Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

A rocky shore with a majestic lighthouse in the background is the perfect setting for a wedding. The Oregon coastline is the location where this splendid wedding photo shoot took place. The colors in the images show perfectly the rolling sea, the crashing waves, and the hue of the sky as it changes throughout the day.

What colors do we adore in the Oregon lighthouse wedding theme? Denim blue, lilac and a warm gray stand out. The bride’s beautiful headpiece demands attention with soft white and maroon flowers. Her windswept hair completes the mood of untamed beauty found in both the bride and the coastline!

Details for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

Let’s face it – lighthouses, particularly those overlooking the Pacific Northwest, are romantic locales that make a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Perhaps it’s the amazing height of the lighthouse with its breathtaking views, or maybe the history behind the structure adds to the romance of the lighthouse. For those with a love of all things maritime, saying I do on the grounds of a lighthouse just means something extra.

If you live or grew up on the Oregon coastline, these lighthouses make the perfect unique site for nuptials. They are particularly perfect for cozy ceremonies or outdoor ceremonies with a small reception inside the structure. The lighthouse may be decorated minimalistically or extravagantly. Finally, hosting a wedding at an Oregon lighthouse site says much about the couple’s personality, and that’s what a wedding should do.

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Color Palettes for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

Those couples who enjoy sailing or other maritime activities may want to utilize a palette of navy blue and white; gold makes a great accent color for this palette, and it adds a touch of elegance to the decor.

Other brides will choose to add red to the navy blue and white. This color also works well with gold, and red can add some bold touches to the decor. You might forgo the traditional white and replace it with ivory or off-white for a more vintage feel. Of course, any seaside ceremony is bound to include sand!  

What to Look for in a Venue for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

After ensuring that you are able to host a wedding ceremony at one of the multiple lighthouses in Oregon, there are some other considerations for brides. Unfortunately, many lighthouses are no longer in working order. Some places have made them historic sites for tours, and they have working utilities on site, which you’ll need. However, never take for granted that this private location has utilities; you want to know this before signing a contract for the venue.

Once you find out if utilities are provided, inquire about what is included in the price of the rental. Some venues offer the use of furniture or stereo equipment, but others do not. Renting a venue that offers several extras can really stretch your budget, so be sure to find out what’s included in the price of the rental. Also, brides should inquire about food and drink options.

Finally, as many lighthouses are now considered tourist attractions, some will offer on-site accommodations, which could benefit both you and your guests, so be sure to ask your venue representative about this amenity.

Food for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

When people think of the sea, boating, or even living in a location near the water, they often think of a certain type of food – seafood! Off the coast of Oregon, the most popular seafood consists of crab, shrimp and oysters, which would be perfect for an evening reception.

However, these seafood offerings are just a few of the popular items near the Oregon coast. Wild salmon is in abundance in Oregon, but, it is seasonal, so if you want fresh salmon, a ceremony held between June and August is one’s best chance to procure them.

Another great idea, especially if your ceremony is just for a select few guests, is to provide a breakfast of delicious shellfish as well as fresh fish.

Budget for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

For brides on a budget, an Oregon lighthouse wedding is one that doesn’t have to break the bank! The location itself lends to beautiful decor, and DIY brides with just a smidge of creativity can turn the locale into a personalized venue. Using seashells, sand, and even miniature boats can be quaint and beautiful without having to overspend. In addition, driftwood, which is often easy to find – for free – is another item that really invokes the maritime theme without having to spend a great deal.

Finding a lighthouse location in Oregon that offers extras, such as food prep, the use of tables and chairs for the reception and ceremony, and especially accommodations will also help to stretch one’s budget. One can host a beautiful Oregon lighthouse wedding without having to spend a great deal.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

A small ceremony outdoors with the lighthouse in the background makes for romantic nuptials. Many brides who marry on the beach simply allow the great outdoors to be their decor – and why not? The rushing waves lapping on the beach, the white sand and the sun make for most perfect outdoor nuptials.

Many brides who marry on the beach will merely add an arbor draped with ivory tulle for the ceremonial backdrop. Some will add greenery to this, while others may drape battery-operated lights for a romantic effect.

If available, holding the wedding ceremony on a pier is also a unique and beautiful way to say I do.

Ceremony Decor for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

Most brides opt for a decor theme that embodies the maritime way of life. Navy blue and white with a splash of red and gold accents is the embodiment of life on the ocean, and it is the perfect color palette for an Oregon lighthouse wedding.

