Monochromatic Wedding

Monochromatic Wedding

You’ll see we talk about a mix of textures with this wedding theme. Although the colours stay the same, the fun takes place when using the monochromatic theme in every aspect of the wedding.

Colour Palettes for a Monochromatic Wedding

Sometimes less colour can be just as stunning as a colourful palette – if you have your heart set on neutral wedding colours, you still have a wide range of options for an exceptional celebration. Monochromatic colours are generally neutral greys, creams or browns, and the dozens of nuanced shades of each.

Mixed with some metallic accents, these neutral colours can really stand out and create a beautiful, elegant look for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

This bride has chosen taupe as her monochromatic shade, and she keeps it from being boring by adding a variety of accent shades and textures to keep the colour rich and nuanced. The bronze metallic accent is used sparingly, adding a bit of shimmer here and there. If you feel you need the tiniest bit of colour for a special impact, try to use it in unexpected places, such as the inside of envelopes or gift boxes, boutonnieres, or the sash on your wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Monochromatic Wedding

One of the beautiful things about a monochromatic wedding is the ability to use multiple nuanced shades of the same colour to create a beautiful experience. That applies just as much to your wedding dress as it does to flowers and table centrepieces. Since you’re already going a bit unconventional, why not translate that to your dress? Wedding dresses with just the tiniest hint of colours such as pink, blue or taupe are a quiet way to be a part of the theme without being distracting.

This bride has chosen to stray from convention not only with a coloured wedding dress, but a richly coloured one at that. While the dress itself is fairly plain and understated, the gorgeous beading on the front adds style and texture, making the entire ensemble breathtaking. Paired with shimmery metallic shoes and a coordinating hair clip, the entire look is elegant and youthful.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Monochromatic Wedding

Since you’re sticking to one colour palette, the choices for the bridesmaid dresses are a bit more simple – multiple dress styles in a matching colour of dresses in a subtle gradient. A single colour of dress in different styles that flatter your bridesmaids is a great choice if your own dress will be colourful or particularly embellished. You’ll stand out more if your dress is slightly darker than the rest of the party.

If you’re wearing a white dress, choosing bridesmaid gowns in a simple colour gradient creates a stunning look with minimal effort. Matching hair accessories, jewellery or shoes in a neutral metallic colour ties everyone’s look together.

Ceremony Decor for a Monochromatic Wedding

Just because your ceremony features only one colour doesn’t mean it can’t be as intricate and elegant as a wedding theme with many different hues. Flowers are one decorative item that can make a big impact since they come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes and can work beautifully in a subtle colour scheme. Consider using larger flowers such as peonies, calla lilies, or dahlias in creamy tones and setting them apart with fabric coordinated to your colour palette.

Our bride has chosen taupe and you can too. Go with a variety of decorated items in different shades and textures. Items like hanging wooden lights, decorative branches or tree boughs, and silk flowers add interest and texture and can be inexpensive – you could even gather the branches yourself. White birch branches make beautiful decorations, or you can simply strip the bark off other types of wood for a softer look.

If you’re getting married outdoors, constructing an arch out of these branches brings a natural feeling, and you can add a bit of softness by draping them with coordinating fabric.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Monochromatic Wedding

Since monochromatic weddings are centred around a neutral colour palette, one of the most beautiful times of year to host an outdoor wedding is during the fall. Weather permitting, the changing leaves and softer skies can make a beautiful backdrop, especially if your colour is warmer in tone, such as this bride’s choice of taupe.

A neutral colour palette works well with a natural theme, so arches constructed with tree branches, wooden benches and chairs and natural fibers such as straw mats or burlap work well. Monochromatic weddings can still look beautiful with a single pop of colour here or there, so consider walking down the aisle with a sprinkling of red rose petals to really draw attention to your beautiful wedding gown.

Table Setting Style for a Monochromatic Wedding

One of the keys to making a monochromatic colour scheme stunning instead of stuffy is to use a variety of textures to add depth and in some cases, sparkle. For your table settings, not everything needs to be shiny and sleek. Pure white table settings really stand out on a table with a darker linen and a textured place mat or charger, such as burlap, wicker or straw. Add a little sparkle with metallic-rimmed glassware or utensils.

