Outer Banks Beach Wedding

The Outer Banks of North Carolina serve as inspiration for this wedding photo shoot. But we can also picture this wedding in any beach setting – anywhere in the world!

One of the images we are drawn to for its sheer beauty is the wedding cake. It’s incredible! The entire setting is truly beautiful and the colours chosen make the best use of the sandy dunes.

Food for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

When you’re having a beach wedding there is always a bit of an issue when it comes to food and having elaborate meals - after all, no one wants sand whipping up into their dinner, do they?

That being said, with such a laid-back and chilled wedding, you wouldn’t necessarily be wanting a formal wedding dinner anyway. Instead, why not embrace your beautiful surroundings and enjoy the relaxing wedding atmosphere that you’ve created with a beach barbecue (depending on restrictions of course). This way everyone can get to know each other and have a good time without unnecessary formality.

Table Setting Style for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

In terms of table setting, you’re really going to want to embrace the elements of your Outer Banks surroundings and bring those textures in to bring your vision to life. Start with a nice reclaimed wooden table with some character to it. You might even opt for one without high legs so your guests can sit on cushions or blankets on the beach.

You can layer crocheted or hessian textural elements in place of traditional linens to give that washed up on the shore chic look to your table setting style. Finish the look with mix and match crockery and stemware that look like they’re either made of sea glass or have been discovered in shipwrecks.

Budget for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

As with many different kinds of weddings, there are plenty of ways that you can save money. Conversely, there are plenty of ways to completely overspend your budget if you’re not careful. Although an Outer Banks Beach Wedding looks like quite an affordable, low key option, there are ways to blow the budget here.

As it’s quite a touristy place, it can be difficult to find a secluded patch of beach to cordon off for a ceremony and reception, so this kind of venue hire might come at a premium. That being said, this cost can be offset by a lower headcount, which always brings the prices down.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

Okay, it’s time to get to the big ticket items! It’s time to talk about your dream Outer Banks Beach Wedding dress. When it comes to beachy wedding dresses they normally follow a laid-back, boho kind of feel that looks effortless.

These dresses often have a fitted bodice and a nice floaty, flowing bottom half that mimics the ebb and flow of the ocean and allows the bride to glide effortlessly across the sand without being tripped by a long train or layers upon layers of puffy tulle. Easy, breezy and elegant are the phrases we want to keep in mind here.

Bridesmaid Dresses for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

Although primarily Outer Banks Beach Weddings (if taking place at a destination far from home) tend to be elopements, there is definitely scope for you to bring some of your best friends along to celebrate your big day in a more intimate way than a traditional large wedding.

For the bridesmaids' outfits, consider natural tones that reflect the environment around you. Things like sage greens to match the foliage and seafoam, some burnt oranges to reflect the beautiful Outer Banks sunsets, or creams to match the sands and reeds in the dunes all around you. Make sure the dresses aren’t too long so they can walk in flats or barefoot on the beach.

Menswear for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

When it comes to the menswear around your Outer Banks Beach Wedding, you’re going to want to keep things a little bit less formal than your regular, run of the mill wedding. That means leaving the tuxedo and the rigid suit jacket at home and opting for something more comfortable, low key and casual.

Instead of going for a dark colour like navy or black that will jar against the overarching lightness of your Outer Banks Beach Wedding scheme, stick to greys, creams and lighter colours paired with a crisp white shirt for a classic and timeless beach wedding look, ready for a barefoot stroll.

Portrait Props for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

As you’ve chosen such a beautiful location for your wedding, it would be a shame not to utilize your surroundings for your portrait shots. Think about using driftwood elements to sit on with your new spouse and look out at the beautiful sunset in front of you.

Alternatively, you can get plenty of close-up shots using the softness of the sand leaving footprints on the beach, or writing your new names in the sand complete with shiny new wedding rings on your fingers. It’s all about bringing the joyful, relaxed vibe of your Outer Banks Beach Wedding into your photos for you to look back on in years to come.

Ceremony Decor for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

In terms of ceremony decor for your Outer Banks Beach Wedding, it’s all about using the beauty of your chosen wedding venue and bringing that feeling into your decorations so that your guests can fully experience your vision.

