Best Newborn Photographers in Daytona Beach, FL

Best Newborn Photographers in Daytona Beach, FL

With babies, it always feels like time moves just a little too quickly. One day they have precious little hands and feet - then suddenly, they're toddlers running around and soon teenagers ready to fly the coop. Make the most out of each moment with your baby while they're still small and tender by commissioning beautiful newborn portrait photography that will last a lifetime.

Newborn portrait photography is more than just cute props and sets; safety is always the utmost priority when working with infants. This is why you need to choose a professional newborn photographer who has experience in handling newborns and knows how to make a newborn session fun and memorable, without compromising on safety.

Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Daytona Beach? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your precious baby.

Deb's Classic Photography

Debbie Amatucci is a professional wedding and portrait photographer with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Throughout her long career, Debbie has photographed hundreds of weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions, and has also produced stunning portrait photography for engagements, maternity, families, and of course, babies.

Deb understands how much your little one will change during their first year of life. She believes there's no better way to preserve those precious moments than through professional portrait photography. To preserve the intimacy of the session, Deb can bring the studio to you—she'll come equipped with backdrops, studio lights, and props. This way, she can capture the perfect photo of your baby and family in a comfortable setting.

Crystal Lens Photography

Crystal Getty is the owner and head photographer of Crystal Lens Photography, a studio in Daytona that specializes in newborn photography. This photographer brings a fine art style to newborn portraits, capturing babies and families in beautifully-styled photos that will help you preserve this special moment in your baby's journey.

As a mother herself, Crystal knows what it feels like to watch babies grow up into children, and children into adults—she knows what it's like to want to freeze time and catalog every moment. That is why Crystal is passionate about newborn photography, and why she strives to make the experience for every family that comes through her doors a memorable, safe, and exciting one.

Port Orange Photo

Port Orange Photo is the brainchild of David and Marin, a husband-and-wife duo with a love for photography that is bringing beautiful family, maternity, and newborn portraiture to Florida homes. David and Marin are passionate about sharing their talent for photography with parents looking to capture and document the journey of their growing family.

Port Orange offers three kinds of newborn portrait photography: studio, outdoor, and "Fresh48" photograph. Studio photography is done in their own photography studio with stylized backdrops, sets, props, and outfits. Outdoor portraits are more relaxed, but may still be done with props to bring an element of fun into the photo. Fresh48 photos are typically done in the family's home during the first two days of your baby's life. Whichever you choose, you can trust David and Marin to honor the beauty of new life with their portraits.

Beayond Magical Photography

Beayond Magical Photography is a luxury photography business that provides classic, elegant portrait services to families in Daytona Beach. Founded by Bea, a highly-experienced portrait photographer specializing in black and white, lifestyle newborn, family, children, and maternity photography (among others). Beayond Magical is bringing children and newborn photography to new heights.

When booking portrait sessions with Bea, it's important to keep in mind that her goal is not just to take a photo. Her vision is to give you a bespoke portrait experience, and to come out of the engagement with beautiful artwork that you can proudly hang and display in your home. Bea will be with you every step of the way as you invest in timeless artwork of your gorgeous baby.

Cris Passos Photography

Cris Passos is a self-taught portrait photographer and the founder of Cris Passos Photography. Originally from Fortaleza, Brazil, Cris moved to the US in 2001, where she took up more serious pursuits in her lifelong hobby of photography. After becoming a mother, Cris appreciated even more how powerful photography could be in helping you preserve and record each milestone of your child. Since then, she has wanted to impart that power to parents of newborns in Florida.

Cris' portraits have a romantic, whimsical feel to them. While she uses props (which are often handcrafted.) and studio arrangements, she still strives to use natural light to accentuate your baby's features, and bring a softness to the photographs. Cris's genuine love for what she does shines through her photos, with every picture a family keepsake.

Andrea Colombi Photography

Andrea Colombi is a fine art photographer who loves to celebrate motherhood, expectant mothers, and precious newborns through stunning and timeless portraits. A mother to three children herself, Andrea draws constant inspiration from her own family. She creates each portrait session with the same love and passion she feels photographing her own babies.

With over 6 years of professional experience, Andrea is highly skilled in both the technical and safety aspects of newborn photography. You can trust Andrea to conduct all sessions in a safe and relaxed atmosphere that allows for the most natural, timeless photos you will lovingly look back on years into the future.

Kossina Creative Photography

Amanda Kossina is the owner and head photographer of Kossina Creative Photography. Amanda founded Kossina Creative in 2014, after over 15 years of professional experience in TV production for channels like Nickelodeon, Disney, and ABC. Together with her team, Amanda brings a luxurious boutique portrait experience to mothers, families, and parents of newborns in the Florida area.

Newborn sessions are one of Amanda's favorite sessions to photograph, and she certainly displays it in the meticulous and well-composed portraits one sees on her social media accounts. Amanda does all newborn sessions in the Kossina Creative boutique studio, where a wide array of props, sets, outfits, and more are available to help bring your vision of a newborn shoot to life.

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