Moroccan Themed Wedding

Moroccan Themed Wedding

The colours in this Moroccan themed wedding are sensational! Gold, orange, and blue are standouts that draw you to the images. We see the Moroccan influence displayed in such a way that any bride can take the bits and pieces she likes to use. Or, be inspired to emulate the wedding in every detail!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

Moroccan weddings are aesthetically pleasing mostly because of their outdoor exotic locations. Due to Morocco's excellent weather, most couples like to exchange their vows outdoors. Morocco is considered a magical place for destination weddings and why not, because they offer the most enchanting locations ranging from beautiful woods to glorious mountains.

The magnificent architectural designs, beaches, deserts, and mountains will leave you in awe. If you want to make your special day unforgettable, hunt for a venue that features deep olive trees lined with lanterns. If you are into mountains then you can choose the stunning location that gives you and your guests a panoramic view of mountain tops.

Beach-side weddings are also the talk of the town because Morocco remains sunny throughout the year. The blend of moderate weather combined with Mediterranean breezes is a perfect duo.

Colour Palette for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

Moroccan weddings are often a fusion of brass and natural copper shades. You can choose to have a wide array of colour palettes but the most common shades are soft earthy tones like soil brown, deep leafy greens, marigold, rust, and rock grey, or sherbet textures which include colours like bright orange with undertones of gold.

These subdued shades can be contrasted with bold, luscious colours to create a light-hearted and warm vibe. Throw in a wide range of sherbet brights through floral centrepieces and meticulously crafted crockery alongside metal decoration pieces and colourful tablescapes.

Ceremony Decor for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

Moroccan themed wedding ceremonies are all about fine details and chic decor. You can set the mood by adding tea light lanterns to your tables as centrepieces or you could use stylish mirror tiled hurricane candle holders that go well with your wedding colours. Instead of using plain chairs, use silk fabric for floor cushions paired with matching beaded and pearl-sown table runners.

If you have planned an outdoor event, like this couple, then you can infuse subtle earthy tones with small, vibrant flowers and woven rugs. Use wooden pieces, like side tables, to create a raw and natural look.

Adorn glass tables with white ceramic plates, bordered with gold, and place exotic fruits in them. You can use sheer, dazzling drapery around your dining area to enhance the subtropical climate and enjoy the sea breeze.

Food for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

Love is the food that can fuel two souls but it's the food at a wedding that can fuel your guests' energy. While you may have butterflies in your stomach, the guests will be looking forward to the food.

A traditional Moroccan themed wedding starts by serving juicy dates on patterned brass platters and a small glass of mint tea or almond milk, rich in flavour, and bursting with hints of orange water in your mouth. Dinner is followed by the lovely couple's entrance, and usually includes scrumptious grilled meat served with savory sauce cooked with saffron, an element that goes perfectly with the wedding theme.

There are several types of juice, alcohol-free, served with toppings of lemon slices. And for desserts, there is a beautiful assortment of hand-cut, in-season fruits presented in copper and gold circular platters.

Table Decor for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

An embroidered tangerine and blue-coloured piece of fabric can be used to spread over decor tables. Flowers can add elegance and colour to any space, especially when arranged in a beautiful vase. Bunch up a couple of dainty daisies and lilies in unique flower vases made out of clay. Artificial gold flowers can also be used as decoration.

To make the dining table appear fuller, add mini vintage glass vases and fill them up with white and red roses.  Make use of traditional Moroccan tableware; a brass tray topped with reflective gold cutlery laid above a vibrant napkin and traditionally-designed dinner plate. Add blue, green, and yellow-coloured glassware to serve drinks in style!

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

In this enchanting Moroccan themed wedding, the bride can be seen wearing a champagne-base wedding gown adorned with gold sequined details and a sweetheart neckline. Simply perfect!
The primary colours for a Moroccan themed wedding dress are green, gold, and colours that are muted and flat in emulation of natural textures.

