Light Green Wedding

You’ll want to get inspiration from the gowns shown in this photo shoot, we can assure you of that. But first, draw from the images and imagine a wedding ceremony in the green mist. Magical!

Colour Palettes for a Light Green Wedding

Light green is a fantastic, natural, soothing shade to opt for as a primary wedding colour. Green symbolises balance, harmony, and new beginnings. However, green shades need to be paired with others to stand out like many single tones. Having everything in light green at your wedding may make it look bland without any pop. Instead, a tasteful addition of other colours will enhance the palette and ensure the ceremony and reception décor look gorgeous.

Some excellent colour palettes for light green are often blush and grey. You can have a beautiful mix of delicate green leaves, napkins, ribbons, blush-coloured floral arrangements, grey chair covers, table runners, and more. You could also pair light green with dusty or navy blue. Light green and tan or beige also look extremely elegant.

Details for a Light Green Wedding

Light green weddings can look gorgeous with planning. Take this beautiful colour and use it to complement other aspects of the wedding. From catered drinks to table décor, light green can be impactful. The trick with a single-colour wedding theme is to pull back during the planning process. It is effortless to go overboard and get everything in green. As we mentioned, taking this pretty hue and pairing it in just the right way makes the statement you want.

When planning the wedding, you must speak to the venue in advance about decoration arrangements, lighting, and other special considerations you may have. In fact, choosing a venue that can be brought alive with green is ideal.

Table Setting Style for a Light Green Wedding

Once you’ve narrowed down your initial two or three complementary colours like light green, teal, sage, or blue, you should start planning the table setting style. Since it is easy to incorporate light green with floral centrepieces, succulents, mason jars with mint leaves, and more, you should concentrate on the other aspects of the table.

Champagne glasses with gold rims, green or gray table runners and napkins, placeholders tied with pieces of light green ribbons or a vine, a centre table décor made out of French leafy cabbage, or other unique ideas will help make the table look elegant. You could also have a selection of greens on the table for nibbling on like iced lettuce, thin slices of cucumbers on ice, green apple martinis or Moscow Mules in Mason jars, and more.

What to Look for in Venue for a Light Green Wedding

Considering the wedding theme, an outdoor venue will lend natural beauty and complimenting elements that will help bring the ceremony and reception together. However, if you want to opt for a contemporary venue or a banquet hall, you could do that too. It is essential to remember that you may have to decorate more for the light green wedding theme.

While you consider several magical options for the wedding, you should also think of other aspects of the ceremony venue like shade, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, and accommodation for guests. The wedding and reception venues should not be far from each other, but you may have to organise transport for your guests if they are.

Budget for a Light Green Wedding

The wedding budget for a light green wedding can be as large or small as you wish. Having a wedding theme severely curtails additional wedding expenditure on décor and other items since they might not fit with the wedding theme. When planning the budget, you should start by setting a chunk aside for the rental of the venue.

Apart from the ceremony venue, you would also have to consider lighting, music, entertainment, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, furniture rental, décor, bartender, service staff, and alcohol. Allocating the funds to relevant overheads can help sort all the finances and ensure you have everything up and running beforehand.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Light Green Wedding

A light green themed wedding does not necessarily mean light green wedding gowns. However, suppose this is something you may want to consider. In that case, there are several light green wedding dresses to choose from, like the Springs Waves Collection from Leanne M. The gorgeous green wedding dresses are layered in a style reminiscent of the swiss chard/ leafy cabbage style with multiple leaves. They are unique, attractive, and looked absolutely fabulous on the runway!

If you want to opt for a white or ivory shade wedding dress, you can select one with vintage lace, a sweetheart neckline, and lots of tulle to make you look like an ethereal, magical fairy walking in the forest. Accessories should be diamonds, and a vintage hair clip should complete your look with minimal makeup.

Wedding Invitations for a Light Green Wedding

While the key elements of the time, place, and date should be included in the wedding invitations, it is necessary to have other must-haves like the wedding theme. Incorporating the light green colour on all the cards and adding elements like seasonal flowers, watercolour illustrations, leaves, accents, calligraphy, and more will make the theme prominent.

Dark pink and light green calligraphy designs with green background and a profusion of blooms on the cards are exquisite. You could also think of adding a bridal arch in pale green with a few burgundy blooms or brown and light green dual alternating tones as the backdrop of the invitation.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Light Green Wedding

Since the colour green symbolises harmony, the wedding cake should also be a beautiful blend of light green with other colours. A plain white multi-tiered wedding cake with ombre green butterflies on one entire side would look extremely elegant and keep in line with the wedding theme.

A light green icing cake with three tiers will also look gorgeous. On the lowest tier, you could ask for large icing flowers in gold or white icing, and on the middle and top layers, you could opt for white lacework to add beauty and simplicity. A mint green hand painted cake with floral motifs and a stunning cake topper would also look fabulous.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Light Green Wedding

Outdoor locations are usually green. However, if you plan a green beach wedding, you may have to do a little decoration. For example, if you plan to exchange your vows beachside, you could have a wedding arch made of light green leaves with a few coral and peach blooms.

If you plan a woodland wedding, there is very little you may need to add for the green colour, but you could add a significant succulent backdrop beneath a shaded tree to keep with the wedding theme. Depending on which outdoor location you choose, you may have to adjust the décor to fit the theme. However, having a little of your selected colour during your wedding ceremony will look gorgeous.

Favours and Gifts for a Light Green Wedding

Wedding favours are an excellent way to thank guests for attending your special day. As a token of your appreciation, you could consider giving each guest a small succulent. Succulents are excellent houseplants. They require very little water and are low maintenance. They also look gorgeous on bookshelves or on tables as centrepieces.

If you want to consider natural gifts, then a packet of flowering seeds, some green soy candles, a bar of aloe vera soap tied with a ribbon, small pots of flavored honey, aromatherapy candles, or oils of lavender, and more will be great. While the gifts can be light green, you could just wrap them all in light green paper and ensure each guest receives one.

Mountain Mist

light green wedding inspiration board

Inspiration can truly come from anywhere. From the creator of the stunning green dress in this wedding inspiration board, Leanne Marshall (Project Runway Season 5 Winner) the inspiration for it came from a garden in the French countryside:

“I was inspired while on my vacation to France this summer. No, not on the typical things you might think, such as the Eiffel Tower or Champs-Élysées, but in a garden in Southern France where I found a lovely leafy-cabbage/Swiss chard-ish type plant growing with beautiful leaves and colours. In the past year I have been indulging in eating all kinds of greens and them as well, so this was something that just seemed like a natural fit.Something that is beautiful on the outside, and makes all us healthier within.”

Leanne Marshall has some pretty stunning one-of-a-kind bridal looks bridal looks available and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you:

Leanne Marshall Project Runway

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Leanne Marshall Project Runway

If you love the misty green look of this inspiration board you’ll probably also adore: shamrocks.

Credits: photo credits: mist on the mountainside, cake and white bouquet < from 100 Layer Cake, Moscow Mule cocktails in mason jars (with recipe), invitation suite < from Jessica Bishop Paperie, succulents < via Grey Likes Weddings, bouquet < via Wedding Wire, dress & quote from Leanne.