Newborn photography requires patience and a unique set of skills. Experience around babies - what they find exciting or relaxing - is needed in order to achieve success in the genre. Of course, safety is paramount along with rapport with the parents.

If there is a newborn in the family, one would be tempted to capture a few snaps on his own. But for professional results, the kind of photos that you would want to look back on now and then, you have to hire a professional newborn photographer.

Phoenix has many practicing newborn photographers ready to help you and your family commemorate the birth of a child. If you are looking for the best newborn photographers in Phoenix, AZ, we suggest you start your search from this curated list.

Studio Kristi

Kristi and John Bowman are the husband and wife duo running Studio Kristi. This husband and wife photography duo has worked together for the past 12 years doing more than 2,000 photoshoots. They have their sprawling home studio in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, and conduct almost all their newborn photography sessions within.

Clients often talk about their baby-soothing techniques. Kristi, in particular, is renowned as a baby whisperer. She can soothe even the crankiest of babies in a few minutes—an incredible talent for a newborn photographer.

Shannon Burke Photography

Shannon is the founder and the lead photographer at Shannon Burke Photography. She's been a newborn photographer for well over six years. Shannon never tires of it, and cannot imagine doing anything else. She loves photographing newborns, babies, and kids - the three of hers are sources of inspiration.

Shannon loves shooting indoors, where she can control the lighting. She operates with her trusted Einstein and 86″ PLM and uses wide aperture lenses to capture the scene with your baby and you.

Claire Brown Photography

Claire started Claire Brown Photography, and she's been working as a professional photographer for many years. Born in France, she always had a knack for photography and the visual arts. As a professional photographer, she firmly believes in the idea that - "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Newborn photography happened to her later on when she realized her true passion. Claire is a natural light photographer, and she loves playing with ambient light and experimenting. For every assignment that Claire undertakes, she strives to capture images of your precious bundle that her clients will savor for years.

Jolie Anne Photography

Jolie is the founder and the lead photographer at Jolie Anne Photography. She loves shooting clean, professional images with a touch of whimsy. A mother of four boys, her inspiration to start the studio was her kids. Jolie was worried that her kids were growing up fast and that she would miss out on those cute little moments. Newborn photography became a way of savoring such moments.

She's a natural light photographer who loves to meet babies - and also push the limitations of what's possible. Jolie has been rated as one of Phoenix's Top 18 Newborn Photographers from 2016 to 2020.

Little Legacies Studio

Lorena is the face of Little Legacies Studio. The studio started as a personal journey into documenting the special moments of her little ones. She found her inner photographer as an expecting mother. The subsequent urge to document every moment of motherhood and her newborn child allowed her to hone her skills.

Lorena built her studio on the simple truth of her mother's love. Every prop, every corner of the studio, is as welcoming as a mother's lap. She takes every possible precaution to ensure that a newborn coming into her studio and its parents are comfortable.

Brittany Stanly Photography

Brittany is the face of Brittany Stanly Photography. She loves being a newborn photographer - and is an expert at using light and props to make the perfect scene for sleepy, smiling bundles of joy.

Brittany has her full-service studio a little outside Phoenix in Avondale, and from here, she serves all her newborn photography clients. The studio is fully equipped with lights, props, and every little thing to keep the baby and its parents comfortable.

Momabird Photography

Momabird Photography is a full-service newborn photography studio. If you're coming in for a newborn photo session, there's nothing that you would need to bring along. The studio has a ton of props, quilts, headgear, wraps, outfits, backgrounds, and hats to give your newborn session a unique look.

The studio has a dedicated parent area where parents can sit back and relax while their newborn gets all the attention. They can choose to observe the whole image-making process while still sitting at an arm's length. The entire design and the studio's ambiance are to give the parents (and the baby) a calm, relaxed environment.

Lindsay Alise Photography

Lindsay wears many hats. She is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a photographer, and much more. She's the founder and the lead photographer at Lindsay Alise Photography – and loves every moment of being a photographer and considers herself to be blessed to be able to photograph newborns as a career.

Excellent with newborns, a useful trait in the business, Lindsay has a background as a trained nurse. She can soothe any baby within minutes. Essentially a studio light photographer, Lindsay loves experimenting with the aura in her studio for the perfect effect.

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