Papilio Wedding Dresses: Old Hollywood-inspired Bridal Styling

Old Hollywood Bridal Glam

One look at the Papilio wedding dresses and we are instantly transported back to the age of classic cinema. Cinematic perfection is the best way to describe the beyond gorgeous bridal looks, and it doesn't end there. Perhaps you have just set your eyes on what could possibly be THE DRESS, but the editorial also presents endless lists of old Hollywood-inspired styling ideas.

Whether a specific silver screen classic is the foundation of your big day or you are simply bouncing off of the old Hollywood glamor to produce your masterpiece; you'll undoubtedly leave a lasting impression sporting any of these looks. Best still, there are selections of styles and silhouettes to choose from ranging from floor-length ruffled looks to short, playful options.

The red carpet at your personal awards ceremony awaits you, and it's worthwhile exploring different ways to best capture the old Hollywood glam.

A Journey Back To The Roaring ‘20s

A conversation about old Hollywood glam isn't complete without mentioning legendary icons like Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Joan Crawford for reference. To take a brief journey back in history, the 1920s provide the best reference.

It was a time when a night at the theater was often crowned by catching a jazz performance at a smoke-filled lounge. Such establishments were decked out with worn leather furniture, soft lighting, red curtains, gold trimmings, and wood-paneled walls.

The audience consisted of sharply dressed men wearing pin-stripped suits and fashion-forward ladies sporting fur and dripping in pearls. That in itself gives a better depiction of what the Old Hollywood glam is all about but for the modern bride, inspiration also comes from styling choices of the ’40s to ‘60s.

Old Hollywood-inspired Bridal Looks

The editorial presents several charming bridal looks reminiscent of everything we love about the classic cinema era. In summary, the wedding ensembles feature luxurious fabrics, form-fitting bodices, and feminine silhouettes, Here's a breakdown of how to decode the old Hollywood glamor and ideas that are worth stealing for your upcoming love-filled production:

Lace, Silk, and Satin Fabrics

Lace, silk, and satin are three distinct fabrics used to tailor the Papilio bridal ensembles as well as old Hollywood wedding dresses in general. What's even more striking is how the different types of lace create dreamy, romantic, and flattering gowns.

The bottom line is that you have endless options when it comes to capturing the timeless old Hollywood charm with your bridal look.  You'll still be in theme whether you rock a dramatic lace gown with ruffles or wear a simple yet chic silk gown.

Flattering and Chic Silhouettes

Most of the Papilio gowns feature mermaid or A-line silhouettes, keeping true to the curve-hugging aesthetic. The fit and flare style with the fitted bodice and flowy skirts creates a look that is flattering on just about any body type. Even the shorter numbers feature loose-fitting silhouettes. Slip silhouettes are also common in the case of silk and satin wedding gowns.

Sultry Necklines

While the editorial presents mostly strapless looks, you are at liberty to choose a gown with a sultry neckline. Think along the lines of plunging necklines, cowl necklines, and draped shawl-style necklines. The strapless gowns also feature variations of necklines. Some have the straight-across look while others feature a sweetheart neckline

Modest high necklines work for the bride who wants to go the conservative route. For the looks with sleeves, deep V-cut backs add some drama to the ensembles. Draped backs are also a common feature on old Hollywood-inspired wedding dresses.

Strapless and short sleeves

The majority of gowns are strapless while some have off-the-shoulder sleeves. For the bride who prefers a bit of conservativeness, embroidered or illusion lace straps are perfect for the look. Juliet-style sleeves or off-the-shoulder puff sleeves are lovely options for the bride who wants longer sleeves perhaps for winter nuptials.

Ruffles, Rushing, and Floral Appliques

Most of the bridal ensembles also feature ruffles, rushing, or floral appliques. These soft details further enhance the feminine charm while doubling up as focal points. Drapery is yet another common '20s-inspired detail seen on silk and satin gowns.

Old Hollywood Glam Accessories

In terms of styling, the editorial best captures the '20s sizzle through the headband accessories. If you want a more dramatic look, wear a gold crown headpiece or a crystal headband featuring leaf motifs. Draped pearls and statement crystal earrings are the best accessories to team up with your old Hollywood-inspired bridal ensemble.

Crystal brooches are also lovely vintage-esque accessories to consider pairing with your classic cinema-inspired ensemble. Feathers accessories are also reminiscent of the '20s to '50s, and you could add them to your bridal ensemble in the form of a brooch or headpiece.

Lace or silk belts are other befitting options if you want to accentuate your waist. If your wedding falls in the chilly months, throw on a vintage-esque fur shrug to keep warm. A caged veil is a wonderful option if you want to wear one.

Old Hollywood-inspired Styling Choices

Vintage updos, the classic Hollywood waves ( also referred to as cascading curls), victory rolls, and pin curls are the perfect hairdos to pair with old Hollywood bridal looks. You can settle for more defined waves or looser curls, depending on how much glam you want to exude. Finger waves work better for brides with short hair.

In terms of the updos, beehives are still a wonderful option and they conjure up the '50s and '60s glam. Victory rolls peaked in the '40s but they still exude the vintage charm that works for the old Hollywood look.

As for the makeup, consider wearing winged eyeliners, soft pink blush, heavy smokey eyes, and red lipstick. Your footwear choices could range from strappy sandals to a pair of diamond-encrusted heels. Peep-toe shoes are other retro-chic footwear options that work for the look.

Papilio Wedding Dresses

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I’m loving the old Hollywood glamour feel of these stunning wedding dresses from Belorussian fashion house Papilio! The blush dresses are especially gorgeous and a fabulous choice for brides who look terrible in white (let’s admit it, some of us do!). The detailing is exquisite on all of these gowns and whether you want a more structured look or something softer there is a dress for you.And I love the idea of changing into one of Papilio’s short dresses for your reception – too fun! Papilio gowns are extremely popular in Eastern Europe and Russia, but can be found in bridal boutiques across Europe and in the United States.

Which of these stunning wedding dresses is your favourite? Mine – definitely one of the blush gowns!

Credits: Papilio Wedding Dresses