Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Everything about this inspirational photo shoot spells elegance and glamour. The wedding cake is a painted masterpiece that sits beautifully amongst the rest of the wedding decor. Turquoise and pink hues make it a stand-out photo shoot. As does the pretty bride!

Colour Palettes for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Artist Claude Monet incorporated a symphony of colours into his works, and a theme inspired by one of his most famous paintings is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your wedding colours. The famous Water Lilies has a variety of shades of pinks, blues, violets and greens, and you can choose any or all of these colours for a beautiful summer wedding.

Lola has chosen to use all of the colours, particularly on her artistic cake and in some of her photo props and flowers. As long as the colours are all the same tone, and in a balance similar to the original work of art – which was heavy on blues and greens with bright pops of pinks and purples – your colour palette will work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Details for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

You can take more than just the beautiful colour palette from one of Claude Monet’s signature works of art – it’s a perfect time to incorporate some vintage-styled pieces. It’s also a great opportunity to focus on flowers as one of your main sources of decor. While you may not be able to use actual water lilies, using large, splashy flowers in an array of pink shades will have the same impact.

A water lilies theme is also perfect for incorporating romantic, embellished details, such as vintage lace on the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, scroll work or distressed furniture and props, and vintage tableware.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Monet's iconic water lily paintings are a celebration of the natural world, so an outdoor wedding makes perfect sense. Ideally, an outdoor wedding would be held in late spring or summer to take advantage of the blooming flowers all around you, as well as clear skies and lush greenery. A park-like setting is wonderful because you can set up the ceremony area and a reception area nearby to avoid moving furniture or having people walk or drive a long distance.

To separate the two areas, consider making an arch or pergola draped with sheer pastel fabrics and flowers or twinkling lights to mark the special place where you’ll be saying your vows. You could also consider placing a length of carpet for the bride to walk for a more formal feeling. For the reception, set up tables in an open space with plenty of room to walk around and socialise.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Wedding dresses for a water lilies themed wedding can be any length or style, but flowy, romantic dresses may work best. Lola’s gown, while modern in style, also incorporates some romantic features such as a full chiffon skirt, floral lace detailing and a little sparkle on the narrow sash. Her necklace also incorporates the floral theme in a soft, understated way.

For brides who want to make more of a statement, consider a wedding dress in a very pale blue shade, or even blush pink. Just a hint of colour adds to the soft, pastel theme without being overdone. You could also choose to go a little brighter with the accessories for more of a punch, such as a peacock blue or magenta sash, or gemstone jewellery such as aquamarine or opals.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Because the inspiration artwork is so colourful, bridesmaid dresses for a Monet's water lilies inspired wedding come in a variety of options. You can choose a single colour for the dresses with a style that suits each bridesmaid, you can choose different shades of a single colour for a gradient effect or your bridesmaids can each wear a different, complementary colour that suits their skin tones.

Because of the softness of the painting, the bridesmaid dresses will look best in a soft, sheer fabric such as chiffon, crepe or lace. For a warm season afternoon wedding, consider tea length dresses and embrace the different pastel shades such as teal, green, blue and violet, with perhaps a pop of pink for the maid of honor. For an evening or more formal wedding, full-length dresses in a gradient style, such as pastel pinks or teals, create an elegant look. For a little sparkle, add a glittery hair accessory or shoes.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

There are several ways to set up a beautiful wedding photo shoot, whether your celebration is being held indoors or outdoors. An outdoor shoot is ideal and is a terrific way to spend some time before saying your vows. Any location near a body of water is lovely – there may not be water lilies present, but the beautiful lake with a bridge nearby gives the atmosphere Monet's incorporated into his painting.

Lola’s photo shoot in Austin, Texas doesn’t have a large lake, but that doesn’t matter – her pose in the middle of a rocky water feature gives the same intimate, natural feeling, as do the twisted cedar trees. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few indoor features. Lola’s seated pose on a vintage sofa still gives romantic vibes even in the middle of a wild park space.

Portrait Props for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Being creative or having fun with photo props is a good way to highlight the theme for your special day. Even though your venue may be picture perfect, taking photos in an interesting location or adding unexpected props can really make the photos pop.

Lola’s photo shoot takes place at an outdoor venue, and she’s able to take advantage of the natural beauty all around her, but she wanted to add interest by throwing in some creative photo props. This can be as simple as draping colour-coordinated ribbons over a tree, as Lola did with the teal coloured streamers. You can also bring a little vintage furniture outdoors – not only do the antique pieces set the mood for old-fashioned romance, but they also give a bit of an Alice in Wonderland fun to a very elegant photo shoot.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

With an array of beautiful pastel colours to choose from, you can choose to go soft and simple, with fresh flowers and pale buttercream, or go more elaborate and use a plain white wedding cake as your very own palette. Try using edible flowers to give the impression of water lilies by placing them against a colour-washed frosting in pale teal or blue.

