The wedding cake in this pale neon orange wedding inspirational shoot shows just how gorgeous a wedding cake decked out in orange embellishments can be. And pineapple peach vodka for wedding favours – yum!

Details for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

While most people may not think of neon and wedding colours in the same sentence, using a softer version of normally-bold neon shades is great for bringing a bright, citrus-y glow to a summer wedding. Building a wedding theme around a colour offers dozens of opportunities to enjoy an array of different foods, drinks, decorations and others all tied together by a shade of pale neon orange, as well as any other complementary colours you’ll be using.

While pale neon orange is your primary colour, consider adding small to medium accents in a teal, soft green or pink to violet colour palette – for example, a pale orange dessert table with green succulents or decorative flowers. These additions will highlight the shades of pale neon orange while keeping it from being overwhelming.

Colour Palette for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

A pale neon orange colour palette is perfect for a late spring or summer wedding, and using a colour as your theme opens up both indoor and outdoor venues, a variety of food and drinks and the option to add depth by using several shades of the same hue. Bridesmaids, for example, can choose coordinating shades that suit them best while men can opt for lighter clothing that won’t leave them feeling less than fresh after an hour.

While pale neon orange shades take centre stage, you’ll also want to offset all the brightness with some cooler colours, such as turquoise, green or punchy pink – think of the colours of rainbow sherbet and you can’t go wrong. If you want to add a bit of sparkle, consider a warm copper and use it sparingly to really call attention to draw the eye.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Pale Neon Orange

When it comes to wedding flowers and bouquets, luckily a large array of both natural and dyed flowers are available in pale orange and complementary shades such as cream, pinks, purples and light, springy greens. Since there will be many opportunities to splash colour around, consider bridal bouquets that centre around large white or off-white flowers with bright greenery.

Our bride has chosen to add colour to her bouquet with soft peach, blush pink and very light yellow-orange blossoms. The bright greenery sets off the pastel blooms that complement the pale neon orange perfectly without competing or making everything look like a giant creamsicle. For a budget-friendly option, consider a bundle of a single flower, such as pink-tinged peonies, which will provide a big impact for less money.

Menswear for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

Soft neon colours like orange, pink and turquoise scream summer, and the last thing you want to be wearing on a warm summer day is a sweaty, itchy tuxedo. Not only can it make the groom and groomsmen uncomfortably warm, a black tuxedo tends to look harsh next to pale colours and light fabrics.

A well-fitted suit – jackets optional, if it’s hot – in a light gray or tan is the perfect complement to pastel bridesmaid dresses. If you’d like a bit more colour coordination, consider a pale orange tie or, forgoing ties altogether, a very light orange shirt in a breathable fabric. For accessories, unique cufflinks, orange socks for a bit of surprise fun or a colourful pocket square is all you need for a summery, put-together look – without the sweat.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

While orange is a colour that many women shy away from, a sunny, pale neon orange is flattering to many different skin tones and looks beautiful in a variety of fabrics. It’s also a colour than has several shade variations to suit any wearer – add a bit of pink to suit fair complexions, while going even lighter complements both darker and warmer skin tones.
If you have more than one attendant, consider a gradient effect by going a couple of shades lighter and darker. These hues look equally beautiful in soft, sheer fabrics like voile or organza or shiny satin and silk – whichever you choose, you’ll want to match or complement the style of the bride’s wedding dress to keep the feel cohesive.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

The wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a bride will make for herself, so go with something that feels amazing. Even though they’re pastel, neon orange, pink, teal or green are fairly bright colours – adding a bright white wedding dress might be a bit blinding. Consider something in a soft, off-white colour, reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. If you’d like to be a bit non-traditional, consider a pop of colour with a pale neon orange ribbon sash, or choose a gown in a light blush peach colour.
For accessories, you may not want a lot of bling competing with the colour scheme. Creamy pearls complement almost any style of dress and are always a timeless, elegant option. A little surprise splash of colour in the form of pale neon orange shoes, such as a delicate kitten heeled sandal or punchy, open-toe stilettos, can show off your personality and unique style in your wedding photos.

