It's always a joy to look back on precious moments captured on camera. Bringing a newborn into the world is one such example, and you'll want a professional photographer to capture these memories forever for you and your family.

A pro can take a high-quality gallery of your child using the best equipment to find the best perspective. If you live in sunny Tampa, Florida and are looking for someone to take photos of your newborn, you are in the right place. We have taken the liberty of finding the best newborn photographers in the region, each of whom may be the right fit for you.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Tampa? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious bundle of joy.

Dream Portraits by Olaya

If you want someone to capture photos of people you love, you should definitely hire someone who loves taking photos. Olaya is someone who really loves her job, meaning she's willing to do anything to capture those precious moments from your child's first days on this earth – moments worth remembering forever.

The time and effort she pours into her work are evident in her photos. With just one look – you know that Olaya puts her heart and soul into every client session.

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Ashley Yvonne Photography

Ashley is a photographer who specializes in capturing newborns and special moments that involve family members. She has a creative way of telling a thousand words through photographs. Her perspective is unique and shows a strong passion for bringing the best photos possible at any given moment.

Fun to work with, she loves spending time with families. Ashley's joy at meeting fresh families is the main reason why she chose to specialize in newborn photography.

Creating Moments Photography

Originated from the name of the company itself, Creating Moments does just that for clients. Working in a range of photographic genres, their work with newborns is stunning. Whether they get elaborate with the props and backdrops or take the most minimal newborn photos – every detail is captured perfectly.

The main photographer at the studio is Arianna, a true artist with a camera in her hand. She can take the simplest scenarios and make memorable images. If you need someone with a unique perspective to handle your newborn photoshoot, Arianna and her team at Creating Moments Photography is an excellent choice.

LB Photography, LLC

Lauren Blaylock Photography is a Tampa-based photography company that specializes in newborn photography. Lauren, who is the founder and main photographer at LB is really good at capturing emotions through her lens. She's very creative with her work and certainly someone you want to entrust with your newborn’s first photos.

Every photo session with Lauren promises to be stress-free, thanks to her extensive experience in working with newborns.

Julianna Claire Photography

Julianna understands how important photographs are in immortalizing memories. And with her strong passion for capturing precious moments through photos, she exists to make every photo shoot successful by producing carefully curated photos that families can look back on forever.

Aside from being a talented photographer, Julianna is also very energetic and fun to work with. A positive person like her is definitely someone you want to consider for handling your newborn’s gorgeous first photo shoot.

Tiffany Walensky Photography

A newborn in a basket wearing a bunny hat [Tiffany Walensky Photography]

Tiffany has been living in Tampa her whole life and has been offering her photography services since 2008, all the while creating unforgettable moments for her satisfied clients. With over a decade of experience, she's able to combine her technical photography skills with new technology to consistently deliver stunning photographs which are unique to every client.

Tiffany is extremely observant as a photographer. This attribute helps her find the right details, emotions, and moments to include in her photos - most especially your newborn's beautiful smile.

Pure Bloom Photography

If there is one word to describe Pure Bloom’s extensive portfolio of newborn photographs, it is purely emotional. While browsing their portfolio, you will feel mixed emotions of joy and other unexplainable feelings.

If you want the most natural photos of your newborn, Kerrie, the main photographer will craft the best possible gallery for you to take home. Plus, she's easy to work with and fun to be around, making your newborn’s first photo experience as memorable as the photos themselves.

Eden Lane Photography LLC

Lindsay and all of the photographers at Eden Lane capture fantastic newborn photos. What we like most about their work is its spectacular simplicity. All their photos are distinctive and filled with small details, an essential factor for taking stunning newborn photographs.

With minimal to no props needed at all, Lindsay’s style is genuinely unique and absolutely stunning. If you want your newborn photos to look like a true work of art, hiring Lindsay to capture them is your best bet.

Kristine Freed Photography

Aside from Kristine’s unique perspective, many people share their wonderful experiences working with Kristine. Because of her outgoing personality and good vibes, you are in for a very relaxed and stress-free photo session with your newborn if you decide to hire her.

Kristine’s perspective is genuinely distinctive. Clear from her portfolio, her photographs are quite pleasing to look at. Her newborn galleries showcase a unique artistry that brings out joy, nostalgia, and love.

Photography with Kylie Michelle

Kylie makes it her life’s work to capture moments through her lens. She doesn’t only capture photos, but also the emotion contained within the moment itself. Her photos will make you remember the exact feelings you had back then; this is the essence of her style of photography.

Kylie might be young and new in the field, but her work definitely shows she was born to do this. Her newborn and maternity shoots are creative and lovely, the work of someone truly passionate about the craft.

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