Top Newborn Photographers in Marietta, GA

Top Newborn Photographers in Marietta, GA

Starting a family marks a new chapter in your life. These memories can last forever when you hire a photographer to take photos of your newborn a few days after coming into the world. Marietta, Georgia is home to such talented newborn photographers, so make sure you get in touch with these local talents before your baby gets born.

The best time to do a newborn photo shoot is only a few days after they’re born, but not all newborn photographers can be there on short notice. So whether you already had your baby or just about to, you can check out our list to help you get started

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Marietta? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious baby.

Beverly Hall Photography

Beverly Hall is a master at newborn photography. With very minimal props, such as a blanket or cute baby hat, she can present an excellent and well-detailed newborn photo that looks absolutely adorable. Just by spending a little bit of time scrolling through her work on Instagram will instantly give you baby fever.

After photographing children for over 20 years, Beverly decided to switch her focus on newborns, and she made the right choice. She is very good with newborns and they seem really calm around her presence.

Appleseed Photography

Appleseed Photography is another newborn photography specialist that does amazing photo work. Lindsley Rogers, the main photographer, is a mother who experienced the joy of taking her own newborn photos. From there, she discovered her talent and ran with it, specializing in making fantastic newborn galleries.

Since then, she invested her time and money to get better by attending classes and seminars. By looking at her work, you can tell that her studying really paid off. Lindsley is a true professional, and most of her clients proclaim she's fun to work with.

Casey McMinn Photography

Casey is not just another newborn photographer on the list. Her unique approach to taking newborn photos with their parents and siblings is one of her best talents. She also loves showcasing both parents alongside the newborns when needed.

Every detail is captured, and her unique approach tells a bigger story. Her lighting work and attention to the surroundings is flawless. Plus, she's positively great with newborns and knows the safety precautions that need to be taken.

Stell Shots Photography

Stell Shots Photography has a more natural approach when photographing newborns. Instead of just taking photos in a studio, Liz, the head photographer likes to dive deep into the daily life of newborns. However, if you prefer to get their photos taken in the studio, your home, or even in the newborn ward – it is your choice and Liz will follow. Either way, you can rest assured that she will deliver some of the best newborn shots you have ever seen.

If you like creative photos that aim to tell a story, you will love Liz’ work. Her way of using natural moments and turning them into compositions is a talent that not all photographers have.

Liz by Design Photography

Featuring the 2nd Liz on the list, Liz by Design is another very talented photographer. Every photo she creates is a genuine work of art and everything in her line of sight could become an exhibition somewhere.

With her passion for her art, she makes an excellent choice to handle your newborn photos. Just make sure you book her in time for her shoot. Somebody as talented as her does not always have an open schedule; Liz connects to her clients on a personal level and that is probably the secret to the stunning results of her work.

Kamila Karen Photography

If you love bright and joyful photos for your newborn, Kamila Karen Photography would make a fantastic choice for you. With minimal props, they can create stunning newborn portraits using their high-end equipment and lights. The team understands that newborns can be sensitive to bright lights, which is why they use them in moderation. Even so, Kamila still manages to create bright newborn photos that show joy and emotion – especially to the parents.

Kamila does a stellar job of creating cute newborn poses that look adorable. Whether you already have a baby or not, you might want to have one when you look at her superb work.

Lisa Liberati Photography

Lisa understands that carrying a baby inside a mother’s womb for 9 months is undoubtedly the greatest achievement any mother can have, which is why she dedicates her time to creating stunning images that will remind moms and dads of the joy of a baby coming into the world.

Being a mom herself, Lisa definitely understands that you want your babies and kids to be safe. She goes the extra mile to create a stress-free environment in every photo shoot no matter where the location is. They just moved to Marietta recently, and she found her true calling when she started her business in the area. Lisa is friendly and outgoing, which makes her easy to bond with as your photographer.

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