Top Newborn Photographers in Baltimore, MD

Top Newborn Photographers in Baltimore, MD

If you are anticipating the arrival of a new baby, you may start looking for a newborn photographer during your pregnancy. You may review several photographers to find the specific style you want for your baby’s first photos. Professional newborn photos make great gifts for relatives and look great on birth announcements.

A photographer that works with newborns often can help you plan your photo session around your baby’s schedule and can help keep your baby calm. Ready to start your search for newborn photographers in Baltimore? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your bundle of joy.

Melissa Charles

Melissa Charles works exclusively with newborns and has very specific guidelines to help you plan your photo session. These guidelines include scheduling your session during your second trimester and planning photos when your baby is 7-14 days old. She allows over three hours per session to allow time for comforting or feeding your baby.

Charles also travels to her clients, making it easier on tired new moms. Newborn babies may also react better to the experience in the comfort of their own home. You can expect an enjoyable and gentle experience with Melissa.

Chana Mirel

Chana Mirel creates newborn photos with a classical appearance. You can choose from a variety of props, wraps, and clothing for your little one’s first photo shoot. Mirel uses these items to add creativity, while also keeping the photos simple enough to let your baby’s beauty shine through.

As a mom, Chana has plenty of experience with babies, as well. Clients can also include siblings or other family members in the newborn photo session.

Elisheva Kutner

Elisheva Kutner started perfecting newborn photography when she was pregnant with her own baby boy. She produced stupendous galleries of her own son and has offered professional services in Maryland since 2018.

With an in-home studio and plenty of props, Kutner can help create your dream photos of your newborn. Kutner’s schedule fills up fast, so she suggests you book your newborn session two or three months ahead of time. Bookings for newborns remain limited each month to ensure each client gets a quality experience.

Katrina Viara

Katrina Viara can start capturing memories during your pregnancy and continue with newborn photos. The first year of your baby’s life goes fast, so planning ahead for milestone pictures works best. Viara can help you plan the right time for your newborn photo shoot and for the upcoming months. Clients can choose from three different types of sessions to fit their lifestyle and budget.

Sessions in Viara’s in-home studio range from 1-4 hours and include all props and outfits. Plan these sessions with a baby up to two weeks old to get the best poses with a sleepy newborn. Viara also offers a lifestyle session in the client’s home to capture everyday moments with newborns up to six weeks old.

Danny Weiser

Danny Weiser believes all pictures tell a story and offers a wide variety of services for special events. One of these events is the special addition of a baby to your family.

Weiser specializes in lifestyle newborn photo sessions, often in the comfort of the client's home. These galleries can work well for a larger age range in case you need a session after the first two weeks. This way Danny can capture your favorite everyday moments, such as feeding or playing with your baby.

Lauren Piccolo

Lauren Piccolo isn’t just a business woman, she wants to get to know each of her clients. Piccolo’s goal is to get your baby's burgeoning personality to show in the gallery.

With Lauren, you can expect to have fun during your session. With a variety of specialities, this photo artist can capture your newborn experience and continue to document your family as it grows.

Ana Koska

Ana Koska has everything you need for a newborn photo session in her studio. All you need to do is bring your newborn at two weeks old or younger. You can choose from a variety of headbands, wraps, and props to make your newborn photos unique. Koska’s newborn photos show the natural sweetness of a new baby.

You can choose from three different photo packages with different prices and number of prints. Many of Koska’s clients also include parents or siblings included in the newborn session, customized by you and yours.

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