When your baby is born, the entire world seems to stop for a moment. With their perfect little fingers, toes, and their sweet little face, you want to freeze every second and spend it with them in this blissful state. Before they grow up too fast, document your baby's cuteness with a photographer specializing in newborn portraits.

Let a professional create irreplaceable mementos of your bundle of joy, ones you will be able to cherish as they grow up into toddlers and teens. Don't wait another day.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Los Angeles? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your pride and joy.

Ariel Cannon Photography

Ariel has been a maternity, newborn, and family portrait photographer for the past decade. Based in Los Angeles, Ariel's photo studio came out of her own personal experience: when she had her son in 2013, she wanted a particular style of newborn portraits but couldn't find anyone who fit her vision.

With her own studio, Ariel was finally able to create a newborn portrait niche that favors natural posing, minimal styling and props, and a preference for soft, natural light. Her newborn portraits are timeless and classic, with a simplicity that allows you to focus on the most important treasure: your baby.

CafeauLei Photography

Leila Mirza is the founder and head photographer of CafeauLei Photography. With over 10 years of experience, Leila is an expert in newborn, maternity, and family portrait photography, as well as extensive travel experience that gives her a uniquely global approach to portrait photography.

Leila's sets for newborn portraits vary from whimsical, intricate, to simple and clean, allowing you to choose the theme you think suits your baby best. With imaginative and colorful portraits, they are sure to be a delight to look at 10, 15, even 20 years later.

J&B Photography

Jessie and Bree are the husband-and-wife team behind J&B Photography. Their love for maternity, birth, and newborn photography comes from their own journey as parents when their daughter was born around five years ago. Jessie and Bree are both formally educated in photography, but it wasn't until they fell in love with newborn photography that they understood this was their passion in life.

Jessie and Bree's newborn portrait style has clean, elegant settings and fresh colors that bring all the attention to your little one. They use minimal props and styling, often drawing to neutral and earth tones, and can also shoot in black and white for more dramatic effect. You would be proud to have any of their portraits hanging in your home.

Ella Jaymes Photography

Sarah is the mother-behind-the-lens of Ella Jaymes Photography. Ella is absolutely passionate about photographing newborns, and her clients are convinced she's some sort of "baby whisperer." With the ease, comfort, and serenity that she carefully poses her clients' newborns with, it's certainly evident why she's earned the title.

Sarah's newborn photography style is beautifully done, with shots that range from lifestyle-esque with parents, to your typical posed and propped portraits that show off the cuteness of your baby. Sarah knows just how quickly time passes with newborns, having two daughters of her own. She is committed to capturing the best possible photos of your babies. As the years go by, you'll have many beautiful keepsakes to hold close and dear.

Gaby Chung Photography

Gaby Chung is one of the premier newborn, child, and family photographers in Los Angeles. An award-winning photographer, Gaby has made it her mission to bring quality portraits using a child-led approach to all her clients, ensuring each photograph captures the personality and uniqueness every parent adores about their child.

Gaby's newborn portraits can be described as fine art portraits, with intricate sets, precision post-processing, and a masterful use of light to create beautiful, serene photos. She even encourages parents and older siblings to join in the session, so that everyone can be included in this beautiful memory-making activity.

Jennifer Koochof Photography

Jen is an incredible self-taught photographer who specializes in newborn, maternity, and children's portrait photography. Her love for photography started when she was just a kid herself, at age 10, when she borrowed her brother's camera. From there, her passion for the art grew, and as the years went on she continued to learn and improve her skills to become one of the top portrait photographers in Los Angeles today.

Jen's newborn photos are taken in her studio, where the family is free to safely use props, sets, and create a magical experience all around. She's taken countless newborn safety classes, so you can rest assured that you and your little one are in very capable hands.

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