Moroccan Oasis Wedding

The way air plants are used in this inspirational shoot really does show their versatility and how well they can work in a wedding setting. Their use gives the Moroccan Oasis wedding theme true originality.

Colour Palette for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

A major North African trading port, the colours of Morocco are rich, saturated and earthy, reminiscent of the fragrant mounds of spices, the bright blue sky and the earthy reds and oranges of the ever-present sun. These colours are often found together in lounges and bazaars throughout the country – create a vibrant wedding colour palette by combining deep reds, oranges and ultramarine with a softer neutral like tan or sand.

For those who shy away from bright colours, you’re in luck, because the other side of Morocco is soft, subdued and channels the solitude of the dunes. Try pairing a sandy neutral with a barely-there blue, a soft palm green or a muted coral or mauve. The look is elegant, natural and perfect for an outdoor event.

Details for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

The bazaars and plazas of Marrakesh are alive with colour and pattern, and intricate details can be found everywhere from architecture to fabrics. If you’ve chosen a bright theme, consider adding items such as placemats, linens or ribbons in a quatrefoil or paisley pattern. Both are commonly found in the country and come in a wide variety of colours and styles.
This bride and groom chose to incorporate paisley and other Moroccan patterns and beadwork in a number of ways, from a colourful orange wall hanging to beaded candle holders and a large decorative vase. Other ways to incorporate these small, intricate details include a paisley lace pattern on the bride’s wedding dress and pocket squares or ties for the men in the wedding party.

What to Look For in a Venue for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

Creating a plush casbah with a Moroccan feel can be done in any type of wedding venue – all you need is some creativity and a love of colours and fabrics. This is one theme that doesn’t require a lot of light to look its best – the atmosphere can be a bit deeper, more moody and rely on relatively little natural light. Look for a venue that already has some tropical elements, such as woven ceiling fans, heavy wooden furniture or decorative (or real) palm trees and go from there.

If you live in a location with nearby sand dunes, you can also create an outdoor oasis fit for royalty. A large tent, plenty of lanterns and a mobile food and beverage service is all you need to create the feeling of a lush desert camp where you can celebrate into the evening hours.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

No matter where you’re located, you can create the look and feel of a cozy yet sophisticated desert oasis camp. If you’re already located near a beach or sandy dunes, you’re in luck – half of the work has been done for you by Mother Nature! Raise a tent to shield your guests from the sun and wind, hang some softly glowing lanterns to light up the night and decorate you chairs, tables and even dance floor with rich fabrics in bright, saturated colours.

If there aren’t any sand dunes nearby, not to worry, you can still create an oasis in any outdoor venue. Tents are common in sun-drenched Morocco, so having a tent or two draped with party lights or lanterns is a great set up. Long communal tables with plush pillows and brightly-coloured linens give the feeling of a restaurant in a Moroccan bazaar, or, depending on the formality of the event, floor cushions are also perfect and comfortable.

Table Setting Style for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

Depending on the style of Moroccan Oasis wedding you’re planning – the rich, bright colours of Marrakesh or the subdued, washed out colours of the Sahara – you have a few options for table settings.

For a desert oasis wedding, this couple chose to use air plants again in their table decor, with a tiny plant at each place setting. Simple white dishes on pastel linens make the table look sophisticated and upscale. For a brightly-coloured reception, add a little glamour and sparkle to your table settings by using gold-rimmed plates and glassware, colourful placemats and dramatic centrepieces.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

With all the luscious colours going on in your Moroccan Oasis wedding, one of the most stunning ways to show off your centrepiece wedding cake is to make it a beautiful bright-white affair. Not only is it elegant, delicious and suited to a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, but it will stand out in the midst of the rich, deep colours of northern Africa.

This couple chose a classic, three-tiered white wedding cake. For the groom’s cake, the planners added a bit more decoration in the form of a soft gold ribbon, pastel coral flowers and a delicate, showy air plant to accentuate the desert-like pastel colour palette.

Food for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

Moroccan food is richly spiced, colourful and full of flavour, with influences from around the world. A Moroccan meal may include the national dish – tagine – along with a variety of appetisers, finer foods and flatbreads that are pleasing to the palette. But these dishes, which are often eaten with the hands using bread as a utensil, may not be the best for a formal event – spices stain.

Morocco is also full of finger foods and snacks that make for a great mobile dining experience – guests can mingle while eating traditional northern African fare like potato fritters, hand pies, flatbread and hummus and kefta rolls.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

While flowers themselves are sparse in the sand dunes surrounding Morocco, palm fronds, succulents and air plants are abundant and make beautiful soft green additions to any bouquet. This bride and groom have chosen to use air plants for both the bouquets and boutonnieres – ideal because air plants only need to be misted with water on their leaves to keep them looking their best.

The bride’s wedding bouquet is a stunning example of a large air plant and it doesn’t need colourful accents. Air plants also work well for the boutonnieres, wrapped with a neutral-coloured ribbon. For a small pop of colour, consider adding a small, coral-coloured carnation or other unobtrusive flower.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

Whether you want a sparkly, colourful, elaborate ceremony and reception or a simple, serene desert sanctuary, your wedding dress reflects the spirit of your special day. If your event is based on the stunning bazaars of Marrakesh, your dress can mirror this splashy, ornate style. The beauty is in the accents – a sparkly gold belt, gold beaded trim, black lace details or a bright red sash.

This bride chose a serene desert feel for her wedding, and her dress reflects the always-moving breezes, soft colours and sheer fabric. The dress is chic and fashionable with just a hint of sparkle at the waist. Create the look with soft, draped fabrics like crepe or satin.

Groom Style for a Moroccan Oasis Wedding

A Moroccan Oasis wedding is a great opportunity for the groom to relax and enjoy a less formal style while remaining cool and comfortable. A formal tuxedo isn’t needed – it can even look harsh and unpleasant against the soft, neutral tones of the desert colour scheme.

A light gray or light tan suit with a coordinating tie is all you need to be elegant and put together, especially at an afternoon or outdoor wedding. The jacket can be removed if the sun is a bit too hot or when it’s time to hit the dance floor. Pair the suit with a polished pair of neutral brown shoes and a few accessories, such as cuff links, pocket square, or tie tack, to complete the look.

Moroccan Oasis

orange desert wedding with air plant

One of the best details in this Moroccan styled wedding inspiration board is the air plant bouquet. I’d definitely call succulents the ‘go green’ for 2012, but in 2013 it’s going to be air plants. They are amazing! I love how structural and unique they are – plus, they take their water and nutrients from their leaves (roots are used for anchoring to things like rocks and trees)So they are perfect for weddings because you can remove the root system and place them wherever you like (be sure to mist the leaves with water) and not worry about them drying up!

air plant wedding bouquet and air plant cake topper
air plant table number and boutonnieres
air plant birdcage wedding centerpiece and air plant wedding favors
air plant cake table backdrop and air plant in a sea urchin place wedding table setting
air plant wedding reception centerpiece and ceremony decor
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