Chicago, a.k.a. ‘The Windy City" exudes a fresh atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for having a pet - and also for having your pet photographed.

Chicago boasts a very pet-friendly selection of locations, such as its abundance of lakefront parks. Lake Michigan’s beaches make for a beautiful backdrop for a pet photography session. Or, scope out one of the city’s many pet-friendly walking trails or dog parks, such as Horner Park.

Hire a pet photographer in Chicago, and you can capture precious moments, action shots, and classic portraits of your four (or more)-legged friends in the city’s best settings.

Whether you prefer an in-house photo shoot, or a multi-stop session, or you’re hoping to work with someone who is a passionate pet advocate, Chicago will have the perfect pet photographer for you.

Cusic Photography

A dog portrait
A dog portrait [Candy Cuscic] 

Cusic Photography offers specialty pet portraits to the Chicago area known as the “Windy Paws” sessions.

The studio partners up with Sydnee’s Pet Grooming, making sure your furry friend is styled just right before their all-star photo session. The portraits they capture allow your pet to shine, to be cherished for decades to come.

Candice Cusic’s exclusive private photo sessions can be turned into amazing wall art. She likes to capture images of pets in motion, ones that demonstrate the quirky sides of their personalities.


A bulldog and woman pose for a portrait shot [Bauwerks Photography]

Bauwerks’ Chicago pet photographers are passionate about providing their clients with incredible pet photos. Located conveniently in Lincoln Park, they capture delightful images of your pets alone or together with you.

Bauwerks is also a staunch supporter of Chicago’s no kill animal shelters, financially and by photographing dogs and cats housed at shelters. From dogs and cats to reptiles and guinea pigs - and even chinchillas - their team will snap photos of your unique pet.

Enlist Bauwerks for your pet photo session and know that you will be supporting a good cause.

Fetch Portraits

A candid shot of a pup relaxing in the grass [Fetch Portraits]

Fetch Portraits serves the Chicago metropolitan area, the suburbs, and even further regions such as within Northwest Indiana. Their beautiful portfolio includes shots of dogs at play and alongside children in urban settings.

Jennifer, the lead photographer at the studio and third generation professional in the business, helps pet rescue by snapping shots of adoptable pets. She also started an app that helps users create brochures for pet adoptions.

Contact Fetch Portraits for quality professional photos catching those memorable, sparkling moments with your furry sidekick.

9 Lives Photography

A portrait of a curious cat [9 Lives Photography]

9 Lives Photography is a Chicago pet photographer focused on felines. A view of their team’s portfolio showcases images in natural light produced with care and love for the animals in the shots.

Ingrid of 9 Lives’ Photography specializes primarily in feline portraiture, but she also captures joy-filled memories of clients’ canine friends as well. She donates her photography services to local shelters in Chicago as well. Ingrid has been featured in Shutterfly, Hauspanther, and Stampington Life Images.

You can approach 9 Lives for commissioned sessions, editorials, and commercial projects. PetGuard, the famed cat food supplier, has made use of Ingrid’s natural talent for seeing cats’ authentic moments through her lens.

Van and Bella’s Pet Photography

Up close portrait of a pup [Van and Bella’s Pet Photography]

Van and Bella’s company has played an active role in helping local animal shelters. They help raise money and provide photography for local animal shelters because they care.

The dynamic photography duo received accolades from Chicago IKEA and were involved in the most recent PAWs ad campaign. They’ve also been involved with the Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park.

Check out Van and Bella for quality high-definition images of your pet. We love their up close and personal style of pet portraiture, with the details of your canine’s face on full display.

Petraits Pet Photography

Portrait of a parrot perched on a branch [Petraits Pet Photography]Image from Petraits Pet Photography’s website

Petraits was founded in 1995, headed by founder Sherri Berliner. Her work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Chicagoland Tails, and on television.

The company captures over a 1,000 pets images a year, including pictures of cats, dogs, rabbits, lizards, bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and even birds. Hire them for studio photography or a house-call. Clients can also have their pet images printed on mugs, magnets, postcards, and more.

Sherri makes efforts to help animals get adopted by photographing them. There is a link on her website to view animals available for adoption in the Chicago area.

Aaron Gang Photography

A dog portrait [Aaron Gang Photography]

Aaron Gang’s pet images exude classiness. He captures the love and joy that can be seen in your four-legged friend’s eyes and always considers clients’ pets as their family members, treating them with love and respect.

The photography experience includes a consultation, photo shoot, ordering session with a slideshow on a big projection screen, and finally pick up. Potential clients can book appointments with ease through his site.

Aaron has received an award for being one of the best portrait photographers in Chicago from Expertise.

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