Trending Autumn/ Fall Wedding Colors

Autumn is the perfect time to host an outdoor wedding against the stunning natural backdrop created by changing leaf colors. On the other hand, the fall season brings with it a mix of unpredictable and stable weather. Fall weddings are often moody affairs but based on how you use colors to bring the occasion to life, yours can be a warm and cozy event. For example, brides looking for wedding venues in Cardiff, Wales will have different experiences than those seeking locales in Hawaii or Montana in the U.S.

Statement colors like purple, orange, green, and red are perfect for the season because they blend perfectly with nature. They'll also pop better and create amazing wedding photos. Overall, you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and that's why the wedding colors you choose are even more important. If you are not someone who really knows their way around the color wheel, fret not because the Pantone Color Institute has you covered.

Since 1999, the Carlstadt-based company has pronounced the trending “color of the year.” That's where the inspiration from these trending autumn/fall wedding colors comes from, and here are some ideas on how you can plan your nuptials against the backdrop of these pigments.

Pantone's Vivacious

Pantone's vivacious color ranges from a scale of carmine hues and purple pigments. With that in mind, there are a vast array of color combos that can create the perfect autumn/fall wedding palette.

Plum, purple, and gray

The pairing of plum, purple, and gray isn't an exclusively fall or winter choice but the hues pop out better during these seasons. Purple has historically been considered a royal color and every bride wouldn't mind attaching that aesthetic to their big day. In this case, go for gray suits for the groom and groomsmen with purple accessories and plum or purple dresses for the bridesmaids.

Purple, black, and burgundy

This rich and dark color pairing is perfect for an outdoor fall wedding. It could also suit a rustic theme, and you perhaps want to settle for black suits for the groomsmen and burgundy bridesmaids' dresses. Also, choose varying shades of purple accents for the tablescape.

Mauve, blush, and gray

For a vintage fall wedding, consider settling for a mauve, blush, and gray combo. The pairing also favors winter weddings and it translates beautifully on various elements from the wedding invitations to the linen and even the food.

Pantone's Koi

The Pantone's koi hue is characterized by a rich orange pigment. The vibrantly cheerful color is precisely what you need to create a warm and cozy environment for your autumn/fall wedding.

Pumpkin, blush, and sage

One of the color combos worth exploring is the pumpkin, blush, and sage pairing. They are perfect for an outdoor autumn wedding because they blend perfectly with the shade of the season's color-changing trees.

Orange and beige

The pairing of orange and beige creates a stunning aesthetic for fall weddings. The vibrant and neutral hue provides an endless list of possibilities in terms of bringing the pigments to life. From the wedding flowers to the food choices; orange and beige are versatile colors that can be displayed through a wide range of elements for the big day.

Poppy, aubergine, and marsala

A combination of poppy, aubergine, and marsala creates a lush romantic aesthetic. They work well for the bridesmaids' ensembles while also creating visually striking tablescapes. Include some purple and dark red pigments to the tablescape in the form of floral arrangements and wedding decorations.

Orange and blue

Orange and blue create the perfect color scheme for an outdoor wedding. The two colors create a wanderlust vibe reminiscent of what you'd see at Italian weddings. Think along the lines of blue and orange floral crowns for the bridesmaids. Add nude-colored wedding decor to balance out the depth of blue and the brightness of the orange pigment.

Vibrant orange and red

The pairing of vibrant orange (terracotta) and red is yet another autumn-approved wedding color scheme. The earth tones pull together flawlessly through the floral arrangements, and pumpkin/fall leaves are a great addition to the wedding decorations. Add green foliage to the floral arrangements, tablescape, and cake embellishments as an ode to nature.

Burnt orange and ivory

Burnt orange and ivory is yet another color combo that works for autumn nuptials. The burnt orange pigment will look gorgeous on the bridesmaids' dresses, table linens, wedding stationery suite, and groomsmen accessories. Include lots of lush greenery in the floral arrangements and other wedding decorations.

