Regal Wedding

This inspirational wedding photo shoot has the perfect backdrop for the bride and the props also lean toward the regal look. But it’s her wedding dress that steals the show with the buttons that grace the back, and her cascading curls too.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Regal Wedding

How aesthetically appealing a wedding venue looks when you incorporate fine, luxurious, and grand elements into it! For a regal wedding affair, choosing the right venue can be quite tricky. But, it's equally entertaining as you explore various locations.

An indoor venue will be more appropriate for this style. Think, of an extravagant ballroom or a hall with huge chandeliers, tall and fancy candelabras, warm lighting, buffet tables lined against the walls, a dance floor, exquisite wallpapers, and baroque ceilings. With the right wedding venue, this requires minimal decor additions and also looks super amazing!

Details for a Regal Wedding

When we talk about a regal wedding, we are mostly all about the intricate and gorgeous details of it. In this regal wedding inspiration, you can see impressive detailing, channeling the old, traditional vibe in a very majestic yet minimal manner.

A grand, fancy chandelier, just like the one we often see in the movies, makes an artistic and natural backdrop. Accents of gold and copper blended with ivory, and hints of rustic and vintage incorporated in this regal wedding inspiration are what make this theme stand out the most!

Color Palette for a Regal Wedding

It's a fact that a color palette decides every single detail of your wedding planning. That is why it's important to decide on a palette that best suits the couple’s personality.

For a regal affair, choosing raw and regal colors is the most appropriate choice. This bride infused hues of earthy tones, such as shades of brown, green, grey, and copper, with ivory and gold. She kept it classy and natural, just like the theme of this splendorous affair. To bring color to this ceremony, shades like bright pink and peach were incorporated that beautifully contrasted against the neutral tones.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Regal Wedding

You can see a series of splendid pictures throughout this regal wedding inspiration board. It's always fun to focus on the wedding details, especially if those details and themes exude glory and royalty.

The talented photographer sure had an eye for detail as she captured some of the most alluring photos by making excellent use of the surroundings. The simple wall splashed with the colors of the earth served as a great backdrop.

Daytime wedding photography is so pleasant and natural. There are so many ways in which the natural lighting has been effectively used here, be it in the form of rays peeking through the window or reflecting straight upon the breathtaking bride.

Portrait Props for a Regal Wedding

A wide variety of props can help your chances of getting the most amazing photos ever.

Luckily, the regal theme of this wedding presented endless possibilities of enjoying a unique and wide array of props for the bridal portraits. And that's exactly what made these photos look so striking. A rustic, vintage, wooden ladder, ivory and gold chandelier, royally-designed armchairs, golden-framed mirrors, and wooden floor with hues of copper were fit for this queenly wedding theme.

And those gilded pieces of frames? Oh, they look lavish as they add that 'regal' element to this photo shoot.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Regal Wedding

Wedding dresses inspired by wedding themes are a thing that will never go out of fashion. Your chosen wedding theme should be carried throughout every aspect of your big day.

No matter how grand your wedding is, beauty lies in simplicity. Keeping that in mind, for her regal wedding, our pretty bride chose an ivory dress with gold details. A cute ribbon belt, cut out of a silky fabric, is tied around the waist to highlight the loose-fit, chiffon dress. A trail of gorgeous ivory and gold buttons is sewn in the back, just beneath the v-neckline with patterns of embroidered florals adorning the sheer full sleeves.

The delicate golden embroidery sprayed all over the dress as well as the lacy border is such an old-school and romantic vibe! Lace, silk, ribbon belts, net, chiffon, and floral patterns are what made this wedding dress an excellent choice for this regal affair.

Table Setting Style for a Regal Wedding

Just like every other element, you want to keep your table decor for this wedding style, very minimal yet the kind that speaks for itself. Go for an all-white, plain tablescape coupled with copper and gold flower vessels, gilded utensils, and white dinnerware with floral borders. Add white lilies to the vessels along with some white roses and tulips to keep the environment formal and pleasant.

Take ivory-dyed silk napkins and fold them in an elegant bow style to complement the wedding dress. Add a personal touch of sparkle by clasping it with copper rings. Truly a setting that reflects the regal theme very well!

Wedding Invitations for a Regal Wedding

Following the theme of your regal affair, design your invitations in a classy and sophisticated manner. Select the main color, ivory in this case, and blend it with shades of gold, copper, peach, or pink.

For the wedding invitation case, go for an ivory envelope with a gold tiara printed on it. To add a unique element, fill the tiara with the initials of your and your partner's names. On the inside, keep it simple by choosing plain paper with neat, sharp, and gilded edges. Include date, time, venue, and whatever detail you deem important in a bold-italicized font.

For the pop effect, add watercolor florals in peach or pink pastels at the bottom. Complete the look by adding a gold finish line. Lovely, isn't it?

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Regal Wedding

For the wedding cake, which attracts the most attention after the wedding decor and couple's outfits, go for something frosted with plain ivory buttercream having a minimum of six tiers. It's a regal wedding ceremony, after all!

Make it pretty with some pressed edible flowers sprayed in a blend of copper and gold. Either make them sit atop the top most tier of the cake or simply stick them around the edges. Wrap the bottom of every tier with a silk ribbon, matching the wedding dress color of the bride, and present it on a fancy, glass cake platter.

If you don't want to add any other color, you can also ask your wedding planner to find some white edible flowers. Anything goes well with a classic wedding cake!

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Regal Wedding

For an exclusive, regal wedding, choosing ordinary stuff is never an option. Remember when we said it's all in the details? YES! You can stay minimal but it should attract your guests like fireflies are attracted to light.

To complete your wedding look, choose the traditional-style bouquet. Mix up some Queen Anne's lace with white carnations and lots of green foliage. Wrap it in white Kraft paper and tie a ribbon around it. To enhance its beauty, encrust a pearl in the center of the ribbon.

For the boutonniere, simply create a little floral assortment packed with baby's breath and hold it together with cute silk or satin bow.

Noble and elegant bridal fashion shoot


This regal bridal fashion inspiration shoot from Katerina Lobova Photography is filled with nobility and elegance. It definitely channels the old world in the most enchanting way and contains some of the prettiest wedding dresses out there, all of which were designed by the amazing Tanya Kochnova

Regal wedding dresses | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Antique gold picture frames | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Regal wedding dresses | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Vintage button detailing on wedding dress | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Regal wedding dresses | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Antique, floral print chair | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Loose waves hairstyle | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Old world, regal wedding dress | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Loose waves wedding hairstyle | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
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Old world bridal fashion shoot | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Powder blue wedding dress with dots | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Powder blue wedding dress with dots | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Powder blue wedding dress with dots | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Powder blue wedding dress with dots | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:
Powder blue wedding dress with dots | Katerina Lobova Photography | see more on:

From Katerina Lobova – “I thought about this fashion shoot for a long time and knew I wanted to shoot a bride in the morning, but with a darker color palette. The light dresses look amazing against the dark hues and rich decorations. We wanted to get away from bright colors and stereotypes and show romance and tenderness in a different way. The color palette is noble and elegant, and while still delicate, our shoot shows a restrained passion.”

Credits: Photography: Katerina Lobova Photography // Wedding Dress: Tanya Kochnova // Styling: Irina Zlobina // Hair & Makeup: Maria Surikov //Model: Katya Linde // Venue: Studio 212 in St. Petersburg, Russia.