Top 8 Newborn Photographers in Manchester, UK

Top 8 Newborn Photographers in Manchester, UK

Newborn photography is vital to remembering those precious early days of your child’s life. A newborn will grow and change rapidly, and you’ll see your child progress through stages of life quickly.

Becoming a new parent is exciting, stressful, and overwhelming. You may forget to take quality photos of your newborn because you’ll already be quite busy caring for your child. Instead of stressing yourself out with the task of newborn photography, a trusted newborn photographer can take beautiful, high quality newborn photos in a stress-free environment.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Manchester? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your bundle of joy.

Cute Baby Photography

Cute Baby Photography is owned by Aneta and her husband Tom. Their passion for photography began as they photographed their own three children. They have been working as professional newborn photographers for over 13 years now, and they value the connections they have made along the way.

Their goal is to create portraits that you will never get tired of looking at. Cute Baby Photography intends for their photos to be treasures that you will proudly display in your home. Overall, this Manchester studio is known for their bright, colorful style.

Baby Boutique

Baby Boutique is a newborn photography studio designed to provide full service newborn photography. The studio is run by professional photographers who are passionate about their craft and have an abundance of experience working with children.

Each photographer exercises patience and care to ensure that each subject is comfortable throughout the photography process. The studio is equipped with hundreds of props, backdrops, accessories, and outfits so that you can have the perfect newborn photos of your dreams.

Dora Horvath Photography

Dora Horvath is a professional photographer who strives to offer beautiful, hand finished wall art as the final result of her craft. She brings a relaxed, fun, and informal style to each shoot in order to ensure that clients feel comfortable.

Dora specializes in newborn photography, and she feels lucky to have the opportunity to photograph amazing babies. She takes time with each client to produce the best possible photos that are unique to your child. Her photography style is authentic and she hopes you'll look at them for a long time.

LB Photography

Leanne Billingham is a professional photographer who realized her passion when photographing with film. Film allowed her to see how much she loved photography, and over the past 4 years she has transformed it into her career.

Leanne always wanted to be around children, and her intention growing up was to be a midwife or nurse. Her love for children and her love for photography became a beautiful career path that she never imagined for herself. At the end of the day, Leanne loves photographing the unique, adorable, and funny personalities of children.

Baby Art Studio

Baby Art Studio is a photography studio dedicated to newborn photography. The studio is run by a team of talented photographers who are passionate about newborn photography. The studio offers affordable prices in order to make newborn photography accessible for a range of clients.

With low base costs, flexible pricing, and affordable options for all families, Baby Art Studio is excited to work with you. Check out their portfolio of cute babies to see their style.

Blossom Fields Photography

Blossom Fields Photography is owned by Justina Winiarz, a professional newborn photographer whose career began when she realized how quickly time passes after becoming a mother. She strives to help parents capture beautiful photos that will allow you to keep those important memories of your newborn.

Justina creates a safe, relaxed environment so that your baby is calm and happy in each photo. Her photography has a simplistic style that will ensure that your baby is a star.

Forget Me Not Newborn Photography

Forget Me Not Newborn Photography is owned by a professional photographer who has been trained in newborn posing and completed a first aid course in order to ensure that your baby is always safe and comfortable. Forget Me Not Newborn Photography offers posed, fine art photos in order to capture beautiful, pure moments of your baby.

Forget Me Not offers in-home sessions to ensure that your baby feels relaxed. Regardless of the environment, their pro photo artists promise to produce adorable galleries of your little one.

Enigma Babies

Enigma Babies  is owned by Patrycja and Jack, a couple whose passion for photography led them to opening a newborn photography studio in Manchester. Their goal is to offer the signature touch of professional photography, despite how common and widespread digital photography has become.

The Enigma team values capturing the personalized moments between you and your family so that you can carry these moments with you throughout time. They value old traditions, physical photo books, and canvases, so that you can have tangible heirlooms of your treasured photos to look back on.

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