Congratulations, you’re engaged, you’ve got a date, a wedding venue and things are really starting to come together! The next step is to share all this information with your loved ones, friends and family. That’s right, it’s time to send out those invitations!

Although invitations are an often overlooked aspect of wedding planning, they’re massively important. It’s the crucial first look that your guests will get of your wedding, your vision for the day and the formality level that you’re looking to bring. This is super important because if you’re having a laid-back wedding and people turn up in really fancy clothing, your wedding guests may feel uncomfortable or overdressed and vice versa for more formal weddings.

Wedding invitations also give a nod towards your chosen wedding theme or aesthetic, letting your guests know what to expect as well as all the logistical details, including where and when your big day is! You want to get these out with as much notice as possible so that your guests can book the time off work and organise accommodation, travel and more.

So, how do you choose your wedding invitations to give the best possible first impression? Let’s find out more.

Colour schemes

First things first, you’re going to want to look at your overall wedding colour scheme. This is the one thing that’s going to unite your whole wedding from the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses to the linens and beyond. It’s what is going to give a sense of cohesion to your entire wedding day.

So, naturally you’re going to want your invitations to include your chosen colour scheme. Whether that’s in a subtle way with watercolour brush strokes or going more bold with punchy patterns and borders, there’s a lot of ways to include your colour scheme in your wedding invitations.

Even if you do want to go bold with your wedding colour scheme, remember to give enough blank space and lighter colours to offer points of difference. Otherwise, you might overload your wedding guests' senses when they receive their invite!


The next decision that your invitation designer is probably going to ask you about is the texture and stock of your invitation. It might sound like an odd question but when you open up an envelope and feel the heavy stock of a wedding invitation, it makes an immediate impression.

Also, it’s worth considering whether you’re going to opt for a more eco-friendly style of wedding invite. A lot of the time, wedding invitations have three or four pieces of card with a return envelope and accompanying advice and information, much of which gets read once and thrown away. Not great for the environment. Many invite companies now offer recycled cards and paper to try and offset the environmental impacts.

Another thing you can think about is additional textures like lace or hessian. If you’re using these kinds of textures in your wedding ceremony or reception decor or table setting, it might be worth integrating them into your wedding invites to give your guests a feel of what’s to come – pun intended!


Although the main point of your wedding invitations is to provide your guests with all the information for the big day, there’s no reason why it cannot look pretty, elegant or quirky as well! One way that you can bring your theme or personality into your wedding invitation design is through motifs.

If you’re having an outdoors, nature themed wedding, why not include images of pressed flowers in your design. Having a Moroccan themed wedding? Perhaps include a recurring pattern that looks like the vibrant tiles in the various Riads and marketplaces around the country. Throwing an art deco era affair? Include some of the gilded curls and geometric shapes that made the era iconic around the edges.

With motifs, you can go as big or as subtle as you’d like and your invitation designer will be able to advise and mock-up designs to help you make the right decision for you and your wedding.

Tying into your overall theme

We’ve mentioned colour schemes, but it’s important that your wedding invitations tie into your overall scheme. For example, if you have a motif of your flowers on your invitations, make sure that they’re the same kind of flower and colour as you’re going to have in your wedding bouquet or floral arrangements.

Similarly, make sure it aligns with your wedding venue style. If you’re having a woodland fairytale wedding, you don’t want a wedding invite that looks like a Downton Abbey inspired 1920s stately home wedding. Keep your concept clear so that your guests know what to expect from your big day.

You’ve got to think of your wedding as one whole event that’s made up of dozens of components that are spread out from the minute you send the save the dates to that final thank you card. Keep it cohesive and it’ll help make all these little decisions a lot easier!

Final tips

Let’s round out this article with some final tips for choosing your wedding invitations.

  • Do your research: check out different wedding magazines, sites, and of course, Pinterest, before you meet with your designer. There are a lot of options and it always helps to come prepared rather than spending the whole appointment flipping through massively different options.
  • Don’t forget to include RSVP deadlines: this is a big one because chances are that your caterers will need to know headcounts and dietary requirements way before the actual wedding day. Make a deadline for your guests and make it at least a month before you need to know so that you have time to chase up any unorganised stragglers!
  • Include a stamped return envelope: if you’re accepting your RSVPs by post then make sure you include a way for your wedding guests to reply. Make it super easy for them and then they won’t forget to send it back! Alternatively, have a dedicated wedding email address for your vendors and guests to send queries and responses to. It keeps everything separated and organised!

Patriotic Bouquet + Matching Wedding Invitations

Designed especially for the 4th of July brides, longtime Burnett’s Boards vendor Lily of Behold Designz has created a wedding-ready and patriotic-perfect invitation infused with red, white and blue!

July 4th wedding invitations from Behold Designz | see more on:
Patriotic bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:

It’s so easy to accidentally tread into tacky territory when planning and designing your Independence Day wedding. By pulling the lavender hues out of the bouquet that Lily was inspired by and using that in the place of a classic American blue, the look of the wedding invitation says ‘red, white and blue’ without going completely overboard. It’s a perfectly elegant, well to celebrate both 4th of July and your nuptials.

July 4th wedding invitations from Behold Designz | see more on:
Patriotic bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:

Credits: Bouquet from Style Me Pretty (second image here), photographed by Mint Photography, designed by The Color Yellow Co + invitation shot by Max Pix Photography.

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