There are fine pieces of gold rings, bracelets, and head jewellery entwined with the simplest braided hairstyle. All of these ornaments are a fusion of ancient history and deep meaning, representing the Moroccan culture.

The bride changes into a series of outfits with illusions of length and trumpet flairs. Whereas the groom gets two outfit changes. The couple's ensemble reflects their family origins using embroidery, silk threads, and other embellishments.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

Flowers are the stars of any wedding ceremony not only because they set the right mood but also because their radiance gives off a fresh and lively vibe. Bright blooms explode on the feast table and capture us in the complementing hues of sherbet red, tangy orange, and charming shades of blue.

Bright-coloured hand bouquets and boutonnieres are the go-to choices to complement the wedding location and theme. Spring flowers come in handy courtesy of their delicate and airy feel. A special bouquet with different types of flowers is arranged for the bride. Ranunculus, clematis, Icelandic poppies, lilies, and roses are the commonly chosen blooms.

Groom Style for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

In a Moroccan themed wedding, men mostly go for djellaba; a costume made with soft silk or satin fabric in white or cream colour that reflects purity and spirituality. It is usually combined with a cap and has small front handmade buttons.

Another groom's style consists of a long tunic ending right above their knees and paired with matching pants. This outfit is called 'the jabador' and has intricate embroidery and gold ornaments. It gives them a royal look and is cut out of a lightweight yet luxurious silk fabric.

Some men prefer to wear a western 3-piece suit. For that, the key shades are rustic brown, white, or rock grey with a floral lapel pin, tucked neatly inside their suit pocket.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Moroccan Themed Wedding

The flowing seawater paired with an exotic backdrop of olive branches stemming from rustic, tall woods, and gigantic sea stones make up for the most stunning wedding photo shoot setup. Add a handful of wildflowers for a burst of colour and you're all saddled up for an artistic photo shoot.

This fabulous couple made full use of their surroundings by climbing the rocks and halfway submerging into the sea, to click the most alluring photographs. Make sure to capture portraits as well as close-up shots to seize the smallest of details of not only your environment but also your outfits, accessories, and decor. Close in on the diamonds on your finger and let the golden hour reflect on it.

Ask your photographer to use wide-angle shots to capture the beauty of your surroundings and make your wedding photographs extra magical!

Portrait Props for Moroccan a Themed Wedding

A burst of colourful joy is exactly what a wedding photoshoot needs especially if the wedding theme is in earthy shades.

To capture the exquisite vibe, there have to be certain pieces that are perfectly curated and on point. For this shoot, the props used for portraits are mostly flowers, ceramic pots, glass tables, and a few wedding accessories.

To get completely into the magic, vases of every shape, coloured candles, traditional lanterns, fairy lights, mixed with pampas grass, and living statues can add a bit of life, bling, and charm to the wedding party. Don't forget to add silk pillows and rugs made with stunning textiles and colours. Add an extra luxe touch by using gilded pieces and glimmering crystals!

Moroccan wedding ideas

I love it when couples bring a little of their favourite places to their own wedding and today’s editorial shoot from Donny Zavala Photography does exactly that! With Moroccan-inspired details this creative team turned a river gorge in Oregon into an exotic paradise.

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Moroccan-themed weddings are such delights. The gold wedding dress and headpiece are the perfect styling compliments for an adventurous bride. Add some antique props, fruits, and a gorgeous setting and it’s pure magic.

From Donny Zavala Photography – “An amazing amount of talent came together to make this wedding inspiration shoot happen. I hope that it leaves you touched and inspired! The weather was warm and sunny, the wind was blowing and the location was out of this world. As a photographer it’s often that we dream of pulling off such a shoot!”

Credits: Photography: Donny Zavala Photography // Floral Design: Laura Gifford of Gifford’s Flowers // Props and Styling: Pilar Llo of Vintage Mingle // Hair and Makeup: Jasmine Sara Thomas of Blossom and Beauty // Jewelry: Sarah Mulder // Gold Wedding Dress: Badgley Mischka // Models: Aaron Kinnes and Emily Childers // Location: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.