Copper Wedding Decor

While some wedding trends come and go, the trend of copper wedding decor has been sticking around for a remarkably long time. Capitalizing on the popularity of rose gold and the metallic theme that works so well in all types of wedding venues, from industrial to manor houses and everything in between, having copper wedding decor is a great way to bring some shine and color to your big day.

There are many ways to incorporate this copper decor trend into your wedding, depending on your overarching wedding theme. The key here is to balance your copper wedding decor alongside all your other wedding elements. Copper is a strong, bold option, so it’s important to keep this in mind as you try and integrate this trend into your beautiful wedding.

Not sure how to bring this amazing copper wedding decor trend into this incredible occasion? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this guide. Let’s dive in!


As with anything metallic, it’s really important to think about the texture of your copper wedding decor elements and how they work with everything else in your wedding scheme. For example, if you’re having an industrial themed wedding, or have a wedding venue with a lot of harsher features like exposed brick or reclaimed wood, you might want to lessen the amount of metal or copper decor and balance them with softer textiles.

Whether you’re going for a glossy, metallic shine with your copper wedding decor or opting for a matte finish, you need to juxtapose any detail against a softer finish. This gives the impression of a cohesive overall look that’s been carefully considered and curated. Decor is as much about feel as it is about the look of a place.


Your choice of light is really important when it comes to this copper wedding decor trend. After all, with its unique shine, it can really bounce the light and illuminate the space around it, so you don’t want it focusing on the wrong area. Similarly, if you’re going with a matte effect, you want enough light around the decor to make it stand out and serve its purpose.

This is a super important thing to think about, especially if you’re having your wedding ceremony or reception outdoors. If this is the case, you can use more copper elements as long as you give them plenty of light and space to breathe. If your venue is indoors, use them more sparingly and ensure a lot of white space to balance out the color and darker lighting.

Natural Elements

Whatever your wedding theme is, there are always a lot of natural elements that come into play. Most of the time this comes from the floral elements, but also through the different textures that we’ve mentioned above. Some are softer than others, for example, if you have a lot of lace or linen in your reception decor scheme, you can pair it with more copper detailing as it brings the balance back into the decor.

Planning for your wedding to be an outdoor event? Copper wedding decor can work beautifully! Flowers and copper go really well as it’s not a color that you often see in nature. Juxtaposing the lush greens and soft petals with a shiny, bright, luxurious copper plant pot or setting creates a powerful impact on your wedding venue and your guests. Green and rose gold are the perfect partners, so make sure you take full advantage!


Look, we all know how expensive weddings can be, especially if you’re committing to a theme. If you’re adding lots of little decor elements, it can add up in price pretty quickly. The best thing to do is try and get as many second-hand, big ticket items as you can. This way you can get the most bang for your buck.

Another way to reduce your budget is to try and do some of the decor yourself rather than buying everything, but more about that in a minute. With copper being a super popular decor look, both in the world of weddings and in interior design on a wider scale, it should be pretty easy to pick up items second-hand, or as a bulk load from a previous wedding or big event.


Speaking of trying to reduce your budget, the easiest way to get your dream copper wedding decor look on a dime is to do it yourself. Upcycling is a massive part of modern weddings with us all trying to achieve a champagne event on a prosecco budget. Copper paint, whether it’s glossy, matte or even chalk paint, is now widely available and can be bought for a relatively affordable price.

Similarly, if you buy some copper wire from your local hardware store, there are a lot of cool statement pieces that can be achieved with just this humble material, some pliers, and some patience! There are a lot of great do-it-yourself decor tutorials online that you can check out and find which ones will work for your wedding.

The best places to start looking are probably Pinterest and YouTube. Take some time and have a look through and see what’s doable for your skill level and the amount of time that you can afford to give up.

Pick Your Details

As with any bold and statement-style piece of decor, the trick is to moderate the quantity so that it doesn’t look over the top or tacky. That’s exactly what we don’t want when we’re talking about dream weddings. Take everything that we’ve spoken about into consideration and pick your details carefully so that they make the biggest impact possible for the amount of space they take up.

If you’re going for a copper inspired archway altar moment, perhaps don’t have copper colored bridesmaid dresses as well. If you’re upcycling the chair legs in a chic copper hue, make sure that there’s plenty of white space between that and the copper decor details that sit on top of your wedding reception tables.

Mauves and mules

From Cami of Treasured Heart Events – “Floral design has always been an interest among my team at Treasured Heart Events. Rather than just do a simple floral design class ourselves, we partnered with Blushington Blooms to create a workshop, which quickly turned into a mini-styled shoot located at the BRIK Venue, a growing venue in downtown Fort Worth, Texas!”

Moscow mule | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauves and Mules workshop | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Moscow Mule station | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Floral design workshop | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Moscow mule bar table | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Copper pineapple drink | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Floral workshop | Rebecca Ellison Photography

From Cami of Treasured Heart Events – “Inspired by the copper trends within decor, we decided to focus on mauve tones that accent copper, and the perfect cocktail for this is, of course, a Moscow mule! We couldn’t just do any simple mule; we decided on a sweet blackberry mule, with hints of mint and lime. These colors went perfectly with the copper decor. We couldn’t resist adding in some fun flair with copper pineapple glasses.”

Moscow mules | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Moscow mule recipe | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauve wedding | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauve wedding details | Rebecca Ellison Photography

“We don’t do cliche here, so we opted to learn how to decorate an elevated arch we handcrafted. We used hydrangeas, roses and Queen Anne’s lace, along with greenery to craft an elegant head table topper. Jayla and Brandi from Blushington Blooms led the class, showing how-tos, giving tips and tricks, and discussing floral trends, such as a growing desire for greenery. Just when we thought the class was wrapping up, my intern Cami asked about a floral crown, so we also learned how to piece together a floral crown!

After the floral class, we showed our guests how to style a head table, placing copper details, candles, and acrylic place cards with wine corks on the table to accent the freshly decorated arch.”

Moscow mule bar cart | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauve wedding details | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauve flower crown | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauve bridesmaids dress | Rebecca Ellison Photography

“We didn’t just stop there. While in the floral design workshop, our model was with Meagan, cosmetology extraordinaire, getting her hair and makeup done. She wore a figure-flattering mauve toned dress, donned a floral crown and carried a blackberry mule with pride.

The model’s exquisite features, the jaw-dropping dress and Rebecca Ellison’s photography angles provided a fresh perspective on the floral designs and copper-themed decor.

Elegant, unique, fresh, feminine, trendy and fun; what more could you want!”

Moscow mule | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Lavender Queen Anne's Lace | Rebecca Ellison Photography
Mauves and mules workshop | Rebecca Ellison Photography

Credits: Photography: Rebecca Ellison // Coordination: Treasured Heart Events // Florals: Blushington Blooms // Hair & Makeup: Meg B. // Venue: BRIK Venue in Fort Worth, Texas.