Top 8 Newborn Photographers in Denver, CO

When your baby is born, it feels like the world stops for a moment. You take in their perfect toes and fingers, contented smiles, and little, fluttering yawns. Then, as the days go by, you notice they seem to get a little bigger, their eyes a little wider, their laughs a bit toothier—unfortunately, time doesn't seem to stop for long. Day by day, your little one is growing up.

While it's not quite the same as freezing time, there is one way to preserve those memories before they become fuzzy and faded in our brains: through photographs. Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture our babies as they grow into the little people we raise them to be.

Excited to pair up with professional newborn photographers in Denver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious bundle of joy.

Lucky Friday Studios

Kami Vanous is the owner and head photographer of Lucky Friday Studios. Kami's love for photography is as strong as her love for the ocean. She grew up by the sea, and similarly, her foray into photography started when she was just a young teenager.

25 years later, Kami continues to marvel at the world from behind her lens. As a newborn photographer, Kami prides herself on perfecting a clean and classic aesthetic that doesn't rely on props or over-styling. She prefers "baby-led" posing sessions, which produce pictures that most authentically capture your sleepy little one in their first few days in the world. With a gentle, relaxed lifestyle vibe to her photos, Kami ensures you end up with timeless photos that you will cherish.

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McGonzo Photo

Christina Gonzales is the owner and founder of McGonzo Photo. As a mother to two wonderful children, she knows all too well how fast time flies, especially during the baby stages. One day, your babies are small and tiny, and the next day they are trying out science experiments and sports with their own friends. Christina understands how important it is to preserve as many memories as possible with your children, starting from when they are babies.

You have the option of two kinds of newborn photographs with Christina: the first is the in-studio session, using gentle props and styling designed around your personal vision and taste. The second is a more relaxed session at home or outdoors, with minimal props and posing. Whichever you choose, you can be sure you will come away with beautiful photos that you can hang like artwork in your home.

Ana Ramalho Photography

Ana Ramalho infuses her photography with the fun-loving energy she brings from her homeland of Brazil. As a professional newborn photographer with nearly a decade of experience, Ana sees photography as more than a career. It's her calling and a true passion. She adores newborn photography because she loves babies and everything they mean: love, innocence, and the start of something new.

Ana's newborn photos help you tell the story of your little baby. Her in-studio photos are popular with clients for the wide array of props, outfits, and set styles she can set up for you, according to the personality of your little one. If a laid-back, comfy session is more your style, Ana also shoots incredible in-home lifestyle photos that include the entire family. Both will leave you with beautiful photos to hold onto for years to come.

Belinda Stephens Photography

Belinda is the owner and photographer of Belinda Stephens Photography. Belinda has been a newborn photographer for more than a decade, and her work has been featured in online publications showcasing her creative work and talent with newborns.

Belinda has an expansive studio dedicated to newborn photography. She has an array of props and outfits that will perfectly complement the set design and personality you want to portray in the shots. You don't need to worry about bringing anything yourself - just get ready for a delightful shoot.

Hillary Wheat Photography

Hillary describes herself as a photojournalist, and takes inspiration from her fiery, adventurous nature whenever she picks up her camera. As a mother to two kids, she understands the fascination we hold for our children, especially for our little babies. With more than 13 years of professional experience under her belt, it's easy to see why Hillary is one of the most beloved and sought-after newborn photographers in Denver.

Hillary puts newborn safety above everything in her photography sessions. You can choose to have your session in her home studio, where you have access to props, outfits, and set designs for a more creative look, or you can have an in-home session for more natural photos. Either way, Hillary will be there to help you make the most out of the session with your precious little one.

Brynmarae Photography

Bryn is the mom and wife behind the lens of Brynmarae Photography. Bryn specializes in newborn, family, and wedding photography, and often shoots alongside her husband, who shares her love for photography. Formerly a nurse, Bryn has followed her heart for the last few years and turned photography into her full-time career.

Bryn has a diverse style for newborn photography, so there's a choice for every kind of family out there. You can opt for an outdoor session with the family, an in-studio session with your choice of props and sets, or a lifestyle session in the comfort of your own home. Bryn will be there to help you capture these precious, fleeting moments with your baby.

Christina Dooley Photography

Christina Dooley is the owner and head photographer of her very own studio. A professional newborn photographer, Christina has been passionate about capturing newborns and their first few weeks of life. Throughout her career, she's made it a point to continuously educate herself on newborn safety, as well as creative tricks and techniques to deliver stunning newborn portraits for her clients.

You have several options for newborn photography sessions with her, which can all be discussed with Christina during your one-on-one consultation with her. Christina also offers packages that include the whole family for the photo session, a great time to get updated photos of your growing family in joy.

H&N Photography

Heather and her husband are the team behind H&N Photography. They specialize in maternity, family, and newborn photography, and they are well-known in the Denver area as being loved for their fun and creative photoshoots. In fact, several of their clients who have moved away from Denver continue to make the drive to see them, because they love the beautiful photos that Heather and her husband produce.

H&N Photography always strives to make every photo and every photo session meaningful. They have all the props and themes you'd like available at their studio to perfectly customize the session for you and your little one. If you want a simpler yet still stylish portrait session for your family - they can definitely accommodate that too.

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