Best Pet Photographers in Indianapolis

Pets are part of the family and deserve amazing portraits to decorate your home or share on social media. If you’re looking for high-quality pet pictures in Indianapolis, several talented photographers are pet-friendly and welcome photo shoots of your furry friends.

Browse this list of some of the top pet photographers in Indianapolis to find the best fit for your photo shoot.

Furtography Studio

Show off your pet’s beauty with a photo session at Furtography Studio. With each photoshoot tailored to each pet, every image uniquely showcases your pet.

Furtography Studio was established by Marissa, the lead photographer, and self-proclaimed "pet mom." Her love of animals is what drives her passion for photography. She also donates a portion of her proceeds from each shoot to animal rescue organizations.

Each session starts with a consultation for Marissa to get to know your pet. Understanding its personality is the best way to know how to photograph your pet during the photo shoot. Whether your pet enjoys running around and playing or lounging around, they can be themselves, and Marissa will take pictures that reflect it.

Clients have several ways to customize their shoot in the studio with Marissa. She offers different background options and print options after the shoot.

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Smiling Dog Photography

With over 25 years of experience and the winner of best pet photography in Indy for multiple years, Smiling Dog Photography has built a reputation for capturing amazing pet pictures. You’ll work with a team of pet lovers who happen to be leaders in the industry behind the camera.

Smiling Dog Photography fulfills a gap in the local market by providing affordable pet photography services. Multiple pets are more than welcome, and clients even save thanks to on-location shooting. Smiling Dog Photography works with pets either at home or outdoors at a park of your choice.

Shooting in a familiar setting is excellent when working with pets that sometimes requires a lot of patience to get the right shots. Smiling Dog Photography loves testing new photo techniques and editing to continue to deliver excellent pictures of your pet.

Catch! Pet Photography

Pet and photography lovers Kelsey and Mallory partnered together to form Catch! Pet Photography. Their company is one of the most creative pet photography companies in Indianapolis, specializing in dogs and cats for commercial shoots.

You’ll immediately feel the fun and excitement of each photo shoot by Catch! Pet Photography when reviewing its portfolio. Pets have never looked happier, and the company loves to make the session fun for the pets.

Catch! Pet Photography is the brainchild of two talented individuals who happen to love working with pets. Kelsey is the creative mind behind many commercial shoots, and Mallory handles a lot of the technical details to ensure shoots run smoothly and provide prints.

Pet portraits shot by Catch! Pet Photography have appeared in campaigns with Animal Planet, Petco, and Chewy.

Ellie Sophia

Delight your pet with a luxury photoshoot by Ellie Sophia. She brings out the elegant side of each pet she works with by her fine art shooting style. Her pet portraits are artwork for the home.

Ellie Sophia’s first experience as a photographer began as a young girl but didn’t return to the craft until decades later after determining it was a true passion that she couldn’t deny. The decision to begin pet photography has proven beneficial as her real skill in the field is evident every time she picks up a camera.

Clients can work with Ellie Sophia in her conveniently located studio in Downtown Indianapolis. She provides a luxury setting with props and backgrounds that transform regular images into works of art.

Additionally, she organizes art shows throughout the year to showcase the best of her pet photographs.

Day in Life Photography

Pets can be themselves during a pet photoshoot with Day in Life Photography and trust that they will capture all of the best moments. It’s one of the top Indianapolis pet photographers for anything from candid pet photography shots to pet portraits,

Day in Life Photography’s specialty is capturing those special moments of your pet—even if it’s just a regular day in their lives. A photographer arrives on location where you’re free to let your pet run wild, set them up for a pose, or even join in the pictures with them. Day in Life Photography is flexible to accommodate any kind of shoot you need.

If you have a special event coming up, Day in Life Photography has photographed numerous themed photo shoots with pets for holidays like Christmas or the 4th of July.

Lupine Lens

Every moment with your pet is special, and Holly Hospel wants to capture those memories so that you can cherish them forever. Her company, Lupine Lens, specializes in pet photography.

Every time you look at a picture shot by Holly, it tells a story of a particular moment in time. So, whether you’re enjoying a day outdoors playing with your pet or catching them off-guard for a candid portrait that highlights their natural beauty, you’ll love every photo and want to share them with everyone.

All pets are photogenic when working with Holly. She makes the session fun for your pets, all while snapping photos of the experience. You’ll quickly realize why her high-quality pictures are worth the investment instead of standard cell phone images.

Indy Canine & Co.

Your pet is always in good hands when you trust them with Indy Canine & Co. Founded by Kegan Beckett, he offers full-service pet care, which includes pet photography services. Your pet will be happy when hanging out with Kegan, resulting in spectacular pictures of them during the session.

Indy Canine & Co. is a certified company for pet care. Kegan has a unique approach to pet photography by arranging a play day with your pet and brings his camera along to capture them in their most joyous moments.

Kegan also has a great time meeting and interacting with pets. He schedules a meet and greet with your pet to get to know them before arranging the playdate photo shoot. He calls himself the "puparazzi" that always snaps great photos.

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