Groom Style for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

Pale neon orange wedding colours are the hallmark of a warm, summery day, and that’s good news for the groom – he’ll likely be wearing a less formal ensemble that’s way less hot and constricting than the standard tuxedo. A well-fitting light gray or tan suit in a lighter fabric is both cool and fashionable. If the groom isn’t the type to spill a glass of red wine everywhere, a cream or light beige linen suit is a great choice.

If you’d like to add a bit of formality, a silk tie in a complementary colour adds some elegance to the look without the need for a jacket. If the groom will be wearing a jacket, consider adding a pocket square in the same shade to tie the look together. For the couple who wants to make sure their fun, quirky side isn’t left out, the groom can wear punchy pale neon socks to match the bride’s shoes, or customise the tie with a funky pattern or message.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

If you’ve always wanted a delicious cake that’s not your typical vanilla or almond flavored white wedding cake, now’s your chance! A summertime wedding with a pale neon orange colour scheme begs for the tasty combination of orange and vanilla that is a creamsicle. Imagine cutting through delicate white frosting or fondant to reveal a decadent orange cake – or, even more interestingly, a marble cake. If you’re craving a tropical twist, there are other fruits such as mango, papaya or passionfruit that have a lovely light orange hue.

This bride has chosen a cake with three different, sunny orange colours frosting a traditional tiered cake. The flower decorations help break up the orange while adding to the summery feel of the event. Coordinating a fruity orange filling between layers of moist vanilla cake not only adds interest and colour – a fresh, citrus-y punch helps tame the sweetness.

Food for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

The light, bright shades of a pale orange wedding call for equally light food and drink – forgo the heavy red wines and medium-rare beef in favour of crisp white and blush wines, fruit-inspired cocktails and delicate fish, chicken or salad dishes. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons complement lighter protein choices and make tasty and pretty sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades.

Our couple has opted for coordinating DIY cocktails in colourfully-labeled bottles for each guest. The pineapple peach vodka fits both the colour scheme and bright summer flavors. And we certainly can’t forget about dessert! Aside from the wedding cake, you can offer a number of citrus and orange inspired nibbles such as petit fours, candies, gelatins and frozen treats.

What to Look For in a Venue for a Pale Neon Orange Wedding

One of the benefits of choosing a pale neon orange colour scheme as a wedding theme is the ability to transform any venue into a light, bright, summertime escape. Outdoor venues such as shady parks, beaches or backyards offer a less formal picnic appeal to your wedding, and you can take advantage of natural beauty such as blooming flowers and easy to decorate pavilions.

If you’re looking to host a more formal affair or would like to hold your ceremony in a particular religious institution, you’re in luck – indoor venues can also easily be transformed into bright pastel summer escapes. Think drapes or light, airy fabrics, coordinating flowers and summery tables full of tasty treats to achieve that summertime retreat inside an event hall, multipurpose room or church hall.

Pale Neon Orange

Pale neon orange wedding inspiration

This pale neon orange wedding inspiration board is the perfect color alternative for a bride who wants something unique and bold but soft at the same time.

The neon trend is still very popular right now so this is a really nice way to incorporate it into your color scheme without going overboard on the ‘bright’. If you’re loving this color for your wedding be sure to add lots of crisp whites, pretty pinks, and touches of teal, copper, and green to balance it out!

pale neon orange wedding cake
peach pineapple vodka

Credits: photo credits: escort cards via Once Wed, photographed by Erich Mcvey, calligraphy & watercolor by Holly Hollon // minty moscow mule in copper cup via Cocktails for Breakfast // bouquet from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Lauren Fair Photography, floral design by Lilies and Lavender // cake from Sweet & Saucy Shop // centerpiece from Bows and Arrows, photographed by Ben Q Photography // pineapple peach vodka // chairs via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Jen Huang.

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