Alternatively, Lola chose a bold cake mimicking the inspiration painting on two layers while using the other two for a more abstract lily representation. The cake was topped with real water lilies to bring a bit of freshness and keep the end result from looking too heavy. If you want something a bit less formal or traditional, consider a cupcake tower with water lilies piped on top for individual treats.

Table Setting Style for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

Decorating your dining area in a water lilies-inspired fashion can be easy depending on the formality. To create a soft look without overpowering the light flowers, consider forgoing linens and setting your tableware directly on the surface – clean, of course. Lola chose to use a distressed, painted wooden table in a pale blue shade to bring in the colours while still achieving old-fashioned, romantic vibes – just make sure the paint is not chipping or peeling.

For tableware, consider clean, white plates with pops of colour in the napkins and stemware. There are many types of coloured vintage glassware that add dimension and a little sparkle to the settings. For centrepieces, Lola chose to keep it simple with some pale driftwood for texture and a few magenta flowers to offset the sea of blue and white.

Budget for a Monet's Water Lilies Wedding

When deciding on your wedding budget, it’s important to decide which items are going to be your splurges and where you can cut costs. For a water lilies inspired celebration, you’ll likely need to allocate a good amount of funds for flowers, since they may make up the bulk of your decor. If you’ve got your eye set on the dress of your dreams, you may be able to save money by offering non-alcoholic beverages or choosing to serve appetisers instead of a full meal.

Holding your wedding outside can also save you some funds, especially if you choose a public park, which often will have inexpensive permit fees. You might also be able to rent or use private property if the owner gives you permission to host your event.

Monet’s Water Lilies Wedding Inspiration Shoot

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement, I can’t think of anything more fabulous to feature today than a wedding inspiration shoot from Austin, Texas. Photographed by Mint Photography, designed by Pink Parasol Designs & Coordinating and inspired by none other than Claude Monet, this editorial is a beautiful work of art!

Unique bridal bouquet in a basket | Mint Photography | see more on:
Princess style wedding dress | Mint Photography | see more on:
Monet themed wedding tablescape | Mint Photography | see more on:
Wedding cake inspired by Monet | Mint Photography | see more on:
Watercolor wedding invitation suite | Mint Photography | see more on:
Shabby chic reception table | Mint Photography | see more on:
Oversized bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:
Paintbrush place cards | Mint Photography | see more on:
Monet-inspired centerpiece | Mint Photography | see more on:
Blue ceremony backdrop | Mint Photography | see more on:
Bridal bouquet with red ranunculus | Mint Photography | see more on:
Circular menu with watercolor details | Mint Photography | see more on:
Pink, green and white bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:
Monet themed dessert table | Mint Photography | see more on:
Frosted Petticoat chocolate pops | Mint Photography | see more on:
Monet wedding inspiration shoot | Mint Photography | see more on:
Unique wedding ceremony backdrop | Mint Photography | see more on:
Driftwood centerpiece | Mint Photography | see more on:
Wedding dress with a lace back | Mint Photography | see more on:
Monet wedding cake | Mint Photography | see more on:
Bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:
Smokey eyes | Mint Photography | see more on:
Princess style wedding dress | Mint Photography | see more on:
Basket bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:
Basket bridal bouquet | Mint Photography | see more on:
Black and white bridal portrait | Mint Photography | see more on:
Centerpiece with butterflies | Mint Photography | see more on:
Princess style wedding dress | Mint Photography | see more on:
Cocktail area with vintage furniture | Mint Photography | see more on:

It’s so wonderful seeing all the various ways that this team of Austin wedding pros was inspired by Monet’s series of water lily paintings. From the bride standing in the center of a water feature (much like a water lily) to the gorgeous rendering of water lilies on the wedding cake to the water-like ceremony setup and colorful blooms throughout this shoot – everything blends together harmoniously and beautifully!

Credits: Photography: Mint Photography // Design & Styling: Pink Parasol Designs and Coordinating // Floral Design: Dory West Studios // Dress: Blush Bridal Lounge // Cake: Michelle’s Patisseries // Paper Goods: Details Austin // Jewelry: Viva Revival // Hair & Makeup: Pink Slipper // Model: Lola Laymon // Rentals: Furbish Austin, Bee Lavish & Illusions // Sweets: Frosted Petticoat // Venue: TerrAdorna in Austin, Texas.