Top 9 Newborn Photographers in Milwaukee, WI

Top 9 Newborn Photographers in Milwaukee, WI

That funny or smiling moment lasts for barely a few seconds, but the memory can outlive generations. Life gives you ample opportunities to preserve these special and mundane moments. A talented, empathetic expert behind the camera can transform these moments into endearing works of art.

Talented newborn portraiture masters in Milwaukee have the passion and skill to style your bundle of joy and the patience to get the perfect look for posterity. If you’re searching for someone to document your baby’s journey right from birth, contact one of the marvelous newborn photographers below.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Milwaukee? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious bundle of joy.

Talia Laird Photography

Talia is passionate about the color white and would love to drape the entire world in it. As a photographer, she gets to do just that using props, backgrounds, and lighting that set colorful subjects against white.

This elegant and over-exposed editing style is visible in all Talia's photography styles, whether it's newborn and children or maternity and family sessions. Her newborn imagery often features parents, pets, and siblings set against in a simple, soft, and downright angelic framing.

Andrea Ryerson

Andrea specializes in everything related to small children imagery including the first 48 hours, toddlers, and growing kids. Her ability to capture sigh-inspiring photos is because of her immaculate research on clients. She prefers to understand their needs, desires, expectations, and ideas for newborn and children photo shoots before the actual process begins.

Andrea's portfolio reveals her skill in showcasing the emotional dynamics in family shots and the innocence of newborns. She works in families across Wisconsin from Milwaukee to Oconomowoc and Waukesha.

Sandy Conway Photography

Most mothers and fathers prefer stress-free photo shoots. If you’re a parent who prefers a professional yet fun photographer, then Sandy may be the person you need. Based in Racine, Sandy works with clients all over Wisconsin providing enchanting newborn, family, and wedding images.

Sandy’s career journey began in high school and saw her working as a corporate portrait photographer for a good number of years. She gravitated to the family end of the spectrum in 2013 and has been capturing great family stories to tell with her camera.

Sleepy Meadow Photography

This Brookfield-based studio is all about portraits of the personal kind. Whether you want to capture the innocence and charm of your newborn, or a slice of your everyday life, Holly has you covered.

While she adores baby portraiture, Holly also undertakes maternity, senior, family lifestyle, couple, and child photo shoots. Do you need Fresh 48 images? Holly is open to capturing these precious moments either at the hospital or in the comfort of your home. With years of experience handling and styling newborns and babies, Holly ensures an anxiety-free session every time.

Katie Fromstein Photography

Katie is considered Wisconsin’s best portrait photographer, garnering both clients and awards, and her gallery tells you why. She makes images that make great wall hangings and endearing memories.

She's someone who focuses exclusively on family and children, particularly newborns and maternity. As a mother of two, Katie understands exactly what drives parents to capture childhood memories into timeless snapshots. When it comes to newborns, she prefers to shoot them in her well-equipped Germantown Studio. She styles each newborn in distinct ways to deliver personality-packed portraits.

Alison Leigh

Alison believes that children's photos should be an artistic representation of everyday emotions and the love that you feel for your kids. Her newborn photography shares the same philosophy as she tries to capture the specialness and inherent beauty of each child.

With a pediatric therapist background and certifications in newborn safety and pediatric CPR, Alison ensures your newborn is relaxed and comfortable through the session. Her portfolio reveals her basic style - soft lighting, pastel palette, white and light backgrounds, and ample emotional touches.

Erika Lee Photography

Erika Lee's gallery of newborns is raw, emotional, and shorn of fancy setups and accessories. This syncs perfectly with her belief as a photographer that real images reveal strong bonds. She believes authentic imagery is the best way to photograph beautiful babies.

If this minimalistic representation of your connection with your newborn or family is what you seek, you’ll enjoy posing for Erika. When she's not working with small kids, Erika handles her share of wedding and family lifestyle projects as well.

Katie Bingen

One look at Katie’s online portfolio, and you see a lot of tender moments and playful shots captured in both documentary and cinematic styles. Her images portray fleeting emotions that will evoke nostalgia feelings years down the road.

Katie enjoys working with kids and their extended families. She creates warm-hued portraits that have a fine art touch but exudes an ultra-modern vibe as well. Having worked with newborns since 2014, Katie understands how to capture these tiny humans in the most endearing ways - while also keeping them composed and content.

Julie Collins Photos

Julie hosts newborn sessions at her studio for parents in Milwaukee and surrounding cities. Her aim is to create photo art rather than simply create impressive images.

Whether it is a newborn, tiny tot, or teenager, Julie tells an emotional and soulful story of love and bonding. She showcases the personality of your newborn with the use of props and framing and expertly captures those blink-and-miss-it moments. With every newborn photo session, Julie wants to create images that you will enjoy putting on your walls.

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