Driftwood is a must-have item for brides who love the maritime theme. Floral arrangements may be placed alongside the driftwood, and some brides will add miniature boats as well as miniature anchors.

Seashells in abundance further the maritime theme, and they can be added to the wedding floral arrangements for a beautiful yet classy touch to the ceremonial decor.

Wedding Reception Decor for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

If you’re using the maritime theme for the ceremony, you will certainly want that idea to carry over into the wedding reception venue, particularly if your menu consists of seafood or other Oregon fish. However, you may want to add centerpieces with tea lights, seashells, and simple local fresh flowers.

Another option, however, involves fish bowls filled with sand and shells, particularly if you’re on a budget. Create menus with blue and white stripes (you can do this with your own printer to stay on budget), and use that same color scheme to make placemats and name cards for guests.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

Brides have some leeway when it comes to their wedding gown for an Oregon lighthouse wedding. Some brides will wear a long, fitted gown with just a bit of a train (especially if the vows are being said outdoors) in white or ivory, while other brides will wear more of a bohemian style dress that varies in length from knee-length to tea-length. A lace overlay of the gown adds to the romance of the Oregon lighthouse location.

Opt for a headband that has small faux seashells on the crown, which is a beautiful, yet subtle way to keep up with the theme in your wedding day accessories.

Groom Style for an Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

If your groom is up for a unique yet suitable groom style for the Oregon lighthouse wedding, then suggest that he opt for a blue suit. Any shade of blue from navy to cornflower to azure blue will do, and none of those shades would detract from your wedding style. Instead, it will compliment your dress and accessories!

Grooms can wear a traditional tuxedo, particularly if they choose a navy suit. Another option is suit pants (in blue of course) as well as a button-down white shirt and a vest that matches the suit pants.

A third option is to wear a button down shirt and beige suit pants, especially if your vows will be said on the sand.

Oregon Lighthouse Wedding

From Georgia Ruth Photography – “I’m continually mesmerized by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Oregon Coast and I felt drawn to create something in honor of that. Our goal for this wedding editorial was to embody and capture the soft, wild elegance of this coastline!”

Romantic purple wedding invitations | Georgina Ruth Photography
Oregon lighthouse wedding | Georgina Ruth Photography
White and green bridal bouquet | Georgina Ruth Photography
Oregon coastline | Georgina Ruth Photography
Susie Saltzman wedding ring | Georgina Ruth Photography
Thistle and succulent flower crown | Georgina Ruth Photography
Hand painted purple wedding cake | Georgina Ruth Photography

From Georgia Ruth Photography – “Our color palette was born out of the bold, rich, and deep colors that can be found on the most tempestuous days at the coast, and we were inspired by this unique take on an ocean themed editorial. We were also influenced by the sentiment and romance behind this quote: ‘When he kisses her, storms rise beneath her skin. For she is the ocean, and he, her moon.’ – Author Unknown”

Thistle flower crown | Georgina Ruth Photography
Purple wedding ideas | Georgina Ruth Photography
Outdoor Oregon sweetheart table | Georgina Ruth Photography
Oregon coastline | Georgina Ruth Photography
Succulent and ranunculus bridal bouquet | Georgina Ruth Photography

“Every aspect and detail of this editorial was guided by our desire to emulate the mood, romance, and untamed beauty that can be found on the coast. Sewell Sweets designed an incredible cake inspired by stormy ocean skies and crashing waves and Brenna Burnett Designs created gorgeous floral arrangements embodying the coast’s untamed, yet elegant beauty.

The ring, provided by Susie Saltzman, represented the constant refining of the landscape as the waves come and go and Anna Campbell’s delicate bridal dress, provided by Brides for a Cause, was a perfect complement to the smooth and strong lighthouse and rock covered beach. The table settings provided by Something Borrowed PDX, linens from Party Crush Studio, and paper creations by Off the Vine Calligraphy + Design were the finishing touches that brought everything together!”

Anna Campbell wedding dress | Georgina Ruth Photography
Purple menu | Georgina Ruth Photography
Purple wedding cake | Georgina Ruth Photography
Romantic wedding sentiment | Georgina Ruth Photography
Anna Campbell wedding dress | Georgina Ruth Photography

Credits: Photographer: Georgia Ruth Photography // Floral Artist: Brenna Burnett Designs // Cake Artist: Sewell Sweets // Rentals: Something Borrowed Portland // Model: Heidi // Stationery: Off The Vine Calligraphy + Design // Ring: Susie Saltzman // Linens: Party Crush Studio // Dress Designer: Anna Campbell // Dress Boutique: Brides for a Cause // Venue: Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon.