Top Newborn Photographers in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Top Newborn Photographers in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Newborn photography is a most gratifying genre. In a newborn portrait, you have the energy of a proud mum and dad, sometimes an overexcited sibling, and always the joy of fresh life. This is why most newborn photographers consider themselves lucky. They feel that they're blessed to be able to meet so much cuteness every day and be able to photograph cute moments for a living.

Newborn photoshoots require careful planning and preparation - and patience. These specialists in Newcastle, Australia are experts in this art and look forward to working with your own precious little one.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Newcastle? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious baby.

Bella Rouge Photography

Bella Rouge Photography is a newborn, baby, and maternity studio based in Newcastle, Australia. Haley is the passionate photographer and the founder of the studio. Her clients love the warmth and care she handles each baby when photographing them.

Haley has over ten years of experience photographing newborns and babies. She has had training in baby safety which helps when photographing babies. She knows how to handle babies gently and wrap them, so they're comfortable for the best possible photos.

Little Kite Photography

Michelle is the founder and the lead photographer at Little Kite Photography. She is one of Newcastle's most popular maternity, newborn, and family photographers. She has this special ability to create timeless and emotionally evocative photos of cherished life moments.

Being a mum to three boys, Michelle understands the value of a good photograph. She strives to help others with her creative abilities to immortalize a moment in time that her clients can savor time and again.

Zen Life Photography

Zen Life Photography's founder and lead photographer, Tonya, is a specialist newborn, maternity, and family photographer. She loves capturing all kinds of photos, from baby bumps to newborns wrapped in warm cloth and cake smash photos from the first birthday.

Tonya has been in business since 2009. Over this long period, she's worked with countless families, photographed hundreds and thousands of newborns, and has developed many client relations into close friendships. Altogether, Tonya is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has won awards for her newborn photography work.

Smik Pix Photography

Amanda is the founder and the lead photographer at Smik Pix Photography. The studio was opened for business in 2012 and had been photographing families, newborns, and everything in between. Amanda loves her profession and considers it to be a blessing to be able to capture photos of beautiful families.

Smik Pix has an employee strength of three people who are dedicated hands and highly experienced in their line of work. This small, almost family-owned and managed business can offer customized services per each family's unique requirements.

Danielle Helmers Photography

Danielle Helmers Photography is award-winning Newcastle-based maternity, baby, newborn, birth, and family photography studio. Danielle was the founder of the business, and she started it back in 2011.

Her inspiration to start the business was her children when they were young. She realized the value of newborn and baby photography and wanted to help other mums and families by offering them a way to capture photos of their bundle of joy. Danielle is consistently gratified to be able to photo cute babies for excited families.

Kylie James Photography

Kylie James Photography is well-known in wedding, maternity, newborn, family, and baby photography. They also do a few other genres, but they're primarily known for their baby and newborn photography.

Kylie's interest in photography began when she was still a young adult and has sustained her all these years. She's got a close relationship with her own family and loves to travel. Kylie uses natural light, the latest equipment, and the best approach for photographing babies of all shapes and sizes.

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