Top Newborn Photographers in Indianapolis, IN

Top Newborn Photographers in Indianapolis, IN

One of the most magical moments in the life of a parent is seeing and holding their newborn for the first time. It is something you want to remember forever. With the help of a professional newborn photographer, you can make that memory last. And don't discount the fact that nostalgic newborn photos can also help the child themselves reminisce when they are all grown up.

If you are looking for a talented newborn photographer in Indianapolis, there are many choices. Don't let that choice overwhelm you. To help, we made a list of the best newborn photographers in your area. Indianapolis– making it easier for you to narrow down your choices and find the best fit.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Indianapolis? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious little baby.

Memory Lane Photography

Shauna founded Memory Lane Photography because of her connection with expecting moms and newborns. She loves taking photos of newborns because she describes her work as freezing time, capturing details, and preserving the newness of your little one.

With Shauna’s talent, absolute love for her craft, and connection with her clients, you can expect awesome results if you hire her as your newborn photographer. She lives to preserve your best memories – hence the name of her studio.

Holly Marie Photography

Holly is an absolute expert at what she does. Not only does she have 4 years of newborn photography, but she's also fully licensed and trained in safe newborn photography posing practices. As a fully licensed and insured Indiana photographer, which says a lot about her dedication to her art and business.

Holly Marie Photography has a dedicated studio space for her work, but you can also hire them to do photoshoots at offsite locations. With a massive selection of custom handmade props, sanitized after every use to ensure your newborn’s safety – you can customize your newborn gallery as needed.

Kristeen Marie Photography

Kristeen Marie Wadell is an Indianapolis-based photographer who loves to share her passion for digital photography with others and found her true calling with newborn and family photography. Her love for taking photos started out as a hobby, and as she honed her craft and developed a deep connection with her art, she started KristeenMarie Photography in 2006.

Aside from being a very talented photographer, Kristeen is a very positive person who you would enjoy being around and someone you would trust to handle your newborn’s photos. Her photo studio is a controlled environment to ensure your baby’s contempt, such as optimal temperature and low noise.

Megan Nicole Photography

Megan Nicole Photography specializes in newborn photography, and promises to capture high-quality images of your little one on his or her first days on earth. Her primary goal is to produce images that capture your baby’s character at a very young age. Megan promises a relaxing and stress-free photo session for the parents and the baby – whether you visit her studio in Indianapolis or choose a different location for your photo session.

As a wife and a mother herself, Megan understands the parents’ and babies’ needs, obviously making her an excellent choice for newborn photography. She's a fun person who loves doing Target runs, singing in the car, and binging Parks and Recreation. Megan also loves tacos, so we suggest bringing some if you hire her.

Raindancer Studios

Raindancer Studios specialize in producing baby girl photos. Most of their props are designed to create fun images of your newborn girl and create memories that would definitely make you feel joy and nostalgia when you look back at them in the future. Some of the themes they offer are Pretty in Pink, Sassy Leopard Style, and Indiana Hoosier Style.

The studio is led by Jill Howell, a very outgoing, friendly, and positive person. She's quite energetic and does her job well and with love. Her own 4 daughters helped her to hone her craft of making gorgeous newborn portraits. Jill also loves to travel, so you wouldn’t have a problem hiring her to do offsite photo shoots at your location of choice.

Leah Severson Portraits

Leah Severson is a top-notch Indianapolis photographer who specializes in newborn photography. She treats her clients like family, which is probably why every newborn photo is captured with love and passion for the subject and the craft. Leah wants to get personal and get to know her clients to make them feel comfortable, relaxed, and free from stress for all of her photo shoots.

If it is your first time hiring a photographer, Leah is an excellent choice because of her people skills and professionalism. She explains everything thoroughly and tries her best to make every client satisfied with her work.

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