Think about aspects like driftwood or reclaimed wood as altar features or signposts for your ceremony. You can also utilize the native flora and fauna to bring some softness to your Outer Banks Beach Wedding which will help to balance out the harshness of the wooden elements. You chose this location for a reason, all you need to do with your decor is enhance the natural beauty that’s already there.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

The majority of the time, when you’re choosing your wedding reception music and entertainment, it’s largely down to the personal preference of you and your new spouse. However, with an Outer Banks Beach Wedding, you want to match the vibe that you’ve worked so hard to create.

With this in mind, think about having an acoustic cover band or a soulful, chilled out playlist that amplifies the feeling that you want you, your new spouse and your guests to have when they’re enjoying your reception. You want to compliment your Outer Banks Beach Wedding theme, not fight against it with a clashing brass band or eccentric DJ.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for an Outer Banks Beach Wedding

If you’re having a beach wedding, nine times out of ten, it’s going to be outdoors. However, especially when you’re in somewhere so popular as Outer Banks, there are a few things that you’re going to want to consider from a logistical point of view.

Make sure you check the tide times not only for your ceremony times but for the amount of time you’re going to need to set up, get your guests down there and pack up all your decor and details. You don’t want to get trapped by the tide or be running around when things inevitably run over time.

Natural Outer Banks Beach Wedding

From Amanda Hedgepeth Photography – “The Outer Banks is home to 37,000 permanent residents a year, but it brings in a quarter of a million WEEKLY in the summer tourist season! There is a reason we see license plates all the way from places like Canada, New York and Ohio… this place is magical.

When you cross the Wright Memorial Bridge, you can breathe differently if you crack those car windows just enough and let the salt air in. So many little girls see weddings take place on the beach here and dream of being that bride. This neutral, elegant, and golden wedding shoot encompasses all of the beauty of the elements we all fall in love with that uniquely make up what the Outer Banks.”

Driftwood wedding ceremony arch | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Gold cutlery | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Clear and gold wedding invitations | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Pampas grass bouquet | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Driftwood wedding ideas | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Pampas grass bridal bouquet | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

From Amanda Hedgepeth Photography – “From the dune fencing to the driftwood arch while using mixed textures within the florals and within the furniture and details, the Outer Banks vibe can be seen. It’s inspiring and classy but down-to-Earth and whimsical just as you would describe the Outer Banks.

The bride is cheerful and full of laughter but elegant and romantic at the same time. We adored putting this together and showcasing the potential an Outer Banks intimate wedding can have!”

Peacock whicker chairs | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Sea glass wedding ideas | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Driftwood wedding ceremony arch | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Billowy wedding dress | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Velum wedding invitations | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Outer banks beach wedding details | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Halo diamond engagement ring | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

“Other details: Martina Liana Corset and Skirt separates allowed the bride to the freedom have the classic sparkle and beading in her bodice, and dreamy and flow skirt that gorgeously billowed in the wind.

The cake was made with so much love and thoughtfulness as Whipped Up by Mimi added every shard of candy, in the form of seals, by hand. She then added gold leaf to the top two tiers of the cake to promote a feeling of sophisticated ease, while paying homage to the coral found in our beautiful oceans.”

Ombre wedding cake | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Gold calligraphy wedding menu | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Driftwood wedding ceremony arch | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Outer banks natural beach wedding | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Sea glass inspired wedding cake | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Beach lounge area | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Gold and neutral wedding invitations | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Driftwood wedding ceremony arbor | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Outer Banks wedding | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

“The invitations made by the Prairie Letter Shop enforced the juxtaposition of hard and soft textures on the calligraphed invitations and menu cards, which were sheets of graceful vellum applied to thin blocks of wood as a hard surface.

The wicker chairs made the bride and groom look like royalty, while adding to the carefree ambience of this sophisticated beach wedding. The bride sought a different kind of bouquet that paid tribute to the natural feel of the Outer Banks, so a few gorgeous neutral florals adorned to textural pampas grass were tied with streamers of ribbons that flowed beautifully with the bride’s attire!”

Credits: Photography: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography // Event Planning: Heart’s Content Events and Design // Rentals: I Do OBX Chairs // Design & Décor: Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals and Styling // Dress: Martina Liana from Pure English Couture Bridal // Calligraphy: Prairie Letter Shop // Beauty: Glimmer Weddings // Ring Box: The Mrs Box // Cake: Whipped Up By Mimi LLC // Tabletop: Waterford Event Rentals // Location: Outer Banks in North Carolina.