Top 10 Pet Photographers in Atlanta

Top 10 Pet Photographers in Atlanta

Pet photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, and pet owners are always looking to capture precious moments with their cats and dogs. Pet photography is a unique service in the photography world. While you may feel like you can take photos of your pet on your phone, it takes a lot of skill to capture unpredictable animals in their best light.

With so many pet owners in Atlanta, the popularity of this service is only continuing to increase. The city is home to dozens of talented photographers, many of whom specialize solely in pet photography.

Regardless of what type of animal you have in your family, you’ll find the perfect pet photographer on our list today to help capture your pet and your family.

Leesia Teh Photography

Leesia Teh's work has appeared in both Country Living and The Bark. As well as photographing pets in Atlanta, she also works with Meow or Never, a non-profit organization looking after stray cats in Atlanta.

Leesia believes pets are part of our family and works to capture photos that owners will enjoy displaying and looking back on for years to come. She has a degree in photojournalism from UGA and is the owner of two rescue dogs and three cats.

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Bark Photography

Anne is the owner of Bark Photography, and she aims to produce strong images and portraits of your animals. She studied at Flagler College and then continued her education at The American College for the Applied Arts in London. Anne has a background in graphic design, which is evident in the photos she creates.

Over the years, Anne has been recognized for her work in Atlanta and has received the Accolade of Photographic Mastery and many other awards. She is used to working with cats, dogs, and people and can incorporate your whole family into your pet photography session in Atlanta.

Mint Creative Co.

Mint Creative Co. offers professional pet photography for your personal use. They also offer business, product, and event photography and work with influencers to create new and engaging content featuring their pets. If your pet is a social media superstar, they even offer all-inclusive recurring content packages.

As well as providing pet photography for individuals, they regularly shoot large events in the Atlanta area. Most recently, they’ve assisted with the Rescue Dog Olympics, Puppyhaven Party for the Paws, and the Puglanta Pugfest.

CM Bryson Photography

Courtney at CM Bryson Photography is a professional pet photographer who works in Atlanta and the surrounding area. She primarily photographs dogs and is a passionate animal lover herself. Living on a farm in Rutledge, she is used to taking care of horses, donkeys, dogs, and cats.

Courtney strives to deliver luxury photos that can be put up as artwork in your home. She is passionate about giving dogs their best experience in life and capturing the connection between a pet and its owner.

Don’t Talk About the Bulldog

Don’t Talk About the Bulldog offers product and lifestyle photography for businesses and individuals in Atlanta. Lindsey creates portraits of dog rescues and family pets. With over a decade of experience within the photo industry, Lindsey draws on her experience and education to create high-quality images of your animals.

Lindsey trained at the Brooks Institute of Photography and now offers a wide range of services in the Atlanta area. She has recently started shooting medium format and works on events throughout the city.

Pendry Photo

Pendry Photo creates artistic photos and will be happy to capture your dog during a photo shoot in Atlanta. He has previously captured large events, and as well as specializing in pet photography, he has also worked on some of the city’s biggest skateboarding events for Red Bull and Transworld.

As well as offering still photography, Pendry Photo can capture your animal on video. This is a great option for anyone looking to memorialize their time with their beloved pet.

Petfolio Animal Photography

Jeannie at Petfolio Animal Photography specializes in black and white and color photography of animals. Based in Atlanta, she trained in photography and fine art at New York University and the Atlanta College of Art. Her photography work has been licensed around the world and is often found on calendars, greeting cards, and journals.

Each private photo session includes a finished portrait, and you can add additional prints and CDs as desired. She also offers gift certificates, which would make a lovely gift for anyone in the Atlanta area.

Heart Spot Pet and Family Portraits

racey Luttgens at Heart Spot Pet and Family Portraits has been working professionally as a photographer since 2000 and previously studied photography, graphic design, and art history. She has always been passionate about animals and volunteered at the Brookfield Zoo before moving to the Atlanta area.

She is a fully certified dog trainer, which is a valuable skill for her pet photography sessions. Thanks to this training, Tracey has an excellent understanding of how to work with dogs in photography sessions to achieve the best results.

Happy Hour Headshots

Happy Hour Headshots are a group of five photographers, one of whom resides in Atlanta. They offer high-quality pet photography and are happy to capture your cat or dog either alone or with your family.

As well as taking your photos, they also offer photo editing and excellent customer support while offering affordable prices. Greta will look after you in Atlanta and offers natural light portrait photography.

Dani Weiss Photography

Dani Weiss has over 30 years of photography experience and knows that good pet photography is the result of hard work and practice. Dani offers clear communication to anyone who works with her and is used to working at busy events and weddings.

She is passionate about pet photography and works by mixing a documentary, journalistic style with a more fashionable and modern aesthetic. Her photography is the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional, so you’ll enjoy looking at your pet’s photos for years to come.

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