If you live on the sunny and sandy coast with a furry friend or two, chances are you’ve got tons of photos of them frolicking around on the shore, chasing some birds, hanging out in a nearby pet-friendly nook, and more. Or maybe, you and your fur friend are the types to enjoy the sun from a warm, comfy spot at home—like a favorite bed, a couch, or the balcony. Wherever you choose, you and your pet can enjoy the best of what Daytona Beach has to offer.

Pet photography might sound extravagant to some, but what better way is there to preserve the best memories of you and your pet during their sunshine years? You might be surprised at just how big of a difference it makes having a professional take your photos. Their professional eye will help your photos truly become treasures you keep and display, and not just hidden in your phone camera roll.

Ready to take the leap? Start by finding your perfect pet photographer match by going through our list of the most awesome pet photographers in Daytona Beach, FL.

Angie Kerins Photography

Two dogs play on the beach at sunset [Angie Kerins Photography]

Angie Kerins is the owner and photographer of Angie Kerins Photography. A Florida native, Angie has always stuck close to the sunny coast of her hometown. Seeing all the fun it had to offer her beloved labrador Latte when he was still around made her realize how important it is to preserve those memories of your pet for the future.

Angie is very flexible in terms of her full photo sessions with pups. She will shoot on location, wherever is most comfortable for you and your pet, and even encourages human family members to join in. Angie also offers Bridge Sessions for terminal pets; she believes it’s never too late to capture a few more memories to remember our furry loved ones by.

Marcie Fry Photography

Eight labrador puppies peep out from the carriage of a green pickup truck [Marcie Fry Photography]

Marcie Fry founded and is the head photographer for this studio in Daytona Beach. Marcie has over a decade of experience as a professional photographer, and always has a camera in hand, for humans or canines alike.

Aside from photography, Marcie’s other love in life are dogs. She loves photographing these canine companions, and specializing in dog photography brings her so much joy. That joy shows in every photograph she takes.

Marcie custom-designs every pet photo session for her clients, shooting everything from dogs in action, to senior furry loves, and even puppy portrait sessions.

Mark J. Barrett Photography

A brown-and-white young foal and a grey-brown giant rabbit are nose-to-nose on fluffy, bright green grass [Mark J. Barrett Photography]

Mark J. Barrett is the owner and founder of this studio. Mark has been a professional photographer for many years—his work has garnered numerous awards and has been featured in twice as many books, magazines, publications, and the like.

Mark’s specialty, and what he is most known for, is artistic equine photography. His photography has the distinct quality of showing horses in all their majesty, and yet still with a touch of romance and even fun. Aside from horses, Mark and Jackie also photograph other kinds of pets, big and small.

Steve Bedell Photography

A painting-like rendering of a dog portrait; a labrador lounges in a red chair, cozy by a fireplace [Steve Bedell Photography]

Steve Bedell is a veteran photographer; he has earned his Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees, and has over 35 years of experience in nearly every photography niche you can think of.

Steve’s pet photography is a cut above the rest with its pensive, intimate style. His in-studio portraits show a calm, reflective side of the pet, which allows you to really focus on your pet’s eyes, and almost gaze into their soul. With Steve’s careful expertise, your pet portraits will be masterpieces worthy of display in your home.

Playful Paws Photography

A fluffy black cat with emerald-green eyes stares wide-eyed and alert at the camera as she sits on a wooden chair [Playful Paws Photography]

Jill Furlong is the fun-loving founder and photographer of Playful Paws Photography. Jill’s photography career was a life-changing decision she made after 25 years in the IT industry; which proves it’s never too late to dive right into whatever you’re passionate about.

For Jill, that passion is photographing the heart and soul of your pets. As a pet parent herself, Jill knows all too well how much joy our pets bring into our lives, and that’s something we want to treasure forever.

Jill’s pet portrait sessions are fun, go-wild sessions—they’re more an excuse to play dress up and gorge on treats more than anything. Trust that she will be right there to capture great day you and your dog, cat, rabbit, and everything else in between, will have during the photoshoot.

shannon jax productions

A cream-coloured cat with only one blue eye sticks its pink little tongue out as it faces the camera [shannon jax productions]

shannon jax productions was founded by the artist-photographer Shannon Jackson. She's a passionate artist who feels deeply; in that, her emotions and sensitivity to the world often inspire her incredible photography and artistic exploration.

Apart from art, Shannon is also an avid volunteer for animal rescues and shelters. Her incredible pet portrait photography has helped countless rescues find their way to their fur-ever homes. Shannon sees the beauty in the unusual and mundane, and she highlights that so skillfully in each of her portraits. Every pet deserves to be seen in their whole beauty, and Shannon’s portraits are sure to do just that.

VP Shoots Photography

A mottled puppy lays his head into a fluffy teal blanket; his big ears and puppy eyes peek out, looking right at the camera [VP Shoots Photography]

Linda Perdue and Jim Vargas are the owners and photographers of VP Shoots Photography. Linda and Jim made the switch to professional photography after more than 30 years in the corporate world—they were inspired by their rescue dog Dolly and her pup playmates. Capturing Dolly’s zeal and love for the world is what made this pair want to pursue this beautiful profession of preserving memories through photos.

As dedicated pet photographers, Linda and Jim have had several years of incredible experience photographing dogs, cats, and even their families. They prefer a more lifestyle, in-action style of photography (especially for dogs playing in the park) but can also produce stunning studio photography of your pets. It all depends on what you and your furry family member are most comfortable with, and how you’d like the session to look.

Stephaniellen Photography

Two puppies chase each other in a field; the leading puppy wears a bright red scarf and his floppy ears have been carried up by the wind [Stephaniellen Photography]

Stephanie Hayes is the owner and photographer of Stephaniellen Photography. She's been a professional photographer for more than a decade, shooting a wide range of photography styles from events, portraits, and of course, pet photography.

Stephanie’s pet portrait sessions are dynamic photoshoots that can be held on-location or in the comfort of your own home, with the help of her “travelling studio.”

Stephanie loves to capture the goofy, fun side of your pets—whether that’s them running through the park, posing as an elf and wrapped in green tinsel, or stalking their favourite feather toy in front of the lens. Her photos are sure to become incredible keepsakes for the whole family.

Anjula Smith Photography

A delightfully-round orange-and-white hamster faces the camera head-on as it munches away on a small little snack in between its paws [Anjula Smith Photography]

Anjula Smith is the owner and head photographer of Anjula Smith Photography. Anjula is primarily a wildlife and nature photographer, as well as a pet photographer. What inspired Anjula to become a pet photographer was her first rescue dog, Ginger; realising that our beloved pets only have so much time with us, Anjula set out to preserve as many beautiful memories as possible, and wants to do the same for you and your pet.

Anjula has experience photographing mostly dogs and cats, but can also work with other small exotic pets. Photoshoots can be done on-location, such as in a dog park, beach, or the comfort of your own home; or in her own prestigious photo studio. It all depends on the look and feel you’d like to have for the portraits.

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