the great results for every session.

With many years of experience in the industry, you’ll find that Paul is great at working with animals of all types and all breeds. Contact him today and he will recommend the best location for your next shoot together.

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