Top Pet Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Loving pet owners are a blessed lot. They enjoy unconditional love, emotional bonding, and happiness through their furry friends. Why not honor them with their own little photo session, beautifully crafted by a real professional? A good photograph helps to keep the memories of your pets alive and well for years and years.

Ready to start your search for pet photographers in Brooklyn, NY? Check out this list of the city’s top talent.

Pet Photography New York

Raya is the face behind Pet Photography New York. Born in Israel and with a passion for photography since she was ten years old, she's the capable lead eye for pet and other photography at her studio.

Raya is an internationally acclaimed and awarded photographer. Her work has taken her across the continents, including France, China, and the USA. She won the prestigious International Fashion Photography Festival in Cannes and has been associated with major publications like Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Dansk, and Cartier.

Pet Photography New York is her pet project (no pun intended), and she derives a lot of gratification from photographing your best friends of all shapes and sizes.

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NYC Pet Photography

Dan’s the face behind NYC Pet Photography. Ever since he was a child he has been with pets of all kinds. He had a bird for a companion when growing up, then had a dog when he was in college, and now owns a Great Dane.

Dan's close association with pets is what gives him the insight and the perspective that is necessary for him to shoot beautiful images of pets. He enjoys what he does and feels that it is the right of every pet owner to have beautiful images of their furry friends as a way to remember them long after they are gone.

Brooke Jacobs Pet Photography

Growing up, Brooke Jacobs had seen his mother run an animal shelter. He has always been around animals since his childhood. It was quite natural when he wanted to combine his two passions and do something that gave him the greatest joy – become a pet photographer.

Brooke loves every minute of being a pet photographer. He loves it when he gets to meet new animals every day and gets to photograph them. But the greatest joy is the smile that he sees on each and every pet owner's face once they see his gallery.

Hilarious Hound

Michelle is the face and the lead photographer at Hilarious Hound. She loves pet photography and takes particular interests in photographing dogs and pigs.

Michele has a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She started as a fashion photographer but quickly found her true calling in a different genre: pets. She always loved dogs and decided to focus her art and career on taking sharp, glorious images of people's furry friends. Today, her studio has carved out a name for itself as one of the best places to get your pets photographed in Brooklyn.

Pets by Petra

Petra is the lead photographer at Pets by Petra. She is a pug mom and an avid animal lover. Pet photos give her great gratification, including the design process underlying them, outdoors or in-studio.

Petra loves experimenting. She will explore new locations with you and try to find the best possible place to shoot your gallery. Petra carries portable lights and uses state of the art equipment with all her client projects.

Kat Ku Modern Pet Photos

Kat loves photography and pets, not necessarily in that order though. Growing up she did not have a lot of interactions with animals. But she was a voracious reader and someone with a lot of imagination. At the back of her mind, she always loved animals and now owns three furry cats and a big appetite for photographing anything that wags its tail and rubs its body against hers.

Kat is incredibly patient when it comes to photographing pets. Above all, as a photographer, she respects the animals and works within their preferences, indoors or out.

Jim Dratfield's Petography

Jim is the face and the lead photographer at Jim Dratfield's Petography. This traveling photographer has worked with famous elite clients such as: Jennifer Aniston, Barbara Walters, and Henry Kissinger.

A highly acclaimed photographer, Jim has been published in the country’s best newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and Access Hollywood. Jim is a busy photographer, too. He frequently travels for his assignments across the country, and is also one of the rare photographers whose work has been showcased at the William Secord Gallery.

Jim's pet photos include horse riding. The photographer especially appreciates being able to meet and greet his client's best friends.

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