Best Newborn Photographers in Las Vegas, NV

Newborn photographers are a blessed lot. They photograph little fingers, tiny toes, droopy eyes, and the cute smiles that can melt hearts. But newborn photography is a challenging genre, requiring a special kind of care.

In Las Vegas, where the party never stops, the most formidable in the genre will always make sure your precious bundle of joy is at ease and enjoying themselves. Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Las Vegas? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Susy Martinez Photography

Susy is the face and the lead photographer at Susy Martinez Photography. The best thing about Susy's photography is that she has oodles of time. She is one of the most passionate photographers you can find.

With bags of accessories to complement the shot, Susy will take her time with your child and construct your gallery with care. She usually shoots at the location and has access to a studio for parents who want to come over for the newborn photography session.

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Essie Rose Photography

Essie is a professional wedding, engagement, maternity, and newborn photographer in Las Vegas. As a mother to three lovely girls, Essie understands the value of capturing beautiful images of one's newborn children.

She can shoot under natural or artificial light, meaning you can do an outdoor session or decide on a spot in your home where your baby is most familiar. Essie will work with you and your newborn from start to finish.  

Michelle Clark Photography

Michelle Clark Photography is a professional photography studio offering wedding, engagement, maternity, and newborn photography services. Michelle herself loves newborns and photographing them is a gift.

For your baby's shoot, she can come to you, setting up the shoot in an environment where they are most calm and cared for. Michelle is experienced in photo theory and editing, and will return your gallery of newborn photos efficiently and effectively.

Maple Hill Photography

Narina is the face and the lead photographer at Maple Hill Photography. Narina is a gifted wedding, maternity, and newborn photographer with years of experience in these three genres.

She loves to capture the cute little faces and the melting smiles. When she can, Narina also incorporates the breathtaking natural scenes of the world around your newborn. Experimental and enthusiastic, she's sure to create a gorgeous gallery of your bundle of joy.

Sunny After All

Liz is the founder and the lead photographer at Sunny After All. She's a professional newborn, maternity, and wedding photographer. For newborn shoots, Liz appreciates natural light and its ability to set distinct moods. She also features a studio environment in her Las Vegas base, where she can collaborate with your for newborn portraits or other projects, as needed.

Liz brings a mixed diversity of culture and traditions in her work, from her Ukrainian roots and Israeli upbringing. She speaks four languages and is a fantastic conversationalist, gelling well with clients during her work.

Teeny Toes By Lisak

Lisa is the founder and the face behind Teeny Toes. She loves photographing teeny-tiny feet and newborn smiles, and therefore the name of her studio is no surprise at all. In fact, Lise loves shooting other kinds of photography as well, but newborn photography is the one that gives her the most joy.

Lise will experiment in her work, utilizing with different props, colors, backgrounds, and materials to augment the quality of the final photos. She's travel ready for clients like you.

Photos By Chloe

Chloe is a professional newborn photographer with years of experience in this genre. Beginning her career as a model, she became hooked on photography when she realized its power.

Now a generalist photographer with a studio and an eye for capturing personality with her camera, Chloe will ensure your baby is well taken care of within her studio environment.

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