In pet photography, being technically sound or creative is not quite enough. You need images that reveal the wild energy and distinct personality of your pet.

The talented pet photographers in Charleston have an innate ability to bring out the candid, hilarious, and whimsical moments. They all share a love for animals that is showcased in their portfolios.

Ready to start your search for pet photographers in Charleston? If so, read on to find the best match in the area to take a portrait or two of your best friend(s).

Licked Pet Photography

Dogs’ day out captured in Charleston by Lacey [Licked Pet Photography]

As an owner to half a dozen dogs, some from rescue shelters, Lacey knows her way around pets. A self-professed lover of beautiful things, dogs and photography - in that order - Lacey adds a magical touch to every shot of your furry friend.

As a professional for over 12 years, she brings stylish elements to ordinary pet portraits including bokeh, panoramic modes, and unconventional angles.

If you’re looking for dreamy photographs in-studio, or at a park or beach setting with your dog as the charismatic hero, work with Lacey.

Jeanne Taylor Photography

PlayTime captured in Charleston by Jeanne [Jeanne Taylor Photography]

Jeanne’s first magazine publishing - a photograph of her dog Addie - was the catalyst behind her two-decade journey into pet photography. She regularly volunteers at rescue shelters to photograph pets in the hopes they are soon adopted.

Her affinity for animals of all kinds shows in her striking images. While she does photograph people with their pets, she specializes in artistic and narrative portraits of pets of them free and having fun.

Fully specialized in pet photography, Jeanne’s work reveals her attention to detail and her willingness to wait to capture those fleeting yet unforgettable moments.

Little Brown Nose Studio

Playful Dog captured in Charleston by Amy [Little Brown Nose Studio]

Amy Livingston loves to take amazing pictures of dogs. She enjoys outdoor pet shoots during the bird season most of all, when a dog’s uninhibited enthusiasm and zest for life is shown. She named her studio after her own pair of brown-nosed pups, Merle and Stella.

Amy captures realistic portraits of your pet in natural environments, doing what they are meant to do. Whether you want to capture a lazy stroll on the beach with your pet or them chasing balls and butterflies, Amy will get you the treasured shot.

Do you have a product or brand related to dogs? She can also feature dogs with your product to help your brand’s personality shine through.

Little Runaway Photography

An evening by the waterfront captured in Charleston by [Little Runaway Photography]

Alexandra excels in capturing family life and special events including weddings and elopements. When it comes to pet photos, she loves holiday shoots along with portrait and outdoor styles.  

Alexandra believes that photo sessions aren’t about posing for a perfect picture, but more about creating an experience that you can enjoy and remember for years to come.

This reflects in her gorgeous images that showcase a pet’s distinct personality. Alexandra’s expertise as a photographer helps her journal the emotional bonding and playful connection that exists between owners and pets.

Dana Cubbage Pet Portraits

A sun-dappled golden retriever captured in the weeds by Dana [Dana Cubbage Pet Portraits]

Dana treats her pet clients in the same friendly way she treats their human counterparts. She is happy to catch your pets at home, in familiar surroundings, or at a scenic location she scouts for the session.

Dana meticulously plans and shares the shot details with you to develop images that showcase your pet’s personality.

One thing that stands out about her images is the off-leash effects she creates using lighting and posing techniques. If you’re worried about your pets being on-leash for the shoot, Dana has figured out the best ways to effectively capture your dog’s essence with it on.

Southern Sound Photography

A hound in a stream captured in Charleston by Jessica [Southern Sound Photography]

Jessica is passionate about photographing working dogs. She enjoys capturing the exhilarating movements of hounds during a chase. Equally at ease clicking serene and playful images of house pets and horses in action, Southern Sound studios provides a diverse portfolio of portraits.

While Jessica is based in Charleston, she works with clients in Colombia and Summerville as well. An attention to detail highlighting both the pets and their environment is evident within her photographs.

If you want your dog in the traditional portrait mode or field scenes with your horses and hounds, Jessica manages to portray pets large and small in all their spirited liveliness.

Sarah Mcgraw Photography

A dog jog captured in Charleston by Sarah [Sarah Mcgraw Photography]

A talented portrait and outdoor photographer for pets, Sarah is one of those rare, nomadic creatives who works from her van home while travelling across Carolina.

She wields the camera like an artist and shoots her subjects in imaginative ways. From capturing pets in action, to providing striking headshots and botanical shots, Sarah’s work displays her wide-ranging talents and passions.

She offers on-location and field sessions for families with pets as well as commercial clients who want to feature dogs. A Greenville resident, Sarah has worked with big national and county clients including Dogster Magazine, Society, PetSmart, and Trupanion.

Fia Forever

Small doggy love captured in Charleston by Raheel [Fia Forever]

The best moments in life are sometimes the simplest. Raheel understands this and enjoys revealing the sensitive bond between you and your pets through photography. Along with capturing pet images, he offers family and lifestyle photography as well.

Raheel’s studio and outdoor images are charming, sprinkled with all kinds of creative touches. He uses lighting and shadow, colors and contrasts to great effect.

In a world filled with color photography, we love his moody and striking black-and-white pictures most of all. Raheel’s images can tell the story of your pets, capturing the love you share with them for yourself and others to see.

Chelsea Paige Photography

A corgi seated in the middle of loving parents captured in Charleston by Chelsea [Chelsea Paige Photography]

Chelsea is a wedding and family lifestyle photographer who enjoys shooting candid shots of families alongside their beloved pets. Before every session, she chats with clients to find out more about the relationship they share with their furry friends.

Chelsea draws from her experiences of shooting the special moments between people to create her unforgettable pet images. She is great at styling, uses natural light to positive effect, and always manages to find the right angles to best express the mood of her pet subjects.

Charleston Photo Art

A couple and their duo of dogs under an epic tree captured by Chris [Charleston Photo Art]

Chris is a lifestyle and wedding photographer with a flair for family portraits with pets. He uses an editorial eye to capture authentic moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. His ranging portfolio includes grand vistas and personal portraits of dogs with their owners.

What we love about his pet with family images is the playfulness, joy, and enthusiasm that seems to leap out of every image. He is one of those creatives who can undoubtedly help you capture natural photos of yourself and your doggie enjoying life together.

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