For centrepieces, a monochromatic colour palette offers the chance to be bold. Sure, the flowers may be simple, such as cream-coloured peonies, but you can add height and interest with unconventional items such as feathers, grasses, twigs or even coffee beans.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Monochromatic Wedding

Wedding cakes have traditionally been chromatic in nature – they’re often a white cake covered with white frosting with perhaps some flowers for interest. In keeping with that tradition, go a little bit outside the box by keeping the monochrome effect with a different colour. Frosting or fondant is available in any shade you can think of, and white or cream coloured flowers for decoration are abundant.

Our bride chose to go with taupe frosting to match many other elements of the theme, and rather than frilly piping or intricate details, she chose a simple dot pattern that mimics the beading on her gown. If a deep neutral brown is part of your colour scheme, you could also go for a rich chocolate cake with a mocha or chocolate frosting.

Food for a Monochromatic Wedding

If you’re looking to keep strictly to your theme, it may make more sense to simply offer a dessert or appetiser table rather than serving a full meal. A variety of candies and desserts can look interesting, especially when offered on vintage serving pieces or other interesting vessels, such as wooden bowls or bronze or copper pails.

Our bride has chosen small bites such as cookies and macarons – these are easy items to package and hand out, and they’re easy for people to eat while socialising or enjoying happy hour. You could also arrange for a signature cocktail that comes close to a coordinating colour and pass it out for your guests. However, if you would like to serve a full meal, don’t worry about sticking to your colour palette. Guests will be too busy dining on the delicious fare to notice!

Wedding Invitations for a Monochromatic Wedding

The wedding invitations are likely the first impression of your wedding that most of your guests will have, so it’s the perfect element for setting the theme and mood for your special day. Stationery is personal, and there are an endless number of variations including paper, fonts, envelopes and even glimmering embossing or other decorative elements.

Whether you choose a full seven-piece suite or prefer a simple invitation and RSVP card, be creative with your selections and use the stationery as an opportunity to showcase how beautiful monochromatic shades can be. Consider a natural fiber paper for texture and interest, and choose a font that relays the formality of the event – a casual font for a less formal event or elaborate script for a formal evening wedding. You can choose unexpected elements as well, such as sealing wax with a personal stamp to make it unique to you.

Budget for a Monochromatic Wedding

Since the wedding theme is based around a colour and not an event or particular style, your budget is really anything you want it to be. If you aren’t planning on setting a limit, you can fill your special day with luxurious fabrics, a designer gown such as our bride’s Alberta Ferretti selection, designer shoes, and a gourmet meal with an open bar. Keep in mind that florals and textures will have a big impact on your colour scheme and go wild.

If you’re looking to stick to a budget, you’ll need to find places to cut costs so you can splurge on important pieces. For example, you may choose simple invitations and a less expensive gown so you can treat your guests to a fabulous meal and exciting live entertainment. Or you may want to make budget-friendly selections so you can focus on a large purchase or a no-holds-barred honeymoon.


taupe wedding inspiration and ideas

Monochromatic wedding colour palettes like the one on this inspiration boards are rarely seen, but that’s what makes them so unique! They are unconventional, unexpected, and definitely provide a wow factor.

The key ingredient in a monochromatic (or nearly so) wedding is mixing textures. In this inspiration board the detailing on the dress mimics the texture of the cake and hair clip. The smoothness of the lamp, satin shoes, and ring bearer pillow contrast to that. Colour accents for a monochromatic wedding (like blush and gold) should flow into each other, however, if you do want a pop accent colour somewhere in your wedding, be sure to choose a sophisticated and unique conversation piece and use it sparingly!

Credits: photo credits: Alberta Ferretti gown via Nearly Newlywed // modern taupe lamp from Rumid // ring bearer pillow from Emici Bridal // macaroons via The Glitter Guide, photographed by Natalie Franke // cake via Brides, created by The Cake Girls // shoes – unknown // taupe hair flower clip from the Elegant Bridal Shop.