Pantone's Carafe

Pantone's carafe describes a rich brown tone which works for the couple who want an alternative to the classic black and white wedding. Brown isn't every bride's first choice but it creates a beautiful aesthetic for rustic-themed fall weddings hosted in barn or farm settings. The trick lies in choosing the right shade of brown for your wedding color palette.

Brown and green

The brown and green combo creates a moody forest aesthetic. Choose a sliding scale of brown tones to prevent the overall aesthetic from looking too dark or bland. Gold is also closely related to brown and certain shades are a great go-between if you are not fully convinced about settling for the earthy tone.

Rust gold and navy blue

Conjure up mother nature by going for a rust and navy blue color combo. Rust gold falls in the scale of brown and the earthy tone looks great on the bridesmaids' dresses, accessories, and the table setting style.

Brown and Yellow

Another complementary color combo is the brown and yellow pairing. The color scheme is perfect for a laidback rustic wedding. Brown suits work for the groomsmen paired with striped combo color ties. Yellow bridesmaid dresses work for members of the bridal party. Brown wedding invitation suites and signages complete the look.

Walnut and grape

The walnut and grape pairing also falls on the scale of brown color combos. It creates a timeless vintage vibe that also works for fall weddings. In this case, walnut suits would be befitting for the gentlemen while grape-colored outfits would compliment members of the bridal party.

Pantone fall 2013 color report

Pantone Fall 2013 colors

It seems like yesterday that Pantone announced its color of the year for 2013 (emerald) and I was up all night creating a ton of emerald inspiration boards! The new fashion forecast for fall 2013 is a brilliant one, but there are three stand out colors that are already infiltrating wedding everywhere: vivacious, Koi, and carafe.

pantone vivacious
Pantone vivacious wedding inspiration board

This Pantone vivacious wedding inspiration board is definitely my favorite of the three. This luxurious hue combines carmine with gorgeous purple undertones and is absolutely perfect for a late fall or winter wedding. There is a certain sensuality to this color that I adore and it is perfect not only as a lip color, but in your hair and wedding flowers. For a vivacious wedding combine this vibrant color with neutrals and golds to really let it shine!

pantone koi
pantone koi wedding inspiration

Pantone’s koi is another fabulous color that I just can’t get enough of (we all know I’ve got a thing for orange). Similar to last year’s tangerine tango, this color is described as a decorative orange with dazzling and shimmering qualities. It serves as a statement color and is definitely for a bold, fashion forward bride! Koi is a warm ‘pick-me-up’ color so it looks fabulous when balanced with shades of blue, aqua, and teal. Orange + aqua has been one of my favorite color pairings for weddings for a long time now and works well with both a bold orange and lighter orange.

pantone carafe
brown barn wedding inspiration

While brown isn’t the first color most brides choose for their weddings, it can be a beautiful one. Pantone’s carafe can go glamorous and be a great alternative to a black and white wedding, or it can go rustic like this wedding inspiration board. If your heart is set on a barn wedding, mix carafe with ivory and neutral hues and look for unique touches like pine cone bouquets and brown feather boutonnieres. This will draw in all the beautiful and different shades of brown and give your wedding a unique twist!

So, which Pantone Fall 2012 Color is your favorite?

If you’re still pining for Pantone’s 2012 colors you can see them all here.

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pantone koi: orange dress worn by Gaye McDonald, photographed by Pieter Henket // earrings via Roots and Feathers on Etsy // cake from The Scootabaker // grapefruit margarita from Sweet Life Bake // orange place setting via Brides, photographed by Sangan Photography // blood orange sorbet via Yummly.

pantone carafe: boots with ring photographed by Amber Phinisee Photography // pinecone bouquets via Rustic Wedding Chic, designed by Honey of a Thousand Flowers, photographed by Kate Osborne // feather boutonnieres from Offbeat Bride, photographed by Nancy Neil // Nutella crunch via Bakers Royale // bottle escort cards from Ritzy Bee, photographed by Steve Steinhardt // barn reception via Yes Bride, photographed by Sarah Yates // cinnamon bun pops via Artisan